Sources: Korbe Reaches Plea Deal

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The woman charged with murdering an FBI agent has apparently accepted a plea deal.

Christina Korbe will not stand trial for the murder of FBI agent Sam Hicks at her Indiana Township home in November of 2008.

The KDKA Investigators have learned that Korbe will plead guilty to lesser charges Tuesday morning.

Korbe will not face the death penalty and she will not spend the rest of her life in jail.

In a development seasoned defense attorneys called shocking, Korbe will plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and gun charges.

As a result, she will spend a little more than 15 years in a federal prison.

Korbe’s brother stood on a downtown bridge a little over a week ago and passed out a flyer called “31 Reasons Kristina Korbe Is Innocent.”

His hope was to convince the community, that may sit on a jury, that she did nothing wrong.

“This was a self defense, Castle Doctrine type situation, where she was awoken at 6:03 pre-dawn. By 6:05, she was calling 911 saying an intruder broke in. We know she would never hurt anybody, let alone shoot a law enforcement officer,” George Waksmunski said.

According to sources, federal prosecutors were concerned about that message. They were concerned if the case went to trial, it would be difficult to convince a jury to recommend life in prison. It would also be extremely difficult to get a death sentence.

“Perhaps the government’s case wasn’t as strong as they believed. That’s my gut. The other option is this defendant is facing so many years of mandatory minimum sentences. As a result of negotiations, this was the best way to alleviate the rigidity of the mandatory sentences,” Defense Attorney Marty Dietz said.

Sources told the KDKA Investigators that Korbe faced well over 100 years in jail if the feds pursued every case. Sources indicated that they threatened to do so.

Now, Korbe will reportedly plead guilty to multiple charges including voluntary manslaughter. She will then be sentenced to 15 years and 10 months in jail.

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One Comment

  1. Sharon says:

    I would have liked to see some of the evidence against her – I called in earliewr today and spoke with Mike Pintack. I thinik she should rot in jail.

  2. Daniel says:

    I am a supporter of the police for sure but I have my doubts that she intended to kill the FBI agent. The fact that she called 911 is one of the keys here. To get a first degree murder conviction they would have had to prove premeditated murder. Not possible in my opinion. I have children and if someone breaks into my house and I do not hear someone say law enforcement I am not going to ask questions before defending my family. It is possible that she did not hear them. I think this is a just sentence. No winners here especially the agents family and Mrs. Korbe’s children.

    1. johnny69 says:

      she ws a bad girl married to a bad guy. we all love it when a bad guy gets it in the end, just like in the movies. Her lack of remorse is apparrent and well noted. If her family had any guts they would call her out on it. rot in jail dirtball.

    2. A. Citizen says:

      So you’re saying that if an actual criminal home invader breaks into your home at 6am, all they have to do is yell that they are law enforcement, and you’ll welcome them?

      Sounds kind of stupid to me.

      The 4th Amendment was added to the US Constitution to protect you from this sort of nightmare.

      That is, if it really is law enforcement, they will knock on your door and show you their badge and the search warrant.

      The Founders were willing to risk destruction of evidence in order to protect Americans from unknown people smashing down the door in the middle of the night – leaving the homeowner to try to figure out if it’s really police – or criminals pretending to be police.

      Because the FBI (yet again) ignored the 4th Amendment, an FBI agent is dead and a citizen will spend 15 years in prison for trying to protect her family from criminals.

      “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” -Thomas Jefferson

      1. A Nobody says:

        Well said

      2. Lacy J. says:

        How true is your opinion!

  3. Joe says:

    You have to be kidding me!. The Feds will spend $$$millions to hang Dr Wecht, a man who killed no one, and will not go to trial with the murderer of a FBI Agent. Now think about this for one minute. You and your kids are in danger- If that is the case why is your husband running downstairs and not upstairs to protect you and the kids?? It’s because you and the kids are not in danger- your husband and the drugs are in danger. Here’s the real crime- all Mr Korbe had to do was open the door and surrender. The jig was up and your house is surrounded- Where are you going and why would you cause such a scene in front of your children??

  4. Shame on you says:

    Every federal prosecutor and person involved in the agreement to this plea deal should be ashamed of themselves. Offering this plea deal is a disgrace to Agent Hicks, his family and every law enforcement officer in this country. Mrs korbe and her husband represent everything that is evil and wrong in our society and by allowing her to one day enjoy life again is a travesty. In my bias opinion I feel she should have been put to death with life in prison a far second and final option. I would rather have tried the case and lost than allow a person who took the life of a father, husband and FBI agent to get a sentence that criminals receive for far less heinous crimes.

  5. Mike says:

    This is a disgrace. What message is this sending our law enforcement personnel?

    She is trash and should rot in prison.

    1. Lacy J. says:

      It is sending the message that it is not alright for law enforcement to act like the criminal. She could have fought this charge and probably would have been acquitted. Citizens are tired of the cops and the cops need to be put in their place. The cops are being taught a lesson.

  6. Joe says:

    Here’s the message Mike,
    Put your life on the line, give us 100% and no one has your back. That’s the sad message!!

  7. Daniel says:

    Does anyone on here for one minute think the prosecutors in this case thought long and hard about offering this plea before they did. And rest assured they consulted with Agent Hicks family. If there is one thing to be learned here it is this. When conducting a raid the police should notify the local 911 center of the raid. When she called 911 if that operator has advised her it was the police just perhaps Agent Hicks would be alive today…at the very least she would have no excuse for the crime. I do not condone her actions but I support the decision by the prosecutors.

    1. Brad says:

      If it was a raid agent hicks wouldnt have knocked on the door.. Who thinks their kids are in jeopardy when someone knocks.. Mr korbe was screaming at her to help, he got rid of drugs while a felony was committed. Why is he not charged with the same? The law states that if you are committing a felony in the presence of another, you are guilty of that too. They should hang them both .

      1. Lacy J. says:

        Everyone knew that Mr. Korbe could not be convicted with murder too. If Christina would have fought this, she would be out today. A death took place with both the Korbes there and it was not a murder for either Korbe. Hicks won’t be breaking down doors anymore unless it is in hell.

  8. RedMosquito says:

    Or if LE would have detained Mr. Korbe the next day at his SCHEDULED hearing on another matter and then conducted the search of the property, Agent Hicks WOULD be alive today. This tragedy is the all too common braun over brains that defines local/state LE.

    1. Brad says:

      So what ur saying is it’s agent hicks’ fault he is dead? Please. He didn’t show up for the first hearing what insane logic are you using that makes you think he would have shown up for the next one. Wow . Seriously that may have been the most tasteless uneducated unthought out piece of trash response I have ever read in my life.

      1. Redmosquito says:

        What’s uneducated is some dumber-than-dirt cop planning a raid without thought. You have NO idea “what I’m saying”. If he didn’t show for the first hearing, then why wasn’t he picked up on a bench warrant? It wasn’t like he was hiding. I know, ther’s no horse and buggy show involved doing it the safest way for all involved. What amazes me is LE is the only profession where a moron gets a gun. OT: why are folks drug tested for menial jobs, but the ones that carry guns and have the largest percentage of corrupt employees get a pass? I’m sure this makes sense to you Brad as you seem to be high school educated at best. Do you love your nanny police state or are you a chest thumping cop?

      2. Brad says:

        Red mosquito

        Does insanity run in our family? How would you classify knocking on someones door a raid? There wasn’t FBI surrounding the place, there were 2 guys there. The 2nd had to call for backup. Also, what do drugs and drug testing have ANYTHING to do with korbe shooting an agent in cold blood. The woman still hasn’t shown any remorse, she copped a plea, innocent people don’t cop plea bargains for 15 years. Again, your little post insinuated agent hicks is the one at fault for his death. So let me get this straight. In your opinion, the FBI agent broke down the door and stood in the doorway for 3 minutes minimum, where he said nothing and just stood there. Then after mrs korbe called 911 she had time to go to the weapons cache and pull out an assume rifle and shoot the “intruder”, who for 3 minutes stood there and didn’t identify himself or have a badge. All because the FBI hires morons and doesn’t drug test. That is what you are saying. That is moronic. Are you mr korbe?

        Let me tell you what really happened. Agent hicks knocked on the door and identified himself, the husband started screaming for the wife she woke up, panicked and called 911 ( which I would love to hear the tape) realizing they were in trouble as te husband frantically races around the house hiding drugs. The ever so bright ms korbe grabbed a weapon went to the top of the steps and shot and killed agent hicks.

        How could they reach a plea deal? His badge was visible. And she needed to obviously see that before shooting him in the chest, or if some reports are correct, he was behind the front door, which means he wasn’t intruding, and she shot him. Still murder .

        I’m too upset to write a catchy conclusion, so I will just end this out of no where like in the sopran…

      3. RedMosquito says:

        What are you talking about? Two LE don’t knock on the door then enter; it was a knock-DOWN-the-door raid by local, state, and federal agencies. Any chance these rah-rah, thumping of the chest apes get to go Gestapo, they do. I’ve watched the state raid a house in my neighborhood using Para-military style tactics only to find one whole marijuana plant. The orchestrators of this raid were so worried, they actually started knocking on neighbor’s doors trying to coerce a negative statement against this guy. Care to guess who paid for that fiasco? The telling part is one of the orchestrators of the raid is a pedophile with a gun.

      4. Brad says:

        Again coward, your blaming agent hicks death on agent hicks. Are you this blind ? Really? Also they didnt blast down his door with 40 agents. Go look it up. Clown

      5. Brad says:

        Oh and to top it off, it just came out chrisina korbe was high on vicotin and cocaine … Still want to stand beside them and think she did nothing wrong? she didn’t know which way was up.. Vicotin relaxed her and out her in a haze and cocaine enhanced that.. Wow.. I’m speechless. You need to wrote the hicks family an apology. The korbe’s were too damn high to realize what was going on. And it came out she shot him from pretty close range aka less than 10 feet .. Sounds like she wasn’t startled now huh? You need a wake up call mosquito..

      6. RedMosquito says:

        Brad, the name calling is really of base, mongoloid. Your lack of education is shining through. the first reply was a simple question followed up with a sentence that begins “this tragedy”, i.e. the death of Agent Hicks. LE doesn’t think, it’s that simple, braun over brains and the results are the topic of this thread. Korbe should fry, but LE should also be held responsible for AGENT HICKS DEATH, albeit to a lesser extent due to poor planning. Seriously, do you have a learning disability? Come on, you don’t even know the definition of insanity and probably would have a hard time spelling Bob backwards. Why no comment on the raid I described? The pedophile? Do you ‘think” all LE are righteous?
        It was a RAID moron, get a clue already, it was more than two agents knocking on a door. What you describe is NOT standard operating procedures for any LE agency. Now tough guy, this coward will be at Clark Bar parking lot Sunday beginning ~2:30PM; I will be wearing a black Woodley game shirt with a skull cap. The parking lot is rather small and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding me, if you do, just yell out “coward” and “clown”, then we will see who the “coward” is. I’ll be waiting 😉

    2. lacy J. says:

      RedMosquito you are well informed and you do know what you are talking about. Brad seems to have his head up his butt and has no clue.

  9. Spit says:

    note how no black people commented ” lynch the cracker”. Take this into consideration the next time it’s a black face on the panel. Thanks redneck friends =).

    1. Brad says:

      Spit .. How ironic considering that is what your crackhead mother should have done with your father instead of spreading her legs and collecting the welfare check.

      All racial jokes aside. Do me a favor. Take the time to think about stereotypes. Think about why a fraction of caucasians think blacks are lazy, uneducated, drug dealing, gun toting, careless Neanderthals. Also, take the time to think about why blacks think white people are uppity, snobbish, rhythmless, tight clothes wearing crackers… It’s because we are for the most part.. Using that logic, put two and two together …

      1. dass says:

        LOL… Do a little research and tell me why African Americans call “whites” crackers. Then come back and tell me the morons that do are educated. I am not racist, but I am capable of entertaining an uneducated conversation. Here is a hint, it may have something to do with white slave drivers. Stay on topic!

      2. Brad says:

        Insider, thats the point. I’m not trying to stay on topic . I enjoy sometimes firing off a racially charges rant and otherwise dumb answers and just getting reactions. It’s fun, and I enjoy being a whip “cracker”

  10. anna clare smith says:

    She deserves the max sentence! She killed a law enforcement agent doing his job to protect her drug smuggling household and lifestyle! Since when do we protect the people that brake law and not worry about the one’s losing their lives to protect it!!???

  11. Mary says:

    I just want to say thank you to Mr. Hicks for trying to protect us and make this a better city for his child and our children. He did all the right things and spent his short life trying to help others. How hard it must have been for his family today to sit there and listen and read the garbage statement made by Mrs. Korbe, I agree with Mrs. Hicks , it is all fake. Her true self was heard on the jail tapes. I truly hope her years in jail are difficult ones as they surely are not really what she deserves. Lets focus on Mr. Hicks today and his true sacrifice, not Mrs. Korbe.

  12. billwv68 says:

    The honorable coward, David Hickton, I’m sure the FBI has his back now. I would have rather seen the low life go to trial and lose than to let her plea. True cowardice always shows.

  13. debi says:

    first off it doesn’t suprise me that someone would bring race into this, u …hole what does that have to do with anything but if u want to go there african americans got vindicated so to speak when oj got found not guilty of what i believe is a brutal cold and calculating vicious murder that he did!! The statement that she read that day was very emotional and raw and it was not fake. i can understand ms hicks says she can never forgive her but to say her statement was fake is absolutly unacceptable! to me that does not say much about who she is as a person, u cannot put urself out there as a decent human being with strong morals and values when u lack such qualities such as empathy, compassion, the ability to maybe oneday to have forgiveniss in ur heart, she goes on to say how she is a single parent, well at least her son still has one parent, the korbe children r orphans, NO ONE can replace the love of a mother or the bond that u have with ur children,more so, a mother as to a farther we r the ones that carry them and have a bond that no one can replace or fullfill. so the true victims in this horrible tragedy r the 3 children and the mother of sam hicks.

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