PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Until recently, the bald eagle was on the endangered species list. Now, America’s symbol is making a comeback.

One eagle at the National Aviary is also doing well.

A bald eagle, who’s been a little bit off her feed lately, resides at the National Aviary. That means one thing – a trip to the vet.

Abby came to the National Aviary from Alaska, where she had lost a wing.

“Sixteen years ago, she was shot. Somebody shot a bald eagle,” Dr. Pilar Fish said.

One wing or not, she poses a threat to handlers who approach very carefully.

Once secured, she was quickly taken to the clinic. Dr. Fish conducted an exam which, in some respects, mirrored a routine physical for a human.

“She is an older bird and has a cataract. So I did an eye exam, but also did a full physical exam looking for old age problems like heart disease, and listened to her lungs. I’m suspicious that she may have a respiratory infection,” Dr. Fish said.

If so, she’ll receive medications. The one-winged eagle never would have survived in the wild.

After a check of her weight, she’s headed for home where she won’t have to search the area’s rivers for fish.

“She’s not even interested in the squirrels that come up next to her, because she’s well fed,” Dr. Fish said.

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