Corbett Sworn In As Pennsylvania’s 46th Governor

HARRISBURG (KDKA/AP) – Tom Corbett has taken his oath as Pennsylvania’s 46th governor.

The chief justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Ronald Castille, administered the oath today at noon in an outdoor ceremony at the state Capitol in Harrisburg.

Despite rainy and slushy conditions, the inauguration was attended by more than 1,000 supporters. During the ceremony, Corbett placed his hand on a Bible once owned by William Penn to take the oath.

Corbett’s predecessor, Democrat Ed Rendell, was among the former governors who attended the ceremony.

Corbett and his family attended a Roman Catholic Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral before the inaugural ceremony.

After the oath, he addressed the crowd

The chill that we feel today isn’t solely January’s wind. We gather during uncertain times and no one has been left untouched,” Gov. Corbett said.

However, balancing a budget with a $4 billion hole without raising taxes would be a challenge for anyone.

“We must restore transparency, accountability and fiscal discipline. We will move forward. We will move forward with government and legislative reform because without it, there is no good government,” Gov. Corbett said.

Jim Cawley, a former Bucks County commissioner, took the oath Tuesday morning to become the new lieutenant governor, the second-highest position in state government.

The ceremony was held in the House of Representatives chamber.

Dr. Terry Madonna, from Franklin and Marshall College, joined KDKA NewsRadio 1020 to talk more about what Pennsylvanians can expect from Gov. Corbett over the next four years.


One Comment

  1. Ralph Parker says:

    Great, now lets sell the state stores!

    1. pa resident says:

      there you go. then in 2 years raise the hell out of the taxes because there is no money left!! your an idiot!!

  2. Sonia says:

    Hope this guy an help us. I am so tired of the high cost of Utilities! He has to help freeze those prices! Getting harder to say I love living in Pennsylvania.

  3. Tammy says:

    Was the ceremony paid for with taxpayer dollars??? Don’t get your hopes up people, he is no different from any other politician, and I don’t see any immediate relief. I think it will be worse…

  4. PATRICK says:


  5. dave says:

    Now we can cut the $10,000,000,000 out of the budget that Rendell welfared use with. It is like having a huge weight (Rendell) lifted off my shoulders.

  6. Jan says:

    I truly hope this man does what he said he would do. Too bad he inherits all of Rendells over spending and debt.

  7. Tammy says:

    Well, he could tax gas drilling like every other state does – oh wait, a bunch of his campaign funds came from drlilling companies – hmmm, let me take that in for a minute – like I said, just like any other politician, he’ll take care of who greases his palm, regardless of what our needs are…

    1. jw says:

      another great Liberal idea, TAX IT! lets discourage business from PA and TAX IT! And i guess youre right Corbett is following the lead of President Obama, we cut a 20 billion dollar check to the government unions to make sure their pensions plans are sured up, so I guess Obama is taking care of those who grease his palms!

  8. db says:

    Alright, just to let you know I am a moderate. I vote for the persons view on things that I agree with. As a Democrat, I supported Govenor Corbett. I am not your Far Right Republican that jumped all over President Obama the first day he took office to wonder why the economy didn’t pick up. Give this guy a chance to look at things before you start jumping on him. Make sure you get those 16,000 stae cars off the street. That is one issue that need to succeed

  9. chuckie says:

    Bye Fast Eddie, will miss how you cared about the working and poorer people of PA. Corbett will cut and slash programs, sell off asssets and wont touch the drilling and transportation issues. To all the rich working people, keep working hard and maybe work some more overtime to help pay the unemployment of thousands of Pennsylvanians that this Gov. will put on the rolls.

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