Korbe Family Member Reacts To Plea, Sentencing

Pittsburgh (Newsradio 1020 KDKA) – Over two years after FBI agents conducted a drug raid on her Indiana Township home, Christina Korbe appeared in court to enter a guilty plea and be sentenced in the same day.   Korbe pleaded guilty for a reduced sentence, fearing she would not get a fair trial.

Brother in-law of Christina Korbe, George Waksmunski, joined Robert Mangino to discuss today’s events and everything surrounding the case.  Waksmunski took questions and offered his insight on what took place in court today.

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  1. Denice Seng says:

    Christina Korbe is no saint, trying to defend her husband. Not trying to safeguard her children, if that was the case they wouldn’t have been in the house with the drug dealing father and she wouldn ‘t be a drug user herself

  2. debi says:

    i am outraged that in our society we value one life more then another! I know the true facts of the case and it is what it is, AN ACCIDENT!!!! but for the occupation of the deceased there is no way the feds would ever admit to that. the truth of the matter is if an average joe got shot that morning the truth would of prevailed! She was not judged on her own merits by rather by the actions and charactor of her husband! i ask you if you take her husband out of the equastion, would she still be held out as a murderer!!! ABSOLUTLY NOT!! The double standard that we have for law enforcement vs an average cituzen needs to change. until it does we all need to be very afraid! you never know whether by chance or for a purpose when they will come a knocking on your door or should i say come a bustin in!!! People wake up something is not right dont wait until it falls on your doorstep do something about the statis quo!

  3. debi cintron says:

    as i sit here today, i feel helpless and do not know where to turn, i have the deepest hurt and disgust in my heart, i have to hear and see my neice and nephew go thru thr most hurtful and painful loss that a child can endure, the loss of both their parents, just yesterday my nephew in the middle of swimming or playing burst into to tears and sobbing with such pain, that would rip into a heart of the blackest soul. i miss my mommy, i want my mommy! these chidren when faced with the reality of their loss DO NOT HAVE THE CONSOLE OF THE OTHER PARENT the fbi has taken both away? and for those that beleive that they r better off without both r sadly mistaken, my sister and my family especially the children have been targeted and set up for destruction by the blackened hearts of the law! i need to try and rite a wrong but i need help and do not know wher to start.

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