Consumer Reports’ Buffalo Wing Test Results

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s almost game time and you’re probably already planning your Pittsburgh Steelers tailgate or watch party.

It wouldn’t be complete without some buffalo wings, but will the store-bought frozen wings fill the bill?

The testers at Consumer Reports had the not-so-difficult task of taste-testing seven different brands.

“Football and finger food, it’s as simple as that. I mean I think Super Bowl day, just the day alone, we went over 8,000 pounds,” restaurant owner John Traci said.

But if you don’t have a favorite wing joint for game time, how good are frozen buffalo wings?

Consumer reports just tested seven brands including: Tyson, T.G.I. Friday’s, and even these from the drugstore Walgreens.

Testers sampled more than 800 wings to find the best.

“You want moist, tender chicken with a crispy coating, and you want spiciness, but not so much that it overpowers the wings,” Adam Kaplan from Consumer Reports said.

Consumer Reports said some came up a little short.

“They didn’t have that kind of crispy fried impression you get in a restaurant-quality wing,” Kaplan said.

Some didn’t taste that great, either.

The Weaver buffalo wings had a fake butter flavor. The Great Value buffalo wings from Walmart had chewy chicken and rubbery skin.

The clear winner was Bell and Evans Buffalo Style Chicken Wings.

“The Bell & Evans had a nice browned impression. They tasted roasted, and they had good heat and some cumin flavors that really came through,” Kaplan said.

They go for about $7 for a 16-ounce box. So, if you don’t have a favorite restaurant, Consumer Reports said to give them a try.

For a little less money, Consumer Reports said the Walgreens wings are worth a try.

They weren’t quite as tasty as the Bell and Evans wings, but testers said they were very good overall, with a slight vinegar, paprika, and red pepper flavor.

A 10-ounce bag costs about $3.


One Comment

  1. Don Blasey says:

    What store sellls the Bell and Evans wings frozen? Is trhere a restaurant that serves them? Don

    1. Sam says:

      Most Gaint Eagles hav’em

  2. pittgirl says:

    Never heard of them…We cook our own and they are THE BEST! lol

  3. Tyler says:

    Wiggy’s in Green Tree has the best wings, hand down!

    1. Jay Silla says:


    2. Monie says:

      I beg to differ..they are huge and rubbery tasting…They just can’t seem to perfect the appropriate crunchiness/texture of their wings. I can say their sauces are very good though.

    3. Lets Make Something Good And Then Ruin It says:

      I think Wiggy’s sells their wing sauce to a lot of bars & restaurants & pizza shops.

  4. Mon River Towing says:

    Best frozen wings is like asking what is the best box of wine. If you like to pair food and wine though I guess frozen wings go best with a good large box of rioja. Bon appetito!

  5. daniel says:

    I make my own,take a big freezer bag put your wings in then buttermilk a shot of honey salt&pepper add your favorite hot sauce, Let set over nite.Oven 275 for 1.5 hours use your favorite bbq sauce.

    1. Uncle Charlie says:

      Why go through all that trouble? Order from your favorite bar or better yet watch the game there too. Spend your money at small businesses and keep your neighbors employed. Dont waste your money at the frozen food section of Giant chain corporate supermarket. Sure, you spend a little more but you get so much more in return.

  6. richardw says:

    I can’t think of anywhere in this area that doesn’t have a bar within a few minutes that makes great wings, who is going to eat frozen chicken parts, lol. I like my local bars wings better than the two most popular places in Buffalo, the Anchor bar and Duffs, though the Anchor bar’s suicide sauce is the best hot sauce I’ve ever had.

  7. WING FANATIC says:

    The HOP HOUSE on Nobelstown Rd. has the BEST wings in DA BURGH!!!!!!!

  8. Jack says:

    Beez Pizza in Bridgeville has some killer wings, their hot BBQ sauce is awesome.

    1. Chris says:

      maybe, but their driver is a doouche.

  9. Joe C says:

    Sidelines in Millvale on Evergreen Road have the best

  10. Joan says:

    Quaker Steak & Lube. Definitely. Of course going to the Original in Sharon for over 35 years makes it even more special. Plus – theres no inconsistency of the cooks….
    However Bell & Evans is a mostly CLEAN chicken producer: Minimal Stress Environment, Free to Roam, All-Natural VEGAN Diet, no antibiotics. If you gotta go frozen and processed, most are much MUCH worse the B&E.
    That aside – with no deep fryer, making your own chicken wings in the oven is easy. SLOW COOKING is the key, get that skin crispy but not burnt. Feel free to dry-season but DONT put on sauce until the very end, then just to heat thru, gt sticky, and get sugars going (but dont burn)

  11. fafafooey1 says:

    how flabby are your double chins ya bunch of wingmasters

  12. Scott Smith says:

    Just three words: Franks Hot Sauce ! ! !

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