PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow has begun falling in western Pennsylvania and crews around the region have started gearing up.

In Washington County, Jeff Miller knows the meaning of the phrase “and miles to go before I sleep.”

“It’s a long night, no sleep. Just one job to another,” Miller said.

J.L. Miller and Sons shifted from farming to roofing and snow removal in 1955. Miller has been on the job for 30 years.

They have 20 commercial properties to keep free of snow and ice.

“Typically on a snow event like this, we’ll start about an hour after it hits and we’re salting,” Miller said.

Miller went to work early making sure all the equipment was in working order as crews started to roll out at 6 p.m.

No major accidents had been reported in the county as of 6 p.m., but there were some fender benders.

Residents took to the stores to purchase some supplies for the storm.

“It brings everybody out. I mean, they act like they live in Florida ad they’ve never been in the state of Pennsylvania before. They panic,” Debbie Ward said.

Roads In Pittsburgh

KDKA”s John Shumway was out and about around 6 p.m. and saw the conditions of the roads deteriorating before his eyes.

On Route 65, snow had begun to cover the roadway, but traction didn’t seem to be a problem.

The more heavily traveled roads were in decent shape, the area around the McKees Rocks Bridge was covered in snow.

Shumway reported seeing salt trucks out treating the roads and cautioned people to take it slow while driving home.

On the North Side, the residential streets are slick and snow covered. It’s just one reason why the city has gone to a Phase 2 Snow Warning Alert.

The city is also asking that if you can move your car off the major routes to a side street or an alley, to do so in order for crews to better clear the streets.

As the commuters filed out of town, the downtown streets started to get covered with snow. However, the trucks are out and are working to keep the streets clear.

Snow To The East

Residents in Westmoreland County have been preparing for the snow all day.

The first flakes started to fall around 2 p.m., but started out as more of a light rain before changing over to snow.

KDKA”s Trina Orlando reported that the Route 51 is slick and cars are slowing down because of the conditions.

Residents have been heading to the stores to stock up on supplies to get through the next couple of days in case they get stuck.

“Getting groceries for the game just in case we’re stuck in snow. So, we have to have them ahead of time,” Kelly Wallace said.

PennDOT crews said the goal for tonight is to keep the roads passable, not completely clean.

“Well obviously anytime we get any unexpected snow or more than usual, people need to slow down. Be aware of the changing conditions because obviously you could have a bare road in one area and you could go up or down over a hillside and all of a sudden you’ve got some areas where the roads are starting to ice up a little bit. So, they should drive with caution, drive slowly and just be cautious of the changing conditions,” Jay Ofsanick with PennDOT said.

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