JEANNETTE (KDKA) – A lot of women are loyal Pittsburgh Steelers fans and there’s even a worldwide group, based in Jeannette, that’s dedicated to all things black and gold.

Most customers at the Fun Party Store on Route 30 seem interested in a single theme.

The aisles rock to a black and gold beat with every shelf and every bin packed with Steelers stuff.

Bob LaVella helps his father stock the shelves of a store that opened 40 years ago. Does the current inventory cater to men? That’s so last millennium. A couple years ago, LaVella and his wife, Cindy, came to a realization.

It occurred to them that 50 percent of the Steelers fan base is made up of females. Thus, the Black N Gold Girls were formed.

“The Black N Gold Girls Facebook page currently has 23,500 girls,” Lavella said.

So far, has members in all 50 states, and 27 countries.

Cassandra Buncie is a co-founder of the Black N Gold Girls. So is Natalie Shugars, but the group is not just about the Steelers.

“We gather members of our community and do community service projects once a month. And we do girls’ nights out, which is also a chance for girls to get together and network,” Buncie said.

But it still comes back to the Steelers.

“We are passionate about our sports. We’re not afraid to go toe-to-toe with guys when it comes to statistics,” Shugars said. “We are women. Hear us roar.”

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