City Officials Issue “Phase 2 Snow Warning”

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With another round of snow on the way, the City of Pittsburgh has issued a “Phase 2 – Snow Warning Alert.”

According to city officials, the alert means that crews will be working 12 hour shifts around the clock.

Also, large trucks will focus on the primary roads, and smaller trucks will hit the secondary streets.

As for residents, the city recommends moving vehicles from side streets and alleys so the plows can get through.

The Department of Public Works says they are anticipating snow-covered roads during the evening rush hour, as well as an additional two to three inches overnight into Friday.

They say one of their biggest areas of concern is drifting and blowing snow.

MORE INFORMATION: Winter Weather Emergency Resource Guide

Also, city officials have rescheduled tonight’s community meeting on the new Winter Storm Emergency Plan due to the inclement weather.

The gathering is one of four meetings called to update the public on the city’s new snow operations.

The meeting will still be held at The Northside Senior Center at 6:30 p.m., but instead of tonight it will now be held on Jan. 27.


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  1. Robby says:

    Hopefully the people in Pittsburgh can get around this time tomorrow. I know whoever keeps Monessen’s roads clean do a great job. I wish every town could be like that.

    I also just seen on the weather channel, that next Thursday is looking BAD for the north east. The low is currently reading a 978 (future cast), and they said thats pretty bad. They also were talking blizzards and major snow for the north east. I guess we will see.

  2. Kent says:

    I also want to commend West View and Ross Twp. They keep their roads more clear than any area I have ever seen.

  3. AT says:

    Brentwood is the best!!! Always clean roads!

  4. NIC says:


  5. chuck says:

    how bout stay the hell home nothing is worth risking your life. take a sick day! an stay off the roads.

    1. armstrong says:

      Gee chuck, wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately the hospitals are still open so doctors and nurses have to report. I work for an insurance agency and we get very busy when the weather is bad. I appreciate everything the road crews do to try and keep up with mother nature.

  6. Shalerres says:

    Shaler also does a really good job at keeping their roads clean, the kids hate it! They complain all the time they don’t get days off of school like everyone else. LOL My question is if the City wants you to move your vehicle where are you supposed to move it? Plus they want you off the streets but how are you supposed to do that if they want you to move your car? I’m confused!

    1. HERE WE GO!! says:

      i know i hated that when i was in school at shaler. I had a couple guys who worked for the Shaler police, fire and township live on my road so we was always done. They always do a great job. I also think the west view crews do an amazing job as well. They even clean my alley. thanks

    2. Gary says:

      Please, Shaler is great unless you live on a small road. During last year’s “blizzard” they didn’t come up my road for three days

      1. amber says:

        My husband works for Shaler Township and they do everything they can to keep those roads clear for everyone. They have just enough people to cover the township and during last years blizzard they worked for 36 straight hours before they could take a break. Nothing irritates me more than people who complain about how this didn’t get done or that didn’t get done.
        They get called at all hours of the night to come out and salt and clear rods
        They are out there busting their a$$es.

      2. Garden Maven says:

        Gary, there was no place to go then, so why complain! I was also three days, but any place I would have wanted to go would not have had a place to park. I mean, it was 20″!

  7. hank says:

    Chuck that’s the best advice. Be safe.

  8. Scott says:

    Chuck u are worse than the news lets get everyone scared. And paranoid.
    People got to get to there jobs. Chuck don’t be a hero please stay home I’m warning you.

  9. andy says:

    Please think of your elderly neighbors during the upcoming snow. If you are out shoveling your walk, take a little extra time to shovel your elderly neighbor’s walk as well.

  10. rick says:

    The simple fact is: all these road crews do a great job with the resources and time available. When we can predice within a moments notice exactely when and how weather conditions will change, that leads me to a notion we are able to read into the future better than concievably possible. If anyone out there is able to predict to the exact time and place, I want to meet you and have you do a little investing and betting at the race track for me. But for the time being, let’s try to use a little rational thinking before we go off on a tangent….

  11. Can't stand it says:

    I am so tired of the media making such a big deal about a few inches of snow in the forecast. It’s the middle of January in Pittsburgh for goodness sake!!!!!! Anything under 6 inches just isn’t worth all the attention.

  12. The Jiggler says:

    You people are all nuts. Its 3-6 inches. We live in Pittsburgh for crying out loud. Take it easy, brush the snow off your car and go to wherever it is youre going. This should not be such a big deal.

  13. RJ says:

    This city is just crazy. A little bit of snow and everyone FREAKS! It’s winter and we live in the Northeast: IT’S SUPPOSED TO SNOW!!

  14. Stephen John Kovalchick says:

    Hey New Kensington Roads are usually good too.

  15. Ambridge says:

    Ambridge/Harmony Township does a good job, sometimes the secondary streets could be better, but there is alot of parking and no where for the cars to go otherwise, so you can only do what you can. I am not a fan of snow anymore since I am older, but if I don’t HAVE to go out, I stay home! People just remember to slow down and take your time, there is no good reason in this world to be in a rush, unless it is a major emergency.

  16. Weather forecasters are fools says:

    Dateline : KDKA, WTAE, WPXI news studios

    4:55 “Will it snow or will it be sunny? We’ll have all the details next.”

    5:00 “City crews prepare for a significant snowfall today. More details next.”

    5:05 “We have Frankie the forecaster in the weather center with all the details coming up next.”

    5:10 “I’m Frankie the forecaster in the weather center preparing your Pittsburgh weather forecast.”

    5:15 “From the Pittsburgh Blizzard Center, I am Frankie the forecaster with all the latest technology compiling up to the minute approaching storm. More details next.”

    5:20 “The national weather service has announced a snow storm is approaching the Pittsburgh area. More details coming up next.”

    5:25 “From the Pittsburgh Blizzard Center, we have just received an update from the National Severe Weather Emergency Center. More details next.”

    5:29 “Expect 2-4 inches of snow in the Pittsburgh area and up to 6 inches in the ridges.”

    HA! Little do these fools know that there are other drama-free resources that JUST REPORT THE DAMN WEATHER. I haven’t listened to local meteorologists since the internet.

    1. fool 2 says:

      which internet site have you looked at that is any more accurate that the local forecasters?????? It’s a forecast!!! In internet terms, a WAG.

      1. Weather Casters are Fools says:

        Accuracy was NOT the point.

        The un-necessary DRAMA was the point.

  17. BethR says:

    I live in Greenfield and the city doesn’t seem to touch some streets that are on a hill. Our hill is never done. It’s not salted or plowed right away. Just the other day on the news they were talking about Squirrel Hill and Greenfield with the streets so icy. Cars were sliding down roads. Not every street gets touched and it’s frustrating.

  18. Frosty T Snowman says:

    Also, city officials have rescheduled tonight’s community meeting on the new Winter Storm Emergency Plan due to the inclement weather.

    I guess their plan isn’t so good!!

  19. Bill Berns says:

    Why do the city salt trucks need GPS?? Do they get lost while salting?

    1. I Love This City says:

      The GPS units are more for knowing where the trucks are or where they went. This way they can keep better track of what streets were hit and when.

  20. Stallworthies says:

    Route 19 on the Washington/Allegheny Co. line is a great marker as to who takes care of roads. Almost every time it snows, Upper St. Clair (Allegheny) is wet pavement, while Peters Twp is garbage. Still haven’t seen a truck go by my office yet… kinda shows how you can nearly be in a fatal accident one minute, and in a township that works on the roads the next. You should have seen it here last February… took DAYS to clear 19 in Peters Twp.

  21. Fantastic Road Crews says:

    JOAN!!!!!! Where ARE you JOOOOOOAAANN????!!!!!! Joan? JOAN??!!!!!!

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