Late Mayor’s Son Announces Candidacy For City Council

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Politics seems to be a family affair in the O’Connor family.

First, Bob O’Connor had a long political career, with the pinnacle being his dream job as the mayor of Pittsburgh.

On Thursday, his son Corey announced that he too will run for public office.

We’ve had three generations of Ravenstahls in local politics, so why not a second generation of O’Connors?

The 26-year-old son of the late mayor announced that he’s running for the City Council seat his dad once held.

It was not a big surprise to those who have followed the young man. His mother, Judy, told KDKA’s Jon Delano that Corey is very much the people person that his dad was.

Just hours after announcing a run for City Council, his signs went up at his headquarters along Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

“I’m ready. We’re ready for this. I have a passion for this city, a passion for the people of this city, and I think I bring a new outlook and new resources to the city,” O’Connor said.

Corey O’Connor said his last four years as an aide to Congressman Mike Doyle have trained him for the job.

“I was able to secure federal funding for our region. Now that deals with infrastructure, development, and public safety funding that we were able to bring back through the federal government,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor said he also focused on disaster relief programs and senior citizen issues.

“I was also able to work on heating and energy assistance issues for seniors and low-income residents.”

District five in the southeast corner of the city stretches through 10 neighborhoods including Squirrel Hill, Greenfield, Regent Square, Hazelwood, and Lincoln Place.

Delano asked O’Connor if he would serve the full four-year term or leave to run for mayor in 2013.

“No, I know it’s coming up in two years, and I’m flattered with that question that a lot of people get, ‘When are you going to run for mayor?’ My job right now is to work for the city of Pittsburgh, especially the fifth council district. I have no plans of running for mayor in two years,” O’Connor said.

Elective office is hardly a done deal for O’Connor.

He may have to defeat his father’s chief of staff and successor, incumbent Councilman Doug Shields.


One Comment

  1. Nick Manning says:

    look its Kevin Arnolds older brother from the Wonder Yrs

  2. Mile Mansfield says:

    Beats getting a real job.

  3. BETTY says:

    it would be good to have Corey to be on council….GO COREY….

    1. Dan says:

      Oh yea! another buddy buddy democrat who will ruin things and cost us more money. Didn’t you fools learn from electing that idiot Ravenstal?

  4. David Raymer says:

    It would be good to hear what he will actually do IF he gets on Council…..rather than try and run hoping his dad’s name will get him the votes. O’Connor wasnt even Mayor that long to have some long record….and the funeral was pretty extravagant show back then.

  5. Mah says:

    Seems like he really cares about the city…plus so cute.

  6. Bill Peduto says:

    why run against Doug Shield? Let him keep the seat for the laughs and just run for mayor, Cory would win in a land slide

  7. pittgirl says:

    Ditto on that cute comment lol

  8. Mayor Stupidstal says:

    You will never beat me. I will send a TERMINATOR to destroy you O’Conner…What the hell do you think I really did with all the pension money that was suppost to be in the fund?

  9. Corey Corey Bo Borey... says:

    Would love to see Corey wipe the floor with that scuz Doug Shields, but if Shields steps down everybody stll wins.

  10. Daniel says:

    I want to hear a candidate say that they will LOWER taxes, cut spending to people who do not work and are not disabled and increase pay and benefits for the police, fire and medics. Now that is someone I could support.

  11. Gladys Shields says:

    Doug Shields is no scuz. He’s a total freekin greaseball

  12. anonymous987 says:

    Ha ha ha ha….Corey O’Connor for council? Yikes. Corey needs to get a clue before he actually runs for elected office.

    Here’s my Corey O’Connor story: I called Rep. Doyle’s office, seeking the congressman’s assistance in helping me obtain Careerlink funds to go back to school. (Careerlink refused to disburse the funds to me.)

    I ended up speaking with Corey O’Connor, who was utterly clueless. Rather than interceding on my behalf with Careerlink, Corey told me to apply for welfare! (I’m not eligible for welfare, you halfwit — and applying for welfare isn’t a prerequisite to getting Careerlink assistance.) Corey then said, “Well, it’s not like we can hire you here [in Doyle’s office]. What? I wasn’t looking for a job with Doyle..

    Corey: a pretty face and your daddy’s name will take you only so far. At some point, you’re going to have to show the world you’re not an idiot. Best of luck with THAT!

    (FYI, my FABULOUS state senator ended up interceding on my behalf with Careerlink.)

  13. Jumonville says:

    If what you say is true Anonymous then Corey should fit right in on Pittsburgh council. Few even have a college education. Darlene Harris is the least charismatic woman in the country and she is their president? Buffoons! No wonder Mayor Luke wont play with them.

  14. One small voice says:

    If his last name was O’connor and a democrate he wouldn’t stand a chance. How about running a canidate on his merits not his fathers. The city has enought losers in office.

  15. RJ says:


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