Officials Offer Update On Snow Clearing Efforts

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The city of Pittsburgh issued a Phase Two Snow Warning Thursday afternoon. That means crews will be working 12-hour shifts around the clock to clear the roads.

The city even called a news conference Thursday night to update everyone on their efforts.

Even though the snow in Pittsburgh has been light, it has been steady. As a result, it’s been difficult for crews to keep up.

Around 9 p.m., crews went strictly into plow mode. That will continue until the snow stops falling.

It’s recommended that residents move their vehicles off of the main roads and onto secondary roads or alleys.

Pittsburgh Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski is hoping the snow stops by midnight.

“Tonight, with the temperature dropping like it is, salt becomes less effective as the temperature lowers. At 20 to 15 degrees, it takes about 20 minutes for the salt to be activated. So, what we’ll do is start treating with calcium chloride, which keeps the salt effective up to 40 to 50 below zero,”Kaczorowski said.

“A storm like this, when we’re out plowing and salting with 1,200 miles of street, it’s going to take a while. Anywhere from 24 to 36 hours after it stops snowing.”

If the snow stops by midnight, the goal is to have all the primary roads cleared by the morning commute. They also hope to be working on the secondary roads at that time.


One Comment

  1. KW says:

    JOKE!!! yeah, thanks for keeping up with the roads so that those of us who work 2nd shift could get home! The roads were HORRIBLE!!! your snow routes are a joke, just another reason to spend some money on pretty little signs. Saw no salt trucks… and I drove 51! Plows were out but werent plowing, whats the point there?? such a joke!

    1. Morning Sider says:

      Typical. Maybe if we leave it until tomorrow it will go away for free…. There was plenty time to “keep up,” just like every other time they’ve pulled this one. Maybe you guys need to call a real city and ask them how they do it every time it snows?

    2. A more informed citizen says:

      you should probably learn more about this topic before you open your mouth. Salt at this temperatures doesn’t really work. All that it would do on the snow is after awhile melt and then refreeze. But hey! At least they used that salt (and your tax money)! But then you’d be complaining about the slippery roads too then. Then you complain about your taxes. Well you wanted them to use all of that salt. You’ll never be happy.

      1. More informed than YOU says:

        Oh god, who are you, a plow driver? Salt does work at these temps. It was 20-25 last night when it was snowing. Salt works until it gets in the low single digits. I drove home from Oakland to Brookline last night around 10:30 and ALL of the roads were horrible.

      2. ks says:

        agreeeeeeee quit whinning

  2. a disgusted person says:

    Well for all the money the city just paid to put GPSs in their salt trucks, maybe they should have spent that money on some calcium chloride which keeps the roads wet up to =50. The city has a poor excuse for a snow removal system and this article is a bunch of fictional details to make it look like they’re doing something. My bedroom overlooks 5th ave in Shadyside and I have seen ONE plow and ZERO salt trucks all year.

  3. ks says:

    i am so sick of everyone whinning about the city workers and the roads but u all throw ur snow from ur sidewalks into the middle of the “clean roads” that is those who acutally “clean “their sidewalks –most of u work a a cushiony job in an office sitting on your”big behinds” work outside in any of these conditions and see if u feel the same way after 8 hrs–better yet why dont all u whiners just move to a place without snow —far far away in your dream world

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