By: Heather Abraham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Local road crews have been preparing since Wednesday morning for the latest round of winter weather, which is expected to fall from this afternoon through Friday morning.

As this storm will require more than just salt to keep the roads clear, PennDOT officials were spotted hooking up the plows Thursday morning.

“Normally we don’t have the plows on the trucks unless we anticipate a heavy snowfall,” said Jim Struzzi, a PennDOT spokesperson.

Snow plow driver Dean Passaro says maneuvering the truck can be tough, especially considering it’s being used in the worst weather. His advice to local people is stay home if you can.

“The less that’s on the road the better, especially when you’re plowing,” said Passaro. “When you’re plowing, you don’t want nothing in front of you but snow.”

For local crews, Thursday morning was all about preparations. Trucks were checked over for mechanical issues, salt was loaded up and the salt brine went out before the first snowflake fell.

“It’s essentially water and very fine salt,” said Struzzi. “What happens is that the water evaporates and leaves that very thin layer of salt on the road. That melts the initial snow that falls.”

PennDOT is responsible for 3,200 lane miles in Allegheny County with the use of around 70 trucks. Crews will be working in 12 hour shifts around the clock.


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