PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Nervous Steelers fans might be able to find some comfort in the number seven.

When it all breaks down, that digit might just be a magic number for Pittsburgh’s beloved black and gold football team!

Last weekend, No. 7 Ben Roethlisberger led his team over the Baltimore Ravens for the seventh time, by a seven point margin, in a career that spans seven years.

His team now goes for their all-time seventh home victory against the New York Jets, which would be the next to last step on the stairway to seven Super Bowl titles.

Is there a pattern here? Maybe coincidence? Or does lucky seven have a deeper meaning?

“It really is a number that indicates a lot about perfection,” said LaVerne Hotep, a numerologist.

She has the charts to prove it. She also says that it’s a biblical number.

“After we’ve done all the work necessary to get something done, then in seven you perfect it; so that when it’s done, then you can rest,” says Hotep.

While cradling a Super Bowl trophy, perhaps?

The Turtle Creek numerologist – who is also a teacher, radio broadcaster and drummer in a band – says double sevens equal very high energy.

So how about this… Art Rooney founded the Steelers in 1933, which makes this the organization’s 77th season.

“It indicates power and glory,” says Hotep of the double sevens. “It’s an energy that says you rise above obstacles.”

So, bottom line… the games in the bag, right?

But Hotep says, “I’m not making predictions. I’m just telling what the 77 indicates.”

Well, this we do know. Seven beats six – any time!

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