Tow Driver: They Just Don’t Take Their Time

CANONSBURG (KDKA) — Drivers around the area had a particularly tough commute last night and this morning as icy and snow-covered roads left a number of vehicles disabled or dented on the side of the road.

Ron Rush from Whitey’s Towing in Canonsburg drove his flatbed truck all around the area, pulling people out of bad situations this morning.

He says many of the problems that he saw could have been avoided if drivers just slowed down.

“They just don’t take their time,” Rush added. “People are over the hill, down through their yard into a fence. If they’d just take their time, they’d be alright.”

“The back roads… really don’t see too much treatment,” Rush warned. “People start flying on them and into the ditch they go.”


One Comment

  1. BOb says:

    Great story

  2. T says:

    its mostly the younger people ,there just a bunch of loser …..

    1. A says:

      Why so biased? I’ve seen PLENTY of older drivers (I’d say 45+) out there who contribute just as much chaos out there as any younger driver. Don’t let age fool you. Just because you may be 40 or 50 or whatever age, doesn’t mean you drive any better than anyone else on the road. There are more factors that go into these things than age. I also don’t know many 18 year olds willingly driving a minivan, but I’ll hold my opinion concerning the demographics of the pictured vehicle.

  3. Experienced Driver says:

    What makes for a poor driver is inexperience or immaturity. The inexperienced need to respect less-than-ideal driving conditions and employ proper driving strategies to compensate. The immature need to respect other drivers and employ a greater margin between themselves and other vehicles to compensate for unintended consequence. In other words: when driving in snowy conditions, drive slower and more considerately!!

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