Vehicle Hits 2 People At School Bus Stop

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — An out of control vehicle struck a 6-year-old boy and another person waiting at a school bus stop in Lawrence County this morning.

The accident happened just after 11 a.m. in the city of New Castle at the intersection of South Mill and Phillips Streets.

According to authorities, the child and an unidentified female were on a sidewalk waiting for the school bus when a vehicle apparently jumped the curb and hit them.

The two were waiting on the sidewalk for the school bus when the incident happened.

Authorities have identified the driver of the vehicle as 48-year-old Samuel Abraham of Neshannock Township.

The little boy was knocked unconscious; but medics were able to get him to respond to them in the ambulance. Officials say they believe he is in critical condition.

The 53-year-old female was taken to the hospital; but she was not as seriously injured as the child. She was treated and released.

The driver of the vehicle was also taken to the hospital to undergo a blood-alcohol test. Authorities are still awaiting those results.


One Comment

  1. Irish Eyes says:

    I know that not all of the roads have not been cleared yet, but if this driver was drunk…you are a selfish JERK! You hurt two people and you need to get help!

  2. Gerry says:

    And if you’re not, it’s too bad jerks have to insult you ahead of knowing more details!

  3. Joseph Puskar says:

    all the schools cancelled.. why did they even have kids on the curb side with streets being like this out?

  4. Joseph Puskar says:

    should have cancelled school.. in that city too…

    1. Brad says:

      They have schools in new castle? Hmmm .. Now THATS news to report on ..

      1. Jen says:

        Really Newman?

  5. James Bloom says:

    The roads weren’t that bad here. There was a 2 hour delay for schools in the area. …That”s also a main road.

  6. Dan says:

    agreed, should have cancelled.Its not worth someone getting hurt for a half day (5hrs)

  7. Nosey Rosey says:

    If he was out of control, he was probably driving too fast for the road conditions, which makes him careless and reckless. Also, why do some people think that just because THEIR school, and neighboring schools were closed, that ALL schools were closed? I’m honestly not trying to be mean, bur have truly never understood this way of thinking, and many people think this way, which is “inside the box”. Again, just trying to understand it.

  8. Jessica Keller Pell says:

    i saw on the channel 11 news that this man had just left the Meth clinic right before he hit the boy so who knows about drunk but High definitely.

  9. pook says:

    I live up the hill from where this happened….I agree the roads were to bad for school to be open. My son has to walk to the corner to catch the bus, I cna not eswcort him because I have a 4 month old baby, but watch him the whole time. I thought to myself the whole time this morning, about crazy drivers hitting him, especially when I noticed a car not even stopping at a stop sign. People need to sloe down and save a life. Nothing is that important!

  10. Robby says:

    The driver is my uncle. What has happened is extremely unfortunate. My heart and prayers go out to the boy and the family. Instead of judging my unlce, you all should know that he is a great guy. He is a very loving man with a big heart. I am most positve that his remorse is great, He is a man and will except the consequences he has made

  11. MOTHER says:

    well im the boys mother and the roads were NOT bad on mill street at the time of the incident. all i really have to say is he is very lucky my son is alive . and i mean very lucky .

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