1 Dead, 1 Injured In Larimer Shooting

HOMEWOOD (KDKA) – Police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and another injured early Sunday morning in Larimer.

According to police, the shooting happened in the 6400-block of Frankstown Avenue around 3:37 a.m near the Sunoco A-Plus gas station.

One person was taken to UPMC Mercy Hospital after being shot in the face. They were last listed in serious condition.

A 30-year0old male was pronounced dead at the scene.

No arrests have been made and anyone with information is asked to call the Pittsburgh Homicide Squad at (412)-323-7161.

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One Comment

  1. Daniel says:

    Perhaps the police should assign some officers to rid the area of guns. Oh, wait excuse me they did that and were suspended for doing such a good job of getting guns off the street, Perhaps the NAACP could march and get the officers reinstated.

    1. Brad says:

      What?!?! You are going to sit there and say that police don’t prevent crime? Are u serious? So using ur logic, or the lack there of, we would be just as better off if there were no cops? Ok if cops don’t prevent crime, why are most shootings dOne at nite? Why are drug deals done in some inconspicuous place? Cause they don’t want to be seen. Your response mat be the single most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Everyone that read your post is now much more stupid than they were previously . Wow..

    2. Brad says:

      Punctuation !! Actually I lived in your community, why is it I had to lOck my car doors? Why did I have to look over my shoulder? Why were all the crack heads black? Wasn’t cause I lived on a street full of law abiding white people

      1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        White-Collar Crime

        White-collar crimes are categorized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence. Such acts are committed by individuals and organizations to obtain money, property, or services; to avoid the payment or loss of money or services; or to secure a personal or business advantage.
        The FBI investigates white-collar criminal activities such as money laundering, securities and commodities fraud, bank fraud and embezzlement, fraud against the government, health care fraud, election law violations, copyright violations, and telemarketing fraud. In general, the FBI focuses on organized crime activities that are international, national, or regional in scope where the FBI can bring to bear unique expertise or capabilities that increase the likelihood of a successful investigation and prosecution. In the health care fraud area, the FBI targets systemic abuses, such as large-scale billing fraud that is national or regional in scope, and fraudulent activities that threaten the safety of patients. The FBI pursues financial institution fraud involving $100,000 or more. In cases of telemarketing and insurance fraud, the FBI will generally become involved when there is evidence of nationwide or international activities. The number of agents investigating corporate and other securities, commodities, and investment fraud cases has increased 47 percent, from 177 in 2001 to more than 250 today. Since 2007, there have been more than 1,700 pending corporate, securities, commodities, and investment fraud cases, an increase of 37 percent since 2001.
        FBI special agents work closely with investigators from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, among others, targeting sophisticated, multi-layered fraud cases that harm the marketplace and threaten our economy.
        WHITE-COLLAR CASE: Enron
        As a result of its deceptive accounting practices—including the creation of earnings, the manufacture of cash flow, and the concealment of debt—officers of Enron Corporation misled the investing public regarding its reported financial condition. In addition, investment banks and other business partners aided Enron in perpetrating the fraud through the creation of financial structures and other devices that facilitated the deceptive accounting practices. By the end of 2009, 34 individuals had been charged in the investigation. Of these individuals, 22 have pled guilty or been convicted, including former Enron Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jeffrey Skilling, former Chairman and CEO Kenneth Lay (conviction later vacated due to his death), and former Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow. Skilling was sentenced to 24 years and four months in prison, the largest term handed down in connection with the case. Fastow was sentenced to six years in prison for his role in the accounting scandal. The cases were handled by the Enron Task Force, which consisted of members of the DOJ, FBI, and IRS. The Securities and Exchange Commission provided considerable assistance in this investigation.
        WHITE-COLLAR CASE: Qwest Communications

        Qwest Communications (Qwest) is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest providers of telecommunications services in the United States. In 2000 and 2001, the company reported sales revenues of $16 billion and $19 billion, respectively, in its published financial statements. In 2002, Qwest issued a press release which acknowledged the company had improperly recorded $1.1 billion in revenue since 1999, and the FBI opened a criminal investigation. Five executives were indicted and either pled guilty or were convicted of securities fraud or insider trading. This included former CEO Joseph Nacchio, who was convicted of insider trading on April 19, 2007. He was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment, ordered to forfeit $52 million gained as a result of his illegal stock sales, and fined $19 million.
        WHITE-COLLAR CASE: Riggs Bank
        Simon Kareri, a former Riggs Bank senior vice president, and his wife, Ndeye Nene Fall Kareri, embezzled funds from various bank accounts owned by the country of Equatorial Guinea. The funds were then laundered through shell companies established by Kareri’s wife in the British Virgin Islands. The investigation further revealed that Kareri accepted illegal kickbacks from a contractor for inflating work contracts on behalf of the Benin Embassy in Washington, D.C. In 2005, Kareri and his wife pled guilty to conspiracy, bank fraud, and money laundering. On November 16, 2006, Nene Kareri was sentenced to 75 days in prison and three years’ supervised release, and Simon Kareri was sentenced to 27 months in prison and four years’ supervised release. The FBI successfully seized more than $1.1 million in assets as a result.
        On October 11, 2007, Simon Kareri surrendered to the FBI a check in the amount of $631,021.24, which represented a money judgment included in his plea agreement.
        WHITE-COLLAR CASE: Madoff Ponzi Scheme
        In December 2008, Bernard L. Madoff, 70, informed his senior employees that
        his investment advisory business was a fraud, “basically, a giant Ponzi scheme.” Madoff stated that the business was insolvent, and that it had been for years. He also estimated the losses from this fraud to be at least $50 billion.

        In March 2009, Madoff pled guilty to 11 felony counts related to a massive Ponzi scheme, including securities fraud, investment adviser fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, three counts of money laundering, false statements, perjury, false filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and theft from an employee benefit plan. In June 2009, Madoff was sentended to 150 years in prison. Additionally, he was issued a $171 billion forfeiture order, which strips him of his personal property, including real estate, investments, and assets.

        Madoff’s case has also implicated others involved in his scheme: in December 2008, the accountant for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities (BLMIS) pled guilty in Manhattan federal court to nine charges; in November 2009, two former computer programmers for BLMIS were indicted on charges of conspiracy and falsifying records.
        WHITE-COLLAR CASE: Mortgage Fraud
        From 2005 to 2007, Metro Dream Homes (MDH) targeted homeowners and home purchasers to participate in a purported mortgage payment program called the “Dream Homes Program.” MDH convinced many victims to invest at least $50,000 by refinancing their existing homes or buying new homes at inflated prices, while claiming that MDH would repay the mortgages with revenue from profitable businesses. However, there was no revenue to pay the mortgage payments. Instead, the conspirators used some of the investors’ money to repay earlier investors in the Ponzi scheme and spent the remainder on themselves. Four individuals have been charged and face a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for the fraud conspiracy; 20 years in prison on each of the 15 counts of wire fraud; and 20 years in prison for conspiracy to commit money laundering.
        Health Care Fraud
        Health care fraud significantly impacts the lives of all Americans. Constant communication between the health care benefits programs, law enforcement agencies, state agencies, and the public is the most effective means to respond to fraudulent activity. The FBI is actively involved in many health care fraud task forces, as well as numerous working groups and joint investigations.
        HEALTH CARE FRAUD CASE: Medicare Fraud

        On June 16, 2008, HealthEssentials Solutions—which provides long-term care facilities with certified nurse practitioners who supply medical and ancillary services to patients under physician supervision—pled guilty to submitting false statements in violation of Title 18, U.S. Code, Section 1035. On September 15, 2008, HealthEssentials was sentenced to pay criminal restitution in the amount of $3.1 million for submitting false statements to Medicare relating to health care matters. The company also agreed to pay $117 million in civil claims.

        According to the National Fraud Center statistics, economic crime cost the nation $5,000,000,000 in 1970, $20,000,000,000 in 1980, and $100,000,000,000 in 1990.

        94% of white collar crimes are committed by white people. This does not just affect people in one city or country it affects the world (at least the people who do business with America). Consumers have to pay for what was lost, regardless if they have business insurance. White collar criminals are usually white that is why it is not harshly convicted.

      2. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Look at the number of criminals in one case and they like to call all black people criminals, yet, look at the amount of money stolen by some White men. We could put all the petty crimes of black together and it would never amount to the money white men have stolen. They were taught black people were bad so it will forever be that way in their head.

      3. Gettin 7 says:

        For someone who continually talks about how much money you make and how successful you are, I have to assume you don’t have a man. Why do I assume that? Anyone that has the amount of time to write as much as you do and constantly remind everyone how much of a successful black woman you are, cannot have a man. I bet you are 5’2″ tall and weigh 270lbs and look like a bulldog. Get a life loser.

      4. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        I am actually 5’5 124 lbs( it would kind of be hard in my profession) Maybe that is why so many white men try to get with me, I know how y’all like them on the verge of anorexia, the only difference is my C cups are real and I love my black girl butt, I think they do too, they are always staring at it. Doing ER/ Surgery there is a lot of running involved and I have been the same size since high school. I can type so much because I can type 65 wpm without mistakes( It is called the home row keys) The article above was a copy and paste from FBI website ( Are you computer literate at all, not just turning the computer on but do you know how it works, because it only took 1 click for this article, I would like to thank my computer concepts professor for making sure I am not as dumb as GETTIN 7.). Thank you for putting your foot in your mouth with assumptions and still not stating a case. How do you know I am single? I have actually maintained a 3 year relationship. We met at Mercer and I got him to move move to Atlanta( I’ve been told I am a very persuasive speaker). However, all I can do is be sad for you, John B. Watson said it the best, nature vs nurture. It is in your genes to be who you are(who I am to judge someone that comes from generations of ignorance because they are not strong enough to make their own decisions and perception, they take the feelings of others) and your environment created you so, I can read through your misery. I can’t see a happy sane person have so much negativity in their surroundings. I feel if you were happy like me you would say, how senseless is this. I regret getting involved and I know you have not read my post of were I am trying to show people how dumb and childish it is. You come and be the follower you have been all your life( you have done what your environment has taught you) you are a Product of Your Environment. People who are not natural leader usually follow the crowd, do you see me taking the same approach that anyone has on here. No, because I realize I am an individual and have my own mind to say just because you are like this does not mean all white people are like this. Seriously, grow up and why are people still name calling =KINDERGARTEN. I am laughing at how miserable some people are in Pittsburgh. As a nurse I am good with psychology and it sure makes me wonder about you. I honestly feel so bad for you……I hope you find happiness soon, because when someone is happy it is hard for them to be negative. Positive mind, actions, and living creates a positive surrounding. I can’t see a person that came to a story about someone they do not know to be negative. If this makes you happy so be it. Have fun, just keep me out of it. I will be to Pittsburgh in May, so if you would like to say anything to me you are welcome to meet me and say whatever to my face( Only cowards hide) I read your whole personality off a paragraph, the monotony in this, please get a life. FYI, I will always be a winner because I am not a follower and did not become a product of my environment but overcame it. I could be just like those people in the Larimer area but I am not because my mind is strong enough to adapt to any place or situation. You don’t know me and I have not done anything personally to you, so, why did you try to attack me? B.F Skinner( American Psychologist)” People have a basic need to evolve as human beings and to fulfill their potential”, you have not evolved from the Pittsburgh ways of thinking and you lack respect for others(I hope that is not your full potential). I hope you have a great day and enjoy your life as I do mine, maybe you won’t be such a negative individual and become positive once you start loving your life.

      5. Get a Job Ya Bum says:

        Yep. But the difference is that when this occurs white people aren’t on TV blaming another race. When Madoff was arrested I don’t recall a Greek Orthodox “REVEREND” getting on TV and blaming all Jews for the problems in the world.
        Crime is crime.
        How about this for a new idea: Why doesn’t each person in this country simply fend for themselves? Yeah! What a grand idea! When you become old enough to get a job…..GO AHEAD AND GET ONE! Unless your blessed with 4.4 speed, then you can go play ball somewhere. Otherwise……get a freakin job ya bum. Or if you choose to not get a job, don’t tell the government to take my hard earned money to give it to your lazy azz.
        And since I’m here: If you think you’re going to live beyond retirement, then maybe you should save and invest some money so you don’t have to buy a fridge at the SEARS scratch and dent in Lawrenceville, then sell the fridge and live in the box.
        If you receive a check each month yet never work………YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

      6. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Please give me examples of black people on television blaming race, because as a writer you should not leave anything out and leave your readers to try to figure it out(Examples please). If we are going to let people fend for themselves, why are you still commenting on this page? Also in writing you should use 3rd person because using “you” makes me feel as if you are referring to me. English 1101 college should have taught you that. You also want to know what is funny in Atlanta, they tore down the projects and built nice housing for those people. They required work to be able to live there and slowly got the people off welfare and into the work force. Your politicians could care less about any of those people. White 38.8%
        Black 37.2 welfare statistics, can you tell your people to stop being lazy and taking my tax dollars. You are a complete idiot and will continue to be a cretin. I don’t live in Pittsburgh, and my pension+my savings, stock, bonds, 401k, and my rough Ira accounts will allow me to have a great retirement. All this was started at the age of 22, not only that when my grandparents passed they left a large sum of money that was invested in that stock and bonds, I also own my property, car title in hand because I bought it directly off the lot( my father taught me to never owe anyone, so if you want something you save for it.). When I graduate next year and become a Nurse of Anesthetics, I will be making 235,000.00 a year, (I will be a millionaire before 35). I would not hate white people because the head of the hospital, which is white, approached me about continuing my education and how it will benefit the hospital for me to become a Nurse of Anesthetics. He see’s my work ethic everyday, I work hard for everything I have.I would love to tell those people in the trailer parks the same thing. They are destroying some nice neighborhoods because they can’t afford to move after new subdivisions are built. These major companies want the land but can’t because of poor white people. I am happy you are in Pittsburgh and I am here. Cognitively you are weak and should find something else to do. You are becoming repetitive in your statements and still have not made a point. You should go and tell the people that live over there that not me. I DON’T LIVE IN PITTSBURGH, so how would I buy a refrigerator from Lawrenceville, I did not even know there was a sears over there(but you did, makes me wonder). I will always live a better life than you, not because of money but because I live a happy, full and sane life and don’t spend my time judging others and telling other adults what to do( let people make their own decisions) You don’t have to live over there so why does it matter. Regardless if there was welfare, there would still be taxes taken out of your check in the same amount. You should learn where tax dollars go, because it does not all go to welfare. You have no problem with politicians taking luxury trips that you can’t afford on your dime but you are complaining about them feeding children who had lazy parents. Thank you for being a great citizen.

      7. Dan says:

        if you didnt live in pittsburgh you wouldnt read and comment on here everyday… Your a LIAR and a racist bum….

      8. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        I know the deceased personally, Jorman Wright, B.N.A Cidal I dated his brother Terrell Wright as a teenager. That is why I am on this page, why are you on here? I can give you proof I am in Georgia. I attended Lindley middle school and went on to Pebblebrook High school 991 Old Alabama Rd. Mableton, Ga 30126. This is where I received my high school Diploma. Cobb co., Georgia. I have no reason to lie and nor am I a bum. Your grammar skills suck so I know you don’t have a respectable job. You have a job while I have a career, so who is the bum. You were to lazy to go to college to make a great living for yourself. Capitalize Pittsburgh and capitalize the beginning of your sentence, an apostrophe goes in between the n and t in wouldn’t. My family lives and Pittsburgh and they are black and I have a right to defend them against racist idiots such as yourself. You can’t win a battle of smarts with me because you are dumb, go enjoy the box you live in. I am sure you can find a pub around there because that is all there is for you to do there. With your level of education, which I am sure is Pre- K(with all the name calling) you won’t win this battle with me. You are ignorant low life , that needs their head checked because you are mentally disabled in your view of society. You suck as an individual and should really find out the root of your anger and stop taking it out on me because your parents didn’t give your adequate attention. I won’t give it to you. The reason I can comment everyday because I have internet on my phone and when you comment to anything I say it comes to my phone. ( Do you get it now DUMMMY) Eaten up and spit out, that quick.

      9. Dan says:

        figured your just another know it all black who wants the world to feel bad and give you some more..I got news for you , you will get no sympathy here. The Wrights are a drug dealing family…I know for a fact the other 2 brothers were arrested in the last yr one in a buy bust and another with more than 100 grams of crack…what now???

      10. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        You think I don’t know what you know. I am not asking you to have sympathy for anyone, but what if his mother was to read this stuff. Did you also look up that his sister is a graduate from Carlow University? I know people from all walks of life, I am not a person who chooses to judge others. They were always nice to me and regardless of how any of you feel about me or any other people, you will have to deal with it not me. Did the paper also tell you the brother who was caught with 100 grams of crack(Terrell Wright) also kept a stable job for 7 years? Terrell Wright, he is the oldest of the two brothers, did it also tell you he was very active in his kids life. Also his brother was arrested in 2008 not last year and will be released this year. You are speaking on someone you know nothing about. Did it say Terrell had any violent crimes? No, that was his first time being arrested. If this is all your life consist of find a hobby, I am going to see the battle of the bands at the Georgia Dome, to see all black colleges perform. How are these colleges still up and running with all those black people being lazy and on welfare? I guess we are all not like the black people in Pittsburgh, which was my argument in the first place. Please just give this up, you won’t change my mind about what I have to say. Let the situation go, it is petty and childish, and, how will this benefit you?

      11. Cathy Moore says:

        Whos ignorant now???? Defending drug dealers, that just figures the way you talked!

      12. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Cathy, the best lesson my father taught me was to never defend a man because if he is a man he can do it himself. I can’t defend a deceased man anyway because he won’t see these words. I am defending my race because of people like yourself would like to put us all in the same category. I know, no one on this page is happy. You don’t have room for negativity in your life when there positive. Instead of prejudging me and take the time to get to know me you would know I am far from ignorant. I took the time to get my Bachelors degree, I have a great heart, I do a lot of volunteer work( I paid for my ticket to Haiti and worked for free). There are bigger problems going on in the world that you could be helping to solve in your spare time but instead you choose to be negative. Hopefully you will find happiness soon, so you can have the same positive attitude as me. I still wish nothing but the best for all of you an hope that you see that this is not positive nor productive for your lives so just move on.

      13. lauren d cosgrove says:

        Rough its? It’s roth ira monkey child. I can post my name on here why can’t you?

    3. Sandy Klingensmith says:

      they took more guns off the streets than anyone and there was only 1 murder in homewood when they worked…check the facts JAVON, they dont lie

    4. Fromtheslums says:

      Quoting Javon;

      “i dont care about the war i dont care about this country period”

      then do us ALL a favor, and leave – go to wherever you feel is a better place – PLEASE!! And take everyone like minded with you.


      I’m ALL ears? ? ? ?

      “thats why you and your people are hated all over the world”

      I have news for you, in the eyes of those abroad that loathe us – you too are American – you are in the class you are bashing.

      “and i bet your son wants to be just like this death culture ..i bet you he listens to rap buys his clothes baggy and thinks hes cool ..”

      Javon – I grew up listening to rap, grew up poor as dirt, and never had a THING handed to me – I couldn’t afford school, but I took out loans, got a degree, worked my @ss off, and eventually started a business that this year will net an income with 6 zero’s behind it, in 10 years I went from making minimum wage, to breaking a million. It wasn’t because I’m white – it’s because I removed myself from the world I grew up in and worked my tail off.

      I’m white and grew up in “your world” – and if you think it’s hard being black and living in the ghetto, try being the white minority in the black miniority bubble!!

      But rather than finger point, accept the welfare life, join a gang and make drugs, murder, and theft my profession – I went out on my own and made things happen for myself. If I was black, I’d still be right where I am today – the color of your skin doesn’t automatically make it impossible for you to better your life.

      Most of my friends are black, came from the slums, and are in a better place that they EARNED through hard work – where they are not looked at like the trash you assume all black folks are seen as through our devil eyes in their everyday lives, yes, there are idiots who still discriminate – but they are above that, know who they are, and what they stand for.

      Quit your whining and hate and better your life – or leave the US – you’ll be one less person my tax dollars will go to to feed, house, imprison, or provide healthcare for.

      1. javon says:

        If we don’t make earnest moves toward real solutions, then each day we move one day closer to revolution and anarchy in this country. This is the sad, and yet potentially joyous, state of America.

    5. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Daniel, for you to try to come off as educated, you are making ignorant statements; To be prejudice is a form of ignorance. Caucasian people do drugs just like any other race, so, what was your point in saying black crackheads. I am not going to assume all white people are doing Meth because that drug is popular in your community or because white teenagers are willing to experiment with every drug under the sun( I have seen it for myself). While visiting Pittsburgh;my family lives in the area you are speaking of, I have had run ins with Pittsburgh police. Pittsburgh police will try to take advantage of people who do not know the law. Once it was made evident that I was educated and knew the law I sent them on their way. Do you know how many Pittsburgh police are doing business with the local drug dealers? No, you don’t you think all police are honest, as if they are not human; go figure. I seriously feel sad for the people in the city of Pittsburgh, for the simple fact of the box you all live in and the ignorance that comes from it. Have you ever thought there would be no NAACP if your ancestors would have given us our god given right to live freely. I am proud of my heritage and how far my people have come and for you to down talk it lets me know how miserable you are in that little city. If black people are so bad, why is it that your white women can’t stay away from them.

      1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Thank you Lauren, you come with so many great points of view. You did something to save the world. Did that make you feel better? YAY, Lauren feels awesome. Thumbs up Lauren, way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You are totally standing up for yourself right now, OMG.,

      2. javon says:

        why are you talking to fools??? our intellegence is far too vast for these cave people!!!

    6. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I am trying to study, please go find something productive to do with your time. This is not educational or beneficial to you!!!!!!!!!You joined in on ignorance, so, I already know where you stand. You no longer have to prove a point. Let it go, if you were so educated you would not speak on something that you know nothing about. You are wasting your time. How much money will you gain from this? How much will anyone gain from this; besides ignorance. I won’t ever put a race in one category because every individual is different(that is why people are individuals). I work and attend school with people from different backgrounds and have related to all of them. Being out in the world, I have had the chance to experience great people from all walks of life. I have Black, White, Asian, Mexican, and etc. This is how I came to the conclusion that this epidemic comes from small cities/towns, which creates closed minds. I wish all of you the best in your life but this all is a waste of time and energy for me. I am ashamed that I stooped to any of your levels. To all of you GOD BLESS, have a nice life, I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. javon says:

      @white trash lauren…………………I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society that will crush people, and then penalize them for not being able to stand up under the weight.

  2. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Why is this news???

    1. Nakisha Abram says:

      I agree Javon. People are just IGNORANT!!!

    2. Thomas J Duttine says:

      And you wonder why cops hate you?? And I don’t think they do, you think they do because they protect society from animals!

    3. Tips says:

      IDIOTS PLEASE REMEMBER- Cops don’t PREVENT CRIME !!! They show up once one is commited . Get it right cop defenders- thank you

    4. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Thank you TIP, that is the only educating comment that has come from this page. For white people to proclaim they are so educated, they say the dumbest stuff. Police are not educated and do not know the laws, they only know what can not be done. My federal tax dollars pay those crooks they call Pittsburgh police, and they are doing an awful job. The police could clean up the streets, but how would they make their extra money(taking the money from drug dealers). Crooks love crooks that is why they will continue to look at the police as Gods instead of the one above and respect that it says ” Only God can judge”.

  3. Not surprised says:

    Javon.. I will tell you why you hate the police. Because police presence causes a decline in drug dealing. Since yor community’s main source of income, next to welfare, is from drug dealing, you ought to hate the police… But go ahead and make excuses for why your community is full of violence. It is easier to blame the police for all of your problems then to deal with the fact that your culture is a death culture. The children of these communities grow up listening to hard core ganster rap. This “music” preaches crime, violence, murder and the art of dealing drugs. But go point the finger and blame others. God forbid you take any responsibility for your communities own behaviour..

    1. Dorine says:

      Our music does not preach crime, it is a testamony to what we go through. If it had not been for the Europians making us build this country on our backs, with the sweat of our brow and then throwing us to the wolves, we wouldn’t be this way. You all stole us from our land, the land of kings, queens, and a function civilization. We do what we have to do to survive. Something you know nothing about. We have to work twice, sometime three times as hard. Everything is handed to you. So yes we deal drugs, rap, play ball, do what we do to get the money you all don’t want us to have. So enough with the racist BS, I bet you couldn’t survive a day in the hood.

      1. Thomas J Duttine says:

        You sold your own.

      2. Brad says:

        What? I threw you to the wolves? I mean you said that we stole ur land. I assume u mean white people. I never stole your land, I never enslaved you. But you will sit there and say stop the racist bs, when you are doing it yourself. And FYI, nothing has ever been handed to me I work 60 hours every week. Just to make sure I can enjoy ummm food, a home, clothing. You know the things that are handed to me.

      3. Call_it_as_I_see_it says:

        Dorine, ever go to “your land”,…. you know, Africa.

        You might be suprised to know, Africans HATE african americans.

        Have any idea why?

        It’s because African Americans disgrace the race, because you are in a land where oppotunity to have a great life is only some hard work away, they hate you because you spit in the face of the free place abundant with opportunity daily.

    2. Dee says:

      People need to stop making generalizations. Who has the boats and planes to fly the drugs in. I have COPD, Arthritis, Hypertention, Diabetes, and a torn rotator cuff. My main source of income is employment daily.

    3. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      So, what is heavy metal, since rap music is so horrid? I grew up in that neighborhood ,and yet I have never been on welfare, my family has always owned their property, and I am a college graduate currently pursuing my Masters to become a Nurse of Anesthetics. You should really do your research before you make any comments toward a certain culture. Your perception of people is grotesque, and should be reevaluated. I am a 3rd generation college graduate, both of my parents are college graduates and met in college at Mississippi Valley State. You probably grew up in Pittsburgh and never had the courage to leave because you mentally won’t be able to make it outside of that small city, but I did. I live in Atlanta, Georgia where blacks are the majority and own the majority of businesses in this city. They are in the city council and brought Hollywood here to Atlanta, which is why Atlanta is considered black Hollywood. Your ignorance has been displayed for the world to see and if only there was a face so I could point at you and laugh because you are stuck in a dead end city that just began to rebuild. Black people built Atlanta to what it is today and that is why we get the respect that is deserved. Maybe if you and your small mind left that small town and come to the big city you can look at black people in another light. It is sad that is your perception and your comment shows you believe wholeheartedly in what you said. We are not all gangs and on welfare. You should look up your statistics and see the majority on welfare.

      1. mia says:

        Preach it! Everybody know Pittsburgh is a racist town. That’s why Pittsburgh aint on the map.

    4. mia says:

      Daniel are u a true greengo?????

  4. Chelle says:

    All of these comments are crazy! Black, white, pink or green a life was lost and last time I checked blood is red no matter color of skin. These comments prove why the communities and world still suffer; ignorance is colorblind. Life is precious no matter the race! Get it together because we all belong to the HUMAN race. Also don’t speak on issues of which you are not educated enough to comment on; there are bad people in EVERY race!

  5. Brad says:

    Who u callin you people ?

  6. Brad says:

    Use punctuation!! Commas and periods work wonders.

  7. Brad says:

    Wait a minute mr incoherent, you say whites are cowards, but earlier u said they were the ones fighting in the war. Hmmm then you said that blacks wont help us. To me, that’s cowardly. So what you are saying is whites are cowards but they are over giving their lives so you can type on this webpage, and blacks are brave, because if the fight would come over here, you wouldn’t help? Ok, I think
    I got it.

    1. Silly Javon says:

      LoL javon take a look through the news articles on this sight and tell me what race is doing MOST OF the shooting, drug dealing, raping, stealing….? Hill District, Wilkinsburg Homewood North side East liberty LARIMER….lol are you kidding me?!

      1. FixPGH says:

        Sorry Silly, naming neighborhoods doesn’t make facts fact. Neighborhoods aren’t “races.” If you said “Look through the articles and tally up the race of the people arrested for the shootings in the city” – that would be correct.

  8. Brad says:

    Can anyone guess what color javon is?

    1. Dee says:

      I work in the school system. I meet students of both races that think and speak like Javon. So you can’t tell

    2. javon says:

      ask your mother brad!!

  9. Brad says:

    Why don’t u tell us how u really feel about white people.

  10. Not surprised says:

    Javon.. You should go to school. Because your grammer and sentence structure suck.. Don’t worry someone like me will pay your tuition. Just like I pay for your rent, heat, electric, food and medical care. You have it so good in this country any you know it. I bet you just found “Islam”. Finaly you found a religion that would except a piece of garbage like yourself. Enjoy your day on my dime. I would like to chat more but I have to go to work so you can exist.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      This is a blog not school, so why does his grammar matter. Everything that all(obviously white) people commenting to Javon, has nothing to do with the article above. Are white people really this evil in Pittsburgh? No, just the miserable one’s that need to put someone down to lift themselves up. Not Surprised that you came on here to be negative and ruin someones day. Not surprised that you could not find something productive to do this Sunday morning. Not surprised that white people won’t let us be, if they chose that life. Why does it matter to you? It doesn’t because if it did you would be out there trying to do something about it. Not surprised that a small town created a bunch of small minds. How many people have a Bachelors degree on here? I am 1…. I probably make more money than all the white people who commented on this. That does not make me better than you or anyone else. My college degree does not make me better than anyone else. What does make me better than anyone else on here is, I don’t have a closed mind and know not all white people are like the ones on this page or all white people are not serial killers. I volunteer in less fortunate neighborhoods and talk to kids and explain to them why it is important to get an education and become a productive citizen. I don’t sit around and down them for their surroundings, but build them up and tell them anything is possible. Although, I work 60+ hours a week as a nurse, I still find time to build others up. I am a black woman and proud of it. f

    2. Javon says:

      when your 3 cops got gunned down we laughed and danced in joy in Homewood

    3. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Javon has no respect for anyone; how respectful was your comment. I wonder how making negative comments towards another human being is respectful. Everyone mentions welfare, have you seen the statistics for welfare(you should see who the majority is)? You all are saying the same thing(drugs, gangs, welfare, and low-income housing). He does not have to die for someone else to receive welfare What is the education level on here? Answer: Kindergarten- because of the name calling(I thought only adults read the news)<Not in Pittsburgh!!!!!!!!! Where is your pain coming from? There is something making you angry because your intentions was to ruin someones day when you got on this page. Javon, it is honestly useless to argue with people set in their ways. To be mentally healthy, you should be mentally able to adapt to the world changing around you(you can read this in any psychology book). People in Pittsburgh have only adapted to the city around them and depict all black people as the one's seen in their local neighborhoods. Just like a closed mouth can't be feed food, a closed mind can't be feed knowledge. No matter how much you go back and forth with them the more ignorance will come out and the lower you will have to stoop. If people are on here with childish minds( with the name calling and impudence) imagine how low you are stooping getting on their level. Regardless of what they say, you know who you are, they do not know you and chose to make assumptions about you because of the color of your skin( we all know where assumptions lead…..Ignorance+prejudice=racism). Instead of trusting their own opinion about a person from a personal aspect, they choose to be gullible and believe everything they hear. With college education we find out how crucial personal research is and with all these comments I know no one has even tried. This whole thing is a waste of time and energy. Honestly it does not affect me because I actually feel sorry for them. For some reason they think I know you, I guess because I am black( just like we all look alike, we all know each other<this is a knee slapper). I was just commenting on ignorance, such a sad, sad, sad, small town.

      1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Be fed correction!!!!!!!!!typing to fast.

  11. wayne says:

    I assume he may be light skin, light brown,dark brown, brown with a red tint to it and the list goes on… but I bet brad is either pale white or Orange from a bad tan lol

    1. wayne says:

      Uncle Thomas one the Obama did put a halt on the downward spiral this country was doing. I mean for some its no better but it Damn sure isn’t any worse . Leave it to bush and we all would have been gonners

  12. I love this city says:

    What language is this?

    1. Ryan says:

      The language of someone who is uneducated.

  13. Not surprised says:

    I,m taking up a collection for Javon’s education on here.. Please help, Javon is in great need. He has no idea what a period or comma are.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Well, if we are checking grammar, you should have put an apostrophe in between the I and M at the beginning of your sentence. The correct ending to your sentence is, is ” He has no idea what a period or comma are”.Two singular subjects connected by or or nor require a singular verb, please don’t be surprised that this information came from a black woman. FYI my minor in college was English.

    2. javon says:

      your worthless! your filthy mother should have swallowed you.

  14. Javon is the problem says:

    Javon, you must be excited. It is almost the first of the month…

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      You must be white because you are racist.

      1. I love this city says:

        You’re right. Ignorance is contagious because you certainly have it.

      2. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Thank you for the compliment, however, your opinion matters to me just as much as you do( read between the lines). I made a comment to show the person how ignorant and irrelevant their comment is. Although, you did not see through it(because you lack common sense), you are yet another person of ignorance on this page. You did not add or subtract anything from the conversation and obviously have nothing to say. Have a nice night, here we go Steelers. Oh and thank the black coach for your third super bowl practically 3 seasons in a row…(How about those apples). You are right ignorance is contagious you came to the page and became as ignorant as the rest!!!!!!!

      3. sscop says:

        No such thing as a raciest black person….idiot

  15. Proud to be white says:

    If all of us white dogs go back to Europe, then there will be no one left to work and pay taxes.That means the welfare system would be wiped-out. How would you get your free money, free car, free heat, free electricity, free housing, free food, free medical care, and have 13 kids to 13 different women, that you won’t stay around to father?

    1. Dee says:

      What’s free? I pay 1800 in bills each month for these things that you clain are free.

    2. Tony says:

      Then they just print the money dumb ass…. Your taxes dont go to welfare or any government programs… Your taxes go to the interest payments on all the money thst this country owes to all the debt holders like China… Do your research idiot…

  16. Spit says:

    You’re an idiot. There must be a sub-GED program that can send you in the right direction.

  17. Thomas J Duttine says:

    I almost peed myself with this one!

    1. Ace Slick says:

      The more chanting and bone rattling and spear chucking that goes on here, the better the chance for rain tonight!!

  18. Javon is the problem says:

    I thaught this violence in Homewwod stopped. I mean it has been over a week since the last murder there…. When is the next peace march?

  19. Brad says:

    Javon is obviously no smart enough to come up with this stupidity on his own.. Which means, there is someone feeding him this nonsense. Scary that there is more than one of him out there huh?

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I am astounded that there are more people with stupidity that you have displayed on this page and in Pittsburgh. As I said before, small town=small mind. Your not as educated as you would like everyone believe and your cheerleaders are just as dumb for rooting for ignorance. GGGGOOOOOO DUMB ASS

    2. javon says:

      brad i bet your a paint sniffing heroin attack….your whole family are nothing but junkies you filthy dog you!!

  20. Dee says:

    That’s funny I live in the city, my children have professional level employment, two have their children enrolled in private schools. My children and grandchildren listen to classical and jazz just as much as other music. They experience going to all of the cultural events that are appropriate for children. No excuse, I saved up and exposed my sons to this even while I was on welfare.

  21. Get a JOB ya BUM says:

    Javon is probably the kind of person who sits in his subsidized housing all day, drinking a 40 ounce brew, smokin weed, playing PS3, interupted occasionally by the pesky calls on his dope phone. Damn, I gotta go out and sell some crack and/or heroin real quick. Later he will call and order some food which he will pay with from his social security check he receives from the government, even though he is only 20 years of age, because he was diagnosed as having a learning disorder (We call is lazy or stupid). Or maybe because he was shot and he claims to be physically disabled, even though he can leap from a vehicle while fleeing the police and run faster than Willie Parker. All while holding up his pants and keeping his Ruger 9mm from falling out of his baggie pants.
    You got skills son…….One day this will all end.

    1. kkk says:

      we’re the only one buyingt it

    2. javon says:

      your right !!! me and your mother does this on a regular you white piece of trash!!

    3. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Lol, you said the same thing to my post. That is all you can welfare, lazy, and drugs. Answer these questions since you like to comment on mine. Are there white people on welfare? Are there lazy white people? Do white people do drugs? Do white people not drink? So what point has your comment made. If you do not know these people personally, how do you know the child does not have a learning disorder. You would be surprised at how many white people come down there to buy those drugs. It may be one of your family members blowing up his dope phone for a hit. How do you think those young drug dealers can get luxury cars you can’t afford? It is not off a person that does not work everyday. Just because a professional does not allow the addiction to take over their lives does not mean they are not doing the drug. It is your people that come and buy the drugs from them, and keep the market open. If they depended on the crackheads in the neighborhood, they would be flat broke. Are you an angry customer of a drug dealer, because you have some ill feelings toward them. I would like to know how they affect your life. Tax dollars pay city workers, not only welfare and SSI. Your mind is so closed, you can’t see the broad aspect of things because you can only square in on one thing at a time because you mentally are only able to think inside of a box- Analogy- Pittsburgh is the box you can’t think outside of. Oh and if you want to use slang, black people in New York use “son”, sounds life more stereotypes to me(one black person does something we all do) The boxy way of thinking, I love it, it is as awesome as you are!!!!!!!

      1. KaraJSteelers says:

        Ignoranceiscontagious is the only person on this blog that makes any sense and knows exactly what she is talking about. Come on people it is 2011, can we think outside the box for a minute. This is a shame and pathetic the way people can criticize each other solely based on race. Focus on yourself and I’m pretty sure that you have more things going on in your life than worrying about what Javon is doing and how he makes his living. I am a white woman from the outskirts of Pittsburgh and there are just as many white people that arent doing anything productive with their lives as black folks. Lets remember that this started because of a man losing his life but just because this happened in a predominately black part of the city automatically this person had to be a drug dealer or live off of welfare in subsidized housing….. Really? This is a horrible way of thinking. I bet some people dont understand that white people receive all the same free benefits that black people do. I dont want my bi-racial daughter to grow up around such a negetive way of thinking. It is just totally upsetting that we live in such a racist city.

  22. Melissa says:

    Thank god you people are not the voice of Pittsburgh. This comments are filled with nothing but ignorance and hate. I am so proud to be able to say that I am not from this city. No matter how long I live here I will never get comfortable with the racism here. You have voiced your hatred and stereotypes and allowed everyone to see how small your minds are. Crimes are committed by all races and white men and women DO NOT make up the police force. I think about the police men who lost their lives a few years ago protecting the Stanton Heights area. I wonder if they would be proud of the people of Pittsburgh after reading this.

  23. WDFENS21 says:


    🙂 HA, HA!!!!


    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:


  24. MLK says:


  25. Mayor Stupidstal says:

    This is a ISOLATED incident….

    1. GrammarPolice says:

      It would be “an isolated.” Use “an” instead of “a” when it is coming before a word starting with a vowel. Please people, learn how to speak and type. It doesn’t give me much hope for society when grammar and spelling are THIS BAD. The Pittsburgh accent is bad enough, at least spell it right.

  26. johnny69 says:

    Bad guys killing bad guys

  27. CitizenX says:

    Actually two males DOA. Another transported to UPMC.

  28. Ace Slick says:

    Wow! If the chanting and spear chucking doesn’t stop on this one, I think it’s going to rain tonight!! Uga-Buga.

  29. ignoranceiscontagious says:

    To the person who sent me a message saying that federal tax dollars do not pay for anything in Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania is a commonwealth state, please educate yourself on what a commonwealth state is. Puerto Rico which is a country is a commonwealth and my federal tax dollars pays for the things there, so, why is Pennsylvania not receiving my federal tax dollars. Please do your research before you comment.

  30. Not surprised says:

    Coach Tomlin lives in Squirlle Hill, a good neighborhood. I wonder why he does not live in Homewood? Maybe because he wants nothing to do with that terrible, drug infested place. Ignoranceiscontagious, can you please tell us again how educated you are? You did not mention it enough on here today. What hospital do you work in? I want to tell all your patients how racist you are. Funny I did not mention race on this site one time. I stated “Community” and “Culture”. You are the true racist.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I work at Emory Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. You need to read the other comments, ” You people are all on welfare, in gangs and do drugs. Why haven’t you corrected anything they had to say. No , you attack me because I chose to defend myself because ignorant people, such as yourself, chose to put all black people in the same category. Why am I wrong for defending peoples ignorance towards my race? I am a racist, I hate ignorant white people(not all white people) just the ignorant one. All these people made hideous comments towards a man they knew nothing about. I know the person that was killed, and know the person he was. Who are any of you to judge a mans character because of where he comes from? I am sure Tomlin lives in Squirrel hill and even if I lived in Pittsburgh I would not live there. However, when I visit that area I am active with the children and try to get them to take pride in their neighborhood instead of judging them. You all have cold hearts, why does it matter if people are on welfare if children are being fed. Everyone won’t be fortunate enough to get out of there. I don’t agree with how people live there but I won’t judge them as all of you have. FYI Culture-The set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group. Just because you did not say black people the message was subliminal. This incident did not happen in Homewood, it was Larimer, so what was your point in mentioning “Homewood”. You are an ignorant racist, and should take a long look in the mirror and see where that hate really stems from. Your hatred is uncanny, regardless of the drug infestations and all that you have to say, those people are still human and have feelings. I am educated and have no problem letting anyone know. Hint: “I wonder why he does not live in Homewood” is not a question and does not require a question mark. You having an internet feud with me is senseless. I am 24 years old, I wonder how old you are because you are childish and should really grow up.

  31. Javon is the problem says:

    ignoranceiscontagious. Can you please roll over in your bed and tell Javon good night for me. Nevermind. He has to get up early for work tommorow…. LOL

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I actually live in Georgia and don’t know Javon. However, your comment was not funny, maybe to your counterparts(but it did not amuse me). I live in Atlanta and I am sure he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I only came to this article because I know the deceased. I was shocked at the ignorance displayed on this page and commented. Now what? All black people know each other too. Did you read any of the post. I DO NOT LIVE IN PITTSURGH you imbecile. I am doing homework and have to dumb down and get on your level. Your ignorance is like a bad movie; never ending. Please SHUT UP, you have nothing to say.

    2. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I know you all are depressed. If I had to wake up to that dirty, dead end city, I would be miserable too. I hope your bashing has cheered you all up and will help you have a productive work week. Now that all of your self-esteem is boosted, make sure to go above and beyond at work this week(as you did on this page). Me on the other hand gets to wake up and see the beautiful downtown Atlanta. Go to class at Emory while the hospital I work for pays for everything(while I still make 32 dollars a hour). I will continue to invest my time and money into making money. While you guys come on here to try to feel better about the lives you created for yourselves. I will just look at my bank account and my stocks and become ecstatic. 24 and living the good life and I acquired it all with my hard work. If you would like to know what kind of family I come from go to Detroit Medical Hospital and see who the CHIEF SURGEON is, that is my aunt and she is well over a millionaire. She also owns a clinic called MOMMY and Me in Farmington Hills, Michigan. OMG, she is a black woman. You are all low lives with nothing better to do. R.I.P my friend, though ignorance has been displayed on your behalf, the true reason I came to this page is to let you know that you are gone but will not be forgotten. I wish I could make it to the funeral but my schedule is hectic. R.I.P Jorman Wright. My condolences goes out to your family and I pray that your mother makes it through this, I know how much she loved her children. I knew your heart and who you were, let God fight the battle with the demons on this page.

  32. ignoranceiscontagious says:

    You should just keep your comments to yourself. There is enough negativity on this page, now we have white women(who are suppose to be so kind) being just as negative and ignorant as the men. I’m sure Indians feel like whites destroyed America. Where is the guy anxious for punctuation? Lauren forgot the period at the end of her sentence. Let’s put a collection plate out for her education. You all are mental, Pittsburgh is the dirtiest city. I am happy I moved down south away from the true racist in Pittsburgh.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Mercer University in Macon Georgia , I received my BSN May of 2008. I will receive my Master in Anesthetics next year. I attend Emory University in Atlanta and work for the hospital as well(that is why I receive free tuition). I decided to go into a field of nursing that is rare and am being greatly compensated for it. I got out of that dead end town that you will never escape. I doubt your mind set will make it out in this world. I speak fluent Spanish because it is mandatory in Georgia. How did you come to the assumption that I attended community college? Oh, I forgot, because I am black(CLASSIC). I love it. I am happy to meet a new friend online, don’t hesitate to throw up if you feel full. LMAO

  33. FixPGH says:

    Javon, your comments are unresearched.


    Why is this even on the news? SHOCKER another shooting in the Larmier/Homewood area.

    And this is how Javon does his “police his own”, keep up the good job

  35. Whatidobestisbeing Kellee Gray says:

    its sad to see that the residents in this city still exhibit racist thoughts mannerism and actions its 2011 the world is able to view this thread is this what pittsburgh is about race, and your class this story isnt about any of y’all but it is about someones brother lover son farther friend kids football coach that was tied into this tragedy its very selfish of you all to act in such a ignorant manner. excuse my grammer i see thats a focus here too but im disapointed in everyone on here These neighborhoods are deprived because there is nothing coming into the community not even a tree to plant its crazy because news to you is a dog left hungry in house

  36. lauren d cosgrove says:

    Typical black woman comments.

    1. javon says:

      lauren your a coward talking behind a computer…..why dont you come to homewwod and state your opinion about black???

      1. lauren d cosgrove says:

        I will Javon. What is your adress you hood rat?

  37. Whatidobestisbeing Kellee Gray says:

    I WANT my CITY BACK I my WANT CITY u cant turn back the hands of time but u can make a difference in the future. We should take this time and create ways to cure the virus that festers in neighborhoods like this. lets start by more cops on patrol in the high crime area

    1. BETTER IDEA says:

      More cops in a high crime area! Thats a great idea……so the more good cops get suspended for doing their jobs and getting guns of the street. Keep cops in good neighborhoods and keep the high crime out.

      According to TIPS: Cops don’t PREVENT CRIME !!!

  38. ignoranceiscontagious, diary of a mad black woman says:

    I wonder how many more qualified white people got past over for ignoranceiscontagious current position at Mercer University in Macon Georgia…. She is a walking pie chart….

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Awww how cute, thank you!!!!!!!You are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The thing about ignorant people, they are to dumb to realize this is a battle you can not win. I am happy with my life, how about you? I am actually a very happy black woman;contrary to popular belief. I am well over qualified for my job, this is why I am payed 32 dollars a hour instead of the normal 22. I speak fluent Spanish(speak and write/ learned Spanish before college). I graduated from a school in Mableton, Georgia Pebblebrook High School. My high school was very diverse, that is why I take nothing you or anyone else has to say on here seriously. I know not all people are like you or the others. Small towns creates small minds( no wonder no major companies will come there, all the possible liabilities on this page); People like you brings companies lawsuits. Whatever issue you have with yourself, please solve them fast so you can bring less negativity to the world. Psychologically, I can read through all of the low self-esteem. I truly feel sorry for you because your perception on here shows me how you perceive the world around you. To put closed minds on display and do it proudly; who is being logical on this page? The sad part is, I live in Georgia and have seen more racism on this page than I have seen my 16 years in Georgia( who would have though Northern states were actually worse) Maybe, because Pittsburgh is a small town where people are born, raised and die in Pittsburgh. Although, racism is alive in well in the South, there are places that are diverse and don’t mind living together. However, thank you for all the motivation you will give the children that I work with. I will print this page and show them what White society thinks of them(at least the closed minded ones). I thank all of you for your words of encouragement and wish you all the best.

  39. How typical says:


  40. Not surprised says:

    ignoranceiscontagious, lets get together.. We can get married and have a child.. I want to make Javon the Godfather… You okay with that?

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I don’t know Javon, so I would not make him my child’s godfather. However, thanks for the offer.

    2. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      To be honest, this is very sad to see on this page. I use to love to call Pittsburgh my home, but know I am ashamed because the fact of the matter is the majority(Caucasians) do not like me or want me there. I am a kind person that will hep anyone regardless of color. I am a nurse because I love to see people happy and enjoy cheering them up and bad situations. I go to work and put all my problems to the side and focus on other and their problems. I agree that there are many killings in that area and all are senseless. The thing many of you don’t realize is they are stuck in a cycle and if no one ever tells them there is more out there they will think the way they are living is normal(It is not an excuse but it is the truth. Also, when you have people constantly telling them they are nothing they will believe it. Those are tough neighborhoods and lifestyles to get out of. All of those people were once children who knew nothing around them but what they were taught. I was fortunate enough to have both of my parents, which were college graduates and worked hard(they were my example for what life consist of). Just as all of you have viewed black people in those neighborhoods, they probably view their race the same way and don’t feel there is anyway to make it out because they have not seen anyone do it. All I can do honestly is accept everyone’s opinion and move on from this. Now when I visit Pittsburgh I will wonder how I am being viewed because I choose not to stay at a hotel downtown but at my grandmothers in Larimer,(she actually live on the exact street where the shooting happened) she has owned(also the lot next to her house, which she has made a driveway) that house since I was a little girl and chose not to leave just because of the crime around her. She will allow anyone who does not have a home, mother, father, food and etc into her home. Everyone in that neighborhood knows her because of her kind heart, so is she summed up with all those people everyone bad mouthed on this site. She worked as a nurse until she retired and still kept a small part time job after her retirement. She has not been on welfare;ever. I don’t think no one though logical with any of these comments. Regardless of how many people are murdered in that area, where is the respect for human life? Why would I not think the people who made these comments are heartless individuals? That deceased person was a childhood friend, that was sad to see ” Why is this news?, this is not a shocker, next.” I truly hope all of you live full and happy lives regardless of your views of me or others. That is for you to live with and not me to change. I am in the career of building people up and not tearing them down. Best wishes to all and I hope everyone see’s how petty and childish this is.

  41. Yeah says:

    You tell em. White people suck who needs them!

  42. You are right as always says:

    Thats so funny… I guess the white quarterback had absolutely nothing to do with it!!! Again typical, if you say what you want is okay but when I say what I think I’m a racist what a joke!!!

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Who makes the plays for the quarter back. Yes he makes spare of the moment decisions but he does not create the plays. So your point is invalid, you still came to be negative after I tried to make my peace with the situation. No wonder you guys lack visitors besides for sports games. You all are miserable and have nothing better to do with your lives. I sure there are many hobbies in that town, please find one. Let it go, you can’t convince me that there is an educated mind on this site.

    2. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      You are a typical white person from Pittsburgh but I am not a typical black person from Pittsburgh just like you hate them, they hate you. I have no issues with anyone and I feel everyone has a right to their opinion and just like you freely sated yours I will state mine. Look at all my post, I said nothing racist, my point of saying the black coach is because everyone on here has put all black people in the same category. If I came on here and said everything negative about your race would you defend it;yes. I have no room to be racist in my profession, no matter what color the patient I will actively monitor them during surgery. I just feel so bad for the people in Pittsburgh, you all think the way you live is normal. The crazy thing is my white friends saw these post and would not want to be affiliated with any of you, all they said ” I am happy I did not grow up in a small town”. Your ignorance shows to your own people, tisk, tisk, tisk.

  43. atlanta is great says:

    Now for your great city of Atlanta, the city founded by blacks, populated by blacks, maintained by blacks, the “black Hollywood” as you referred to it. According to neighborhoodscout.com Atlanta is the 43 most violent city in the US to live in. Doesn’t sound bad right? Pittsburgh isn’t even in the top 100. Your chances of being a criminal in Atlanta are 1 out of 52, in Pittsburgh 1 out of 89. I think I’ll stay here, but thanks for inviting me down.

    You see you can try to twist it anyway you want the bottom line is this. You are always going to blame the whites for keeping your race down and making it so they have nothing to strive for when the truth of the matter is that it is you. You said yourself that you moved on and got a job and were never on welfare. If I were you, thank god I’m not, I would be insulted every time a black man said that he couldn’t achieve success because he was black. To me that is simply a cop out.

    One more thing before I conclude class for the evening. Let’s look at black on black crime. I know that you believe there is a crazed group of white people responsible for all the killing going in Homewood and the surrounding neighborhoods, however; in actually:

    The statistics tell a tragic story. According to federal crime figures, homicide is the leading cause of death among African-American males aged 15 to 34. They also indicate that between 1976 and 2004, 94 percent of black murder victims were killed by black offenders. (This is not by me this is actually by a black website trying to stop black on black crime)

    Class is over

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I don’t blame whites for keeping the race down, I blame the people who don’t have motivation. I would greatly appreciate if you don’t put words in my mouth. Why would I feel like whites keep blacks down? I am successful, and since you like to do your research see how many black men graduate from Morehouse college in Atlanta, see how many black male doctors come from Morehouse Medical college(Morehouse is an all male black college). How well did you do with statistics in Algebra, because Atlanta is a bigger city than Pittsburgh(this may be why there is more crime because there are more people) Atlanta is also the home to Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Clark Atlanta, Spellman College, Morehouse Collee, and Emory University. It is a known fact that crime is higher in area’s where colleges are located. Robbery is considered a violent crime;correct. Do you think that may be the reason violent crimes are so high? Yeah, you did not complete your research. Not only does colleges bring people from different states but also different backgrounds, so which means not all crimes in Atlanta are by the natives. Atlanta population is 3,813,700 compared to Pittsburgh 311,647, so tell me if you did this mathematically Pittsburgh would be higher. Also, did I or did I not say I don’t agree with the life people choose to live up there, but who am I to judge anyone. I am happy with my life so I don’t worry about others unless the ask it of me. Why is it your goal to make sure to tear black people down? You don’t think we know those same statistics. You can look up the owner of Whiskey Pete Transport, he is a family friend(black) a self made millionaire. Also while you are doing research on Atlanta look up the black architect, that constructed the majority of buildings in downtown Atlanta. The thing is you went to go and search for everything negative about a race. You look for negativity, what does that say about you as an individual. Also while you look up Atlanta look at how much money is brought into the city compared to Pittsburgh. Your ignorance has bleed on this page, your a coward for hiding behind a computer screen. None of these people would say this to any black man or woman’s face, all this is because they do not have the courage to say it to any of those people themselves, We all should let them vent this is the only way they can say negative things about black people. Do you all really need attention because your parents did not give it to you as a child(this is a cry for attention and approval from your peers). To all else that don’t like to feed into ignorance: in my post above I tried to make peace with the situation and people still came to me to be negative(so who were suppose to be the negative race) None of you are representing the world just Pittsburgh. FYI, these updates come to my phone, so I will continue to respond anytime anyone feels the need to attack my words. My class has just ended and my facts are valid, on to work to save lives

      1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

        Yes and the reason you will stay in Pittsburgh because let me guess, you like the small town feel. Atlanta as a city would eat your small town mind up, that is why Atlanta is also the city considered ” The city that is to busy to hate” because we are out here making money. All money is green regardless of how you feel about my race, you think a white man won’t do business with a black man and miss out on money no. So the irrelevance that you have spewed has actually made you look dumb. I live in this city( actually downtown), why am I surpassing violent crimes. An unintelligent individual will talk about something they thing they know, an intelligent person will know there facts and state them with confidence. Did you attend a college because that was the most important part about research is state your fact, find out the information on it, see who opposes it and how to defend it against anyone who chooses to go against your work. I tore all of what you said to shreds. Your education level shows still on Kindergarten with the rest, grow up and stop name calling. God I hope none of these people are over.

  44. LA Market Yo! says:

    Just another drug dealing thug dead, along with two arrests. Keep killing each other, you guys are the best! Now go get your RIP Tats!

  45. Whatidobestisbeing Kellee Gray says:

    fyi the money that finances the drug dealers in these neighborhoods comes from high class white people that will even trick they car for the dope

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Thank you, that is my point exactly. Allowing these young drug dealers with no license take their car from some drugs. I am giving up after today because there is honestly no way to get into a closed mind. Let them see what they see from their side of the fence, I did not see any comments under the three white kids that were arrested for brutally attacking an old woman while trying to rob her. They just need something to do because their lives are empty.

  46. Samantha Klingensmith says:

    The plot thickens! I also wondered about ignoranceiscontagious…guess she is the ignorant one here! Also what a surprise another drug dealer killed and IGNORANT people defending them. This is so old.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I was not defending anyone, the fact of the matter is people came on this page to tear down African-American people. I am standing up to the people that choose to put all us in the same category. You did not read all of my post and you are just coming in on something you know nothing about. Ignorant is lack of knowledge, and since knowledge is what I don’t lack it does not apply to me. I did not put the whole white race into one category based off local neighborhoods. That is prejudice which equals ignorance. You came directly to the page and added more ignorance as well. You are just another Pittsburgh native in a box and your opinion matter to you and others like you, however, it does not matter to me. You can keep your comments to yourself, you don’t know me to make preconceived notions about me. Please move on with it because this is really sad.

  47. Samantha Klingensmith says:

    Defending drug dealers…whos IGNORANT now? This is just as i suspected also.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      Tell me where I defended a drug dealer. I defended my race, your people need to stop putting us on the same category. I worked to hard to be called lazy. If everyone feels this way about this guy, why did you come to the page? Oh, to spew negativity about black people. When did you become God? Do you even believe in God? Why do you feel you need to judge others? Do you need to put others down to build yourself up? Where is your respect for the human race? I am not ashamed that I know these people and I will continue to hang out with them when I come in town regardless of what any of you have to say about it. I like that those young girls look up to me and may want more out of life. Women are known to build people up not tear them down. What man has caused you to be so miserable? You should find out where the root of your hate comes from because it is unhealthy.

  48. Samantha Klingensmith says:

    I figured as much. The ignorant defending the drug dealers.

  49. Zone 5 VET says:

    Jorman Wright was not only a drug dealer, he was a violent drug dealer. Jorman was involved in many shootings and more than likely responsible for several murders. And anybody who knew him personally cannot honestly refute this information. So anyone who espouses that he was a decent guy is simply blinded by friendship or another factor for which I won’t speculate. Nevertheless, he was not a good person. I knew him and did not wish him any ill will, but when you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

    1. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      While, I visited Pittsburgh for the summers he looked out for me a lot. I don’t know what he did the other months I was not there. The fact of the matter it is still a human life lost.

    2. ignoranceiscontagious says:

      I know you are a Police officer, because that information would not be known to the public. I hope you are not one of those dirty cops that does business with the local drug dealers. If I had a cold heart and did not consider peoples family, I would have told on all the dirty cops that I have seen do business with those drug dealers.

    3. Deborah Wood says:

      I am the Aunt of Jorman Wright. Whether he was a drug dealer or not he didn’t deserve to be gunned down in cold blood. None of us are perfect we all make mistakes. Maybe you didn’t kill anyone, but do you lie, cheat, steal, commit fornication? In God’s eyes sin is sin and you have no right to judge anyone since your name is not GOD. You let the individuals that murdered my Nephew back out on the streets and not only have they tried to kill again, but they are bragging about killing my Nephew on their facebook page. The reason problems like this still exists is because we have closed our eyes to the truth about what our streets have become. As long as we are all alright we don’t care about what happens to anyone else. I started a foundation in my Nephew’s name: Jorman Frank Wright City of Hope Foundation, donations can be made at any Citizen’s bank. Donations will be used to get young men involved in gangs off the streets. If you can’t donate then at least please pray that the work God has designated me to do involving gangs will be successful.

  50. Richard says:

    Natural selection at work. Color doesn’t matter much, dead is dead regardless.

  51. Barbara says:

    “all we are saying, is give peace a chance…”


    “All we are saying, is give peace a chance…”

  53. strongblkwn says:

    life has always been what it is. It’s what you make of it. good or bad, rich or poor. Im rich with a family who love me. I’v never been in jail or on welfare. i’v worked since the law allowed me to. my children are professionals with degrees of thier own. no one made you do anything except you. we are our worst enemy.

  54. Weewee says:

    My friend got killed… His kids lost there father… My friend lost her help… His mom n dad lost there son… So all this bull y’all talking means nothing! Let him rest in peace… Because lord knows none of y’all would dare say anything if he was here…just like that

  55. There are certainly numerous particulars like that to take into consideration. That could be a great point to deliver up. I provide the thoughts above as general inspiration however clearly there are questions just like the one you deliver up the place the most important thing can be working in sincere good faith. I don?t know if finest practices have emerged around things like that, however I am sure that your job is clearly recognized as a fair game. Both girls and boys really feel the impact of just a moment’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

  56. mom says:

    pittsburgh is racist

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