Football Fever Sweeps Across Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There was no shortage of Steelers spirit in Pittsburgh Sunday night.

Fans gathered everywhere – inside, outside, at home, in bars to see the Steelers beat the New York Jets.

There were plenty of black and gold clad fans crowded into bars on Pittsburgh’s South Side, while bars over the North Shore were packed too.

Fans also braved the cold temperatures earlier in the day for some tailgating outside of Heinz Field.

“I am cold. I have a lot of layers,” one Steelers fan said. “If the Steelers win, I’ll be warmer.”

Despite the bitter temperatures, the Steelers Nation was, of course, hopeful and confident.

“We’re gonna win; no questions asked!” said a fan who was bundled up but still managed to put black and gold stockings on her legs. “Go Steelers!”

“History, history is what we hang our hat on; tradition, we got this,” said another fan. “Stairway to seven!”

While the crowd was mostly black and gold, there was some green and white-clad fans tailgating as well. One Jets fan said he was finding Steelers Nation very kind.

“Very hospitable, I’m not going to lie. They’ve been wonderful; we’ve had some steaks and some ribs,” he said. “It’s a wonderful place to be.”

Over on the South Side, Cupka’s Café II was packed with Steelers fans, all with their Terrible Towels, but one Jets fan found his way into the mix.

“I come to the bar and root for the Steelers every other week; so, I figured I can root for the Jets this week,” the lonely Jets fan said.


One Comment

  1. BB says:

    I hope the Steelers lose. Not because I care either way, but because I don’t want this crammed down my throat 2 more weeks. Because I want to hear other news, watch other programs, etc. & not have to be subjected to this day in & out by the media, when i couldn’t give a flying leap. Some people in this area really do have other things in life they care more about. Pay attention to that too.

    1. buster says:

      man BB are you out of touch about what this town is all about. Its not just a game!! This team represents what this town is about more than any other single item the hard work pain and pure winning spirit are the heart of our town and our team….either get used to it or move before you get too depressed by our spirit…God bless you and our Steelers and our great city!!!

    2. Anvil says:

      BB – Is this Bill Belichick?

      I hope the next 2 weeks are completely aggravating for you, because they will be the best 2 weeks for millions of others, myself included.


    3. Steelers Nation says:

      The passion of the Steelers Nation it a beautiful thing and it brings people alive… gives them something to smile about… Just because we want to bask in the glory of our team doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to the world around us… recognize the happiness it brings people… Maybe try going somewhere the game is playing and watch all the hugs and high fives and hope the games and especially the wins create.

    4. Ann Semes Lynch says:

      Can it BB – you will have to listen to it for YEARS TO COME!

    5. Steelers for life says:

      BB Move

    6. Sinclair says:

      Then why are you writing here moron?

  2. D says:

    Ohh so youd rather hear about how many people got shot overnight in the burgh cause thats about the only other news i ever see about Pittsburgh that and how long of a drive across the 31st St bridge there is

  3. laurac68 says:

    I’m a native Virginian (Parents are both from PA) and I’m psyched for Pittsburgh!!!! GO STEELERS!!!!!!! GIVE EM HELL!!!!

  4. Steeler Girl says:

    Loves the Steelers and can’t wait till Super Bowl



  6. Better Things says:

    You’re right BB Who Cares? They don’t put food on my table. They don’t even know the fans exsist.

    1. DM3 says:

      Actually, the Steelers do much more for this area than you all give them credit for. Just think of all the money their successes generate for our economy. All the people employed simply due to the fact that we have the Steelers. The money we make from vending because of the Steelers. The funds generated for the handicapped through sales of the Terrible Towel BY the Steelers. What about the bars, pizza shops, grocery stores, restaurants, etc, etc, etc directly affected by the success of OUR TEAM? They do more for us than we can ever appreciate, even beyond the simple cultural impact. GO STEELERS!

    2. Steelers Nation says:

      Better Things… do you watch TV? do you enjoy sitting down with your family and laughing at an occasional sitcom or crying during a chick flick etc… those people don’t pay your bills either, so let us enjoy our team quit being a downer ….and saying players don’t know the fans don’t exist is like saying human beings don’t need to breathe… the players make it a point to thank their fans.. they know they wouldn’t have a job if we didn’t watch.

  7. EZ says:

    Pittsburgh is my hometown Born and raised in the Southside and I don’t care for sports or football. But Steeler Country it is (note not spelled Stiller, we can speak right and still be proud of Pgh.)

  8. NorthUnionRams says:

    Granted, everyone is entitled to their opinion whether or not they like sports or football. I don’t care much for ballet and, consequently, I don’t spend much time on ballet blogs. I guess my question to those who “don’t care about football or sports” is…what are you doing here? There’s no secret its a Steeler fan blog so….if you don’t like it or care, why are you here in the first place? We’re fans…our team won a big game…that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone but GB…:)

    1. New Bethleham says:

      Well said north union!

  9. David says:

    Hey, the Steelers (and Pittsburgh) have fans all over the country. I live in Myrtle Beach and let me tell you we’re just as proud of the Steelers here as in downtown Pittsburgh. I grew up in western Pennsylvania and have many PA & Pittsburgh relatives here. Never forget how great Pittsburgh and the Steeler Nation are, or how far we raise a toast to you!!!

  10. Lovin the 7th Time says:

    Hey BB- if you bothered to pay attention to watch the game= the first recognition from Coach Tomlin and Rothlisberger= was to the FANS…sure- we don’t get any monetary bonus like they do- but we aren’t out there getting our butts kicked around every week either…like it was said- why would you bother wasting your time on a blog like this to begin with. Go take care of your life!
    GO STEELERS! bring our city another reason for celebration! Love ya Black and Gold!

  11. Michele says:

    TO BB:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS!! Would you rather hear on the news about how bad our economy is and crime or how about more talk about snow.. You are complete ignorant to what this city is about and obviously you were not born and raised here and if you were.. THEN SHAME ON YOU! This team has contributed so much to this great city.

  12. cf says:

    David – It is always acknowleged here that we have fans in every part of the country! You are no less part of the Steeler Nation than those of us who live here. Here we go…

  13. Steelers 4 Ever Win or Lose says:

    Well put NorthUnionRams, don’t know why people think they should post a comment about something they care nothing about. I am a native of Pittsburgh and have lived in the every part of this country from Pittsburgh to the West Coast, trust me, there is no city that eats, sleeps and dreams football like Pittsburgh. Moreover, the Steelers play the game as it should be played, for the fans, and for each other, there is no I in team and the Steelers personify that…it is because of this that they do not have to resort to ‘dirty’ tricks that other ‘professional’ football teams have done. Most recently, the Jets, remember one of their coaches tripping the Miami Dolphin as he ran up the sideline? The Patriots? The Colts? Enough said. It truly is a Steeler Nation, greater than ever and we have Coach Tomlin to thank for that, he is the leader of this nation.

  14. Georgette says:

    BB, you sound like a bitter person.

  15. Ali says:

    Dear BB



  16. Sunny Overland says:

    BB …Must be a deep throat to cram a team as big as the Steelers down it..They are much bigger than a sports team , As an X banker and now bartender, what they do for Pittsburgh and it’s economy is unprecidented. They represent a city of hard working class americans loyal to their country and team , If you don’t want it crammed down … move to Cleveland’s unlikely they will ever win the big one with US in the division!!!

  17. expittsburgh says:

    BB, if you hate the Steelers so much then why are you clicking on som many Steelers article? Let it go….

  18. Joan says:

    Anyway I look at it – IF MY MOTHER’S HAPPY, THEN I AM HAPPY! And its certainly WONDERFUL to be surrounded by happy county after county after county in Western PA & beyond. Brings all of us closer together – sharing a victory!
    Make love not war!

  19. DW says:

    Wonder what Jeff Reed’s thinking about now??
    Hey – – BB – – Take a hike – – you don’t belong….

    Go Steelers!!!

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