A Fan’s Trip To Dallas Won’t Come Cheap

SHALER (KDKA) – The Dallas, Texas area will be raking in the profits when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers roll into town for Super Bowl XLV.

There will be Terrible Towels and cheeseheads everywhere, as fans make the journey to Dallas.

However, if you don’t have tickets already, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

According to NFL.com, the most expensive tickets will cost over $17,000.

The cheapest are over $2,800 for upper-level endzone tickets.

The highest priced ticket to go on StubHub is going for $11,000, which is almost 10 times the face value of the ticket.

Face value seat prices for Super Bowl XLV start at $600 and top out at $1,200 for club seats.

There are some $350 standing room only tickets and $200 tickets to watch the game on big screens in the parking lot of Cowboys Stadium.

As for hotels, TouchdownHotels.com is listing a four-day, three-night package at the Hampton Inn with upper-level endzone seats for $3,900 per person. That price does not include airfare.

The Steelers will be staying at the Omni Hotel in downtown Fort Worth.

Hotel employees had to take a Super Bowl certification class where they learned how to interact with the media and how weather could affect their operations.

Some airlines are adding extra flights from Pittsburgh to the Dallas-Fort Worth area to help out fans.

Delta will be adding non-stop flights on Friday and Saturday before the Super Bowl. Southwest Airlines and US Airways are also adding flights to the area.

However, travel packages for the Super Bowl are going fast.

“There seems to be a lot of local interest in it, as you can imagine. It’s the place to be, the thing to be doing if you live in Texas coming up in a couple weeks. Early on, it looks like there’s quite a bit of pressure on availability and it could go pretty quickly,” Jim Lehman with AAA Travel said.

Fans shouldn’t fret if they can’t get a flight to Dallas-Fort Worth though. Texas has the most major airports of any state in the country, so be sure to check for flights to the surrounding area.

For fans that want to save a few bucks on their trip, campgrounds around the Dallas-Fort Worth area may be an option.

The Texas Association of Campground Owners launched a new website that will help those taking an RV to the game. The site shows all the campgrounds near Cowboys Stadium and other special event sites.

Locally, the official Reebok AFC Championship shirt began being printed with about a minute to play in the Steelers’ 24-19 win over the New York Jets.

The shirts are being printed by Greater Pittsburgh Specialty Advertising in Shaler.


One Comment

  1. Courtney says:

    Thats a lot of freaking money to blow on a football game.

  2. Joe says:

    $17,000 per ticket and we are in the recession? and 17% unemployment! What a fu ken joke! Us Americans deserve to take the back seat to the communist Chinese because of the sh t we blow our money on!

  3. Thomas J Duttine says:

    It sure is. You could spend it on your wife! But with the Super Bowl you would actually enjoy it!!!!!!

  4. Janice says:

    It’s so much cheaper to watch the game from my comfortable couch. How can the average person afford those prices?

  5. maggie says:

    Ridiculous. I love the Steelers, love to see them win, love to see the local economy grow but COME ON!! That’s so much money. When that stadium is empty I’ll believe we’re in a recession.

  6. Daniel says:

    A total waste of money in my opinion…as long as children are hungry in the country we should not be spending money like this.

  7. RoccoRisetti says:

    NFL = Greed. It’s as simple as that. This money grabbing organization should be donating THOUSANDS of seats to our vets, and not trying to rob the average working guy blind.

    1. Nittany Lion says:

      Does YOUR business donate thousands of dollars to the average working guy? I’d say likely not. So why should they? They’re a business just like anyone else. If you don’t like how they conduct business, then don’t support the NFL! That’s all on you. Anytime you watch a game on any network, buy fan merchandise, etc, you’re only inflating their revenue. You sound very jealous, just like many others one here.

  8. jeanne says:

    whats nice about watching the game on tv in your warm house is the bathroom is alot closer and there is never a line to use it

  9. Greg says:

    The ones that pay the $17000 won’t even watch the game. They will be in their suite have cheese and wine!

    1. Nittany Lion says:

      You sound envious?

      1. Greg says:

        Envious? Why pay that much too talk to people that are so stuck up you wouldn’t talk to them anywhere else?? Figures, your a Penn State Fan!

      2. Greg = Tool says:

        Greg must be a Pitt fan with grammar like that.

    2. HC1 says:

      Why will they eat cheese and wine while paying 17k for a seat and not even watch the game??? BECAUSE THEY CAN !

  10. RH says:

    Let’s remember one thing- The Super Bowl is in being played in ARLINGTON not Dallas!!!!!

    1. Maria says:

      I live in Dallas, but born & raised in Pittsburgh area….. there are alot of Steeler fans living here (not stuck up)…..get your facts straight …… we cannot wait
      to see all our home town fans coming to Dallas/Arlington,.they are close together

  11. hc says:

    Sure is lots of jealousy regarding how much it costs to go to the big game. It is simple supply and demand and that is what the US is built on. Stop whining about it. Unemployment isn’t 17%, it is 7%. Goodness. Relax, it is what it is. I will be here in Pittsburgh watching the game. Not worth that price to me, but I have no problem in someone else paying it. Why be jealous? If you want to go that bad, save up and GO.

    1. ryh100 says:

      Thanks for adding a little common sense to these blog comments!

    2. Berry says:

      It’s not about being jealous. It’s ridiculous. If your that stupid to pay that much, than it’s your own fault.

  12. expittsburgh says:

    Yep it’s expensive. Half tempting to go but (personally) not worth it. For those willing to ante up the $$$, have fun and root for the Black and Gold!!!

  13. Marguerite Edwards says:

    Unbelievable prices—I could never afford to go

  14. realdeal says:

    is jerry tryin to make his money back in 1 clip or wat??????????

  15. expittsburgh says:

    Just curious, but does anyknow know if it is all scalping? I recall that the NFL uses a lottery system for Super Bowl tickets and the lottery is usually the year before the game. So I’m guessing that all the tickets “for sale” right now are resellers (scalpers.) I don’t think the high cost is from the league/teams/etc.

    1. DCLARK says:

      A lot of tickets ARE season ticket holders that sell the SB tickets which in turn pays for the whole next season. I think theu all got an A in economics!

  16. Nittany Lion says:

    Who cares how mucht he tickets are! Sports is a major business. Please get with it and try to at least understand that concept. Like the other poster said, it all comes down to supply and demand. Good for all of the businesses that will benefit from this, and good for the fans who are going. If you want to go, either save up, or get a better occupation, etc.

    Also, the one poster was wrong about the unemployment rate. It’s far from 7%. It’s 8.5% or so in PA alone and 9.4% nationwide. That doesn’t include people who have fallen from collecting unemployment (99’ers), people who were never eligible for unemployment benefits, people who have quit looking, or the under employed. U-6 unemployment is currently about 17.5% in the USA.


  17. Snarf says:

    $200 to sit in the parking lot and watch the game on a big screen? How much more greedy can the NFL get? I’ll take my $200 and throw a Superbowl party at home with friends and watch it on my own big screen.

  18. Nick Manning says:

    Tickets, Hotel, Airfare and spending money a few thousand right there alone. Will watch on Tv.

  19. Danny says:

    What sort of fool would pay 200 bucks to watch a game out in a parking lot?

  20. TooFunny says:

    $200 to watch it outside? I paid $130 a ticket to be INSIDE Heinz field and watch the playoff games from 11 rows back! But, if someone wants to spend the money….

  21. bruceUSA says:

    With all the money being made with the teams in this city why are we still falling short on pension funds and such?? If you can afford to go to Dallas then you can afford more funds to the “city in trouble” !!!

  22. Jack Beiber says:


  23. Bobhasfun says:

    I bought my airline tickets at halftime for $500 R/T, Early bird gets the worm!! Also, have relative in Greenville, TX (no hotel fees) snd we have reservations for a pub/restaraunt…The same thing we did for Detroit and enjoyed it aalot!! GO STEELERS!!!

  24. PGHPA611 says:

    Pittsburgh money going to Dallas (lol) I don’t think so, my Super Bowl Money stays in Pittsburgh where it belongs being spent on friends and family enjoying The Greatest Team from The Greatest City… AND I will be dancing on the streets of Pittsburgh when The Steelers win NOT a Texas Street but A Pittsburgh Street surrounded by Pittsburghers……… Rooney Family should open Heinz Field for a sale out crowd to watch the Steelers Win 🙂

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