Accident Closes Westbound Lanes Of Turnpike

PINE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – An accident on the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed the westbound lanes near Pine Township for about an hour Monday morning.

According to Turnpike officials, the accident happened shortly after 7 a.m. when a tractor-trailer and a car collided.

There are reported injuries, but it is unknown how severe they are at this time.

The road has since reopened.

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One Comment

  1. FixPGH says:

    Why is there an accident on the Turnpike

    Be careful, people! Geez!

    1. Susan says:

      I totally understand driving the turnpike everyday. The roads are bad and very narrow for the big trucks. They cannot stay in the lanes easily. Its very dangerous. This is due to there construction.

      1. Schaeffmama says:

        The trucks don’t have a hard time traveling and staying in the lanes. Especially on the turnpike. Watch one cross the Oakmont bridge and you’ll get an idea of the actual room they need. It’s not what you’re thinking. Their biggest challenge is passenger vehicles driving too close, or staying along side the truck in their blind spots, or cutting immediately in front of them… I’m not a truck driver, but I’ve seen enough accidents involving them. Only rarely is it the stupidity of the truck driver.

  2. PATurnpike says:

    Actually an accident a day isn’t a lot when you consider the turnpike averages nearly 1/2 million people per day.

  3. Rob says:

    They need to fix the size of the road to better acccomodate large trucks.. soomething needs to be done asap

  4. ALEX says:


    1. FixPGH says:

      Why is it that you feel the need to type in all caps and ask a question completely unrelated to the topic? You have a problem, contact the Penna Turnpike yourself and ask them.

  5. rsq says:

    prpbably another idiot talking on a cell phone slo w down and pay attention

    1. Mudfire says:

      My mother is not an idiot! Nor was she talking on her cell phone!

    2. Mudfire says:

      Get all the facts before you type, and I’m not saying that just because she is my mother!

  6. Dangram says:

    I disagree competely that it is seldom the fault of the trucks. I travel the turnpike on a regular basis and if I am going 70….the trucks pass me like I am standing still. i have seen them ride the tail of a car blinking their lights because a car is not getting out of their way fast enough. They know they can scare most people in cars so drivers tend to cut over too quickly when they look in the mirror and a huge truck is right on their tail.

    1. FixPGH says:

      I take the turnpike to Ohio once in a while, and yes, those huge trucks are always passing me when I am already doing 70-75. If anything they should be going 5 under so that cars can pass them safely without having to speed up to 85 just to get around them.

  7. TurnPikeGuy says:

    The turnpike is under construction in the area of that accident. It is a death trap. Trucks are required to travel in the left hand lane, but some don’t heed that requirement. Cars that drive from speeds ranging from 40 to 70 mph in that area. Often times a truck will be in the left lane and a slow moving car will be in the right lane and all the traffic bunches up behind the two vehicles. The speed limit changes at different times of the day. Sometimes it’s 40 mph and sometimes it’s 55 mph. You’re often hemmed in by Jersey barriers on the left and the right with no shoulder to pull off on. There have been numerous accidents in this construction zone since it started. I believe there have been fatal accidents during this time. The truck involved was actually broken down and stopped in the right hand lane of the turnpike and there was no place for him to pull off the road.

  8. TpkTraveler says:

    I travel the turnpike twice a day, 5 days a week. I watch trucks that cannot stay in their own lane, that drive extremely too fast, cars that think going 80mph is acceptable and even officers that work at the station right before the butler exit speeding past in their own personal vehicles. I even had a rotor rooter truck fly up on my rear end & speed past me when i moved over & i was going 65mph. Trucks should have a slower speed limit than passenger vehicles. And to passenger vehicle drivers- if you wake up a little earlier you can actually get to work in time without driving like an idiot. Its an amazing concept- its called….. An alarm clock.

    1. TpkTravelerIsAnIdiot says:

      “And to passenger vehicle drivers- if you wake up a little earlier you can actually get to work in time without driving like an idiot. Its an amazing concept- its called….. An alarm clock.”

      Hey genius: some people drop their kids off at their school bus stop and proceed to drive to work after so it always isn’t as easy as that.

  9. Daivd says:

    I really feel that they need to do something about the turnpike. Traveling it everyday, its really bad in that section of the roadway. Very narrow and no where to go. I have seen trucks not stay in there lanes because they are too narrow. Its not the truck driver fault. Its just way to narrow for them. We pay alot to drive that roadway, they need to do something.

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