Fans Survive Tense Moments, Party After Steelers Win

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) – The fan frenzy across Pittsburgh started early Sunday and culminated in an AFC Championship for the Steelers.

Now, the Steelers are bound for Dallas after defeating the Jets 24-19 Sunday night. They’ll face the Green Bay Packers, who beat the Chicago Bears to take the NFC crown.

Fans furiously twirled their Terrible Towels in the chilly Heinz Field stands to create a blurry sea of black and yellow after their team beat the New York Jets to win the AFC title.

The Steelers are headed back to the Super Bowl for the third time in six years, but the celebration didn’t come without some tense moments.

The game was an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end for the more than 66,000 black and gold faithful inside the stadium and the millions of others watching from bars and at home.

“We’re gonna get this kick off, take it down, defense is going to stand tall,” said one fan at the outset of the game. “J-E-T-S – ‘Just Ending Their Season.’”

The confidence of Steelers Nation was nothing but bolstered as the black and gold took the ball and used most of the first quarter to go down field and score.

“The offense definitely set the tone for the game and we had to pound it in there to show them how we play Steeler football,” said another fan.

Then, suddenly, it was halftime with a commanding lead.

“A lot of time left, the Jets are a good club, but the Steelers are going to stay in there and fight back,” said one fan.

“We’re definitely going to beat them. Our defense is outstanding,” added another. “Everybody pitched in to help. It’s wonderful.”

But the Jets would not go away quietly and you could read the concern on the faces of the fans.

Ultimately, it came down to third-and-everything and Ben Roethlisberger delivered with a pass to Antonio Brown to seal the win.

“Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl,” said one fan in celebration.

“It’s awesome; Steelers are going to Dallas,” added another fan after the game.

The Steelers will be looking for their seventh Super Bowl title and will face the Packers on Feb. 6 in Dallas.


One Comment

  1. Steelers 4 Ever Win or Lose says:

    I agree with all of the fans sentiments, i.e. the whole article, however let me say that the officials did an outstanding job, I was most pleasantly surprised by this, making this game truly a joy to watch, as I had no doubt that the Steelers were going to win it, it was nice to watch them score without cringing and waiting for the flag to be thrown and then holding our breath to see if it went against us.

  2. B. Todaro says:

    I totaly agree with the Steeler fan above My biggest concern for this game was the officials. Good job. All seasion long I felt like someone wanted to make sure we didn’t make to the Super Bowl. My daughter said , don’t worry Mom, we’ll make on own. And that we did. Great going Steelers. Steeler fan for ever.

  3. B. Todaro says:

    B. Todaro back again. Forgot to mention something that always bugs me. Why does some broadcaster always have to say ” Dallas, America’s Team”? Obviously doesn’t get around too much. Everywhere you go there’s “SteelerNation”. Everywhere, even around the world. Ever go to a Steeler away game? From the noise in the crowd you’d think you were at a Steeler home game. Now I ask you. Who’s America’s Team?

  4. whatgoesaround says:

    it seemed like lynn hayes freeland was freakin annihalated!! haha… freakin awesome!!

    1. expittsburgh says:

      I completely agree! She looked out of it for sure! Can’t blame her for having fun…maybe it was a contact high!

  5. whatgoesaround says:

    Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl … Here We Go!!! Great game all around. Glad we held on. There was no way they were going to come into our house twice and win. When Gay picked up the fumble for a TD, that was an awesome moment! 🙂 Here we come Dallas!

  6. Scott says:

    Pittsburgh is proud of the Steelers and coach Tomlin.

  7. Donny says:

    Another plus for the Superbowl and the Steelers, we won’t have to hear that dip Phil Simms and and his first and “tin” or at the” tin” yard line. You’d think Mr. Jealous would lose the dialect especially since he hasn’t played the game siince the surrender at appomattox. He hates the Steelers and his jealoussy of Big Ben is so evidentr in his comments..

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