Thieves Steal Elderly Woman’s Credit Cards, Go Shopping

By David Highfield

SCOTT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police are looking for two women and two men whom they believe worked as a team to steal at least two women’s wallets and then go on shopping sprees.

Scott Township police say two men stole an elderly woman’s wallet out of her purse at the Panera Bread. One of them men asked if the woman would go into the ladies’ room to tell his daughter to come out. When she said yes, “He started to praise her, actually came up to her and gave her a hug,” said Sgt. Jeff Skees. “Couple seconds later, she realized that her wallet was missing from her purse. She’s sure the other gentleman unzipped her purse and took her wallet.”

Police say the men were seen getting into a white Mercury with two women and then went on a shopping spree. They allegedly bought more than $12,000 worth of merchandise from stores such as Best Buy, Office Depot, Home Depot, Walgreen’s and the Apple store at South Hills Village. They even allegedly bought more than $600 worth of champagne at the Wine and Spirits store. Police say they used her cards for two hours until they had been reported stolen.

Police in Scott say there was a similar incident believed to involve the same four people. A woman’s wallet was stolen out of her purse on the back of her chair at the Starbucks in Collier.

Sgt. Skees says store security video shows the women and the two men as well. Skees says the women were both wearing what appeared to be nurse’s smocks. If you recognize the suspects, call Scott Township police.


One Comment

  1. SwiftJustice says:

    Find them, and k!ll them.

  2. Kathleen says:

    I don’t think he was a “gentleman”

  3. Brian says:

    i don’t understand why stores don’t have better camera images, you would catch thieves much faster and easier.

  4. Mike says:

    Same Ol’ G

  5. Brother Rhaan Wilkes says:

    The photos are sketchy at best, the man looks definitely black, and the woman could be of any ethnicity. Oh well, it looks like the detectives are gonna have to hit the streets to get feelers on what’s being sold hot. Then again, they could be out of town skam artists.

    1. vsabinar says:

      Oh com on brother …what black man do you know wears a button up shirt with a t-shirt on any given day no matter what time of the day inless he is going it is a job requirement ? stick to the profile thats all I’m saying.

  6. 2059 says:

    When “helping” someone remember that “NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED”.
    Do like I do, tell them to get lost.

  7. Typical Steeler's Fans says:

    There just your typiclal Steeler’s going to buy Steeler’s merchandise.

    1. GloingForSeven says:

      So are you a sore Jets loser or a soon to be sore Packers loser?

    1. GetAClue says:

      You really have no clue was valuation is, do you?

      1. GetAClue says:

        _what_, not was

      2. pittsburgh Jamie says:

        -what- lol

  8. Jason says:

    Wow….who would’ve guessed they would be black?

    1. Jungle Runner says:

      I know. Typical blackies! can’t get a degree or job.

  9. Brother Rhaan Wilkes says:

    Oh well, “Uncle Ritz Cracker,” the chickens do come home to roost, don’t they? Whatsoever a man or a people sow, of the same shall they also reap.

  10. JT,Jr. says:

    What you talkin’ about?

  11. Morty Gonzalez says:

    Why not start by lifting figerprints from the rail she is holding onot in the video image? Feel free to use that little tid bit pittsburgh detectives.

  12. MsPittsburgh says:

    Nothing but thugs…..find them and prosecute to the fullest.

  13. Doug says:

    Big surprise they are black. That’s who does this stuff

  14. mammamia48 says:

    wow, I sure hope they catch the guy and girls who did this! Also, when I was 13 someone tried stealing my Mon’s purse. She held onto that thing like a football! You could actually hear the feet scuffling behind us….of him trying to get the purse and her hugging it to her ! Ladies hold onto your bags extra tight., or just carry your purse inside your winter coat. ( My older brother punched the guy in the face. Everyone involved was a teenagerexcept our mom )

  15. will g says:

    i didn’t know trailer trash like champagne. i don’t think it will take long to catch these idiots

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