Family Of Cheeseheads Living In Greensburg

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Rick and Kristi Steele live deep in the heart of Steelers country, but they are devoted cheeseheads.

Their home in Greensburg is filled with Green Bay memorabilia and both their kids, including 5-year-old Brett (named after Brett Favre), are Packer fans.

Kristi and Rick both grew up here, but Kristi says, “I’ve always like the Green Bay Packers as a little girl.”

Rick says once they were married, he was converted from a Steelers fan into a Packers fan after a trip to Lambeau Field.

As for their home, “I guess it’s our shrine, to some people it would be considered a museum,” Rick says. They have everything from autographed footballs and jerseys to old turnstiles.

Although both say they’re enduring some teasing lately for their Green Bay allegiance, Kristi says, “There’s nothing like being a cheesehead!”

  • CJ

    Good for them. God bless them!

    • give me a break!

      Wait they were born here? They went to Lambeau Field on a trip and that’s all it took? I’m glad they are not part of our armed forces. They would be tried for treason! If you love green bay so much why don’t you cheese it out of here?

  • audrey

    I’m a packer fan also I live in Carnegie PA and have been a fan for years

    • get outa here!

      That’s great… please by all means pat yourself on the back! Carnegie! yeah! Green Bay! yeah! Your life sounds rip roaring awesome! I wish I could live in Carnegie, 15th floor in the towers would be nice. You CHEESE BALL!

  • Rush

    What are they stupid!!!

    • Mike

      No, their not stupid just because they do not like your team idiot.

  • Susieque

    I’ve been a Steeler fan all my life. When I got married (12 1/2 years ago) my husband was a devoted Cowboys fan (yuck). With some loving care I have converted him, made him see the light and he is now a season ticket holder for the Steelers. It just means that there is hope for anyone!!!!

  • Patrick M.

    Ricky i’m so disapointed in you.

  • Jason Zimmer

    Some people need a life! I like to go fishing!

  • Jason Zimmer

    Some people need a life! I like to go fishing! o Jets!

  • db

    Typical, You know who wears the pants in that family

  • Jason Zimmer

    A true football fan loves a team from birth! They don’t convert just to make someone else happy! Bandwagon fans!!!

    • Mike

      yea well if you listened to the video, it says that she was a Packer fan all her life.

  • jen

    These people happen to be friends of mine…Anddd you people need to grow up & mind your own business. It’s a football team, and everyone is entitled to their favorite. Nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all…, their house is awesome.:) And I happen to be a Steelers fan.

    • Sheila

      Amen to that jen. Packers all the way here.

    • Dave

      Mind our own business? Um, it’s the news and your friends wanted to be on the news for the controversy. Get off your high horse.

      • Mike

        Don’t be jealous that they were on the news and you weren’t.

    • Thomas J Duttine

      I love the Steelers but you cheer who you want where you want. I actually think that’s in Constitution! If it isn’t, it should be!!!!! HeHe

    • Tristin

      Jen please do us a favor and go over to that cheese factory you call a house and put some cheese on your head. While your there please put some cheese in that cheese hole of yours….. Cause its not just a football team it’s the STEELERS and were better off not having a cheese head lover as a fan

  • JBS

    All of these fluff stories on here are making me almost want to cheer for the Packers! Honestly, it doesn’t have any impact on my life whether or not who wins the Super Bowl. I can see why people think Pittsburgh is stuck in the past!

    • Dave

      I sorta agree. I certainly want the Steelers to win, but there are obviously fans for other teams in every city. The thought that KDKA is going to try to find a family a day for the next 10 days is ridiculous, but it is what it is (yes, I hate that cliche’.) At least it’s on par with the rest of their investigave journalism.

  • Mandy J.

    Love you Steeles!! You all looked great! Even in HD!

  • zim

    Lets all grow up!Go Packers!

    • Sheila

      GO PACK GO!!! We have 2 devoted Packers fans in our house and proud of it.

  • travis

    This family should be run out of town. Who is born in Pittsburgh and does not like the Steelers. If you like another team go live in that city although you are not a real packers fan your not born and raised in green bay you jack A##. You live in Pgh and born hear then you have no choose you like the Steelers or go find another city.

    • Mike

      Before you write something on the internet, you should probably attend a college. I hope you can find a college in or near Pittsburgh because if you go elsewhere, you won’t be liking the Streelers anymore. Second of all, you have no idea what you are talking about. Just because you live in a different city does not mean that you need to like all of their sports teams. You repeated yourself three times.

    • jeez

      I agree, but your grammar is awful. You should really read more.

    • Becca

      I was born in Ohio and I hated both the Bengals and the Brown but I loved the Steeler…what do you have to say about that? i shouldn;t have loved the Steelers? Grow up


    Tristin & Travis Obviously 2 geeks who hide here trying to tell people what they want them to do!! Tristin; sounds like you know alot about cheese;probably eat 110lbs.of it daily. how did you escape the zoo?? Travis; another ratface who hides behind mommy’s leg. Get over it;anyone can like whoever,wherever they may live!!

  • Jason Zimmer

    hey, everybody sound like kids. i know you are but what am i. get real. dat zimm dog know what is going down and can take anybody to school. first of all it should be called fooseball and not football just like in dat movie waterboy.

  • Daniel

    Love those Packers…go Packers!

  • Liam1694u

    I give more respect to people who stand by their team where ever they choose to live, despite the ridicule they may receive. I’m a Steeler fan. If I move to Baltimore or Dallas for the next 30 years I will still always be a Steeler fan. So, mad prop’s to you, Rick and Kristi Steele, for sticking by your team, evn if you are turncoat converts and not born and bred Cheeseheads. And with that being said, GREEN BAY IS GOING DOWN IN A CLOUD OF FLAMES!

    (I never said I wouldn’t poke a little fun at you guys)


    • Becca

      Well said

  • Jack

    So what?

  • D.M.

    No more almond butter for you!

  • jen

    Wow you guys have such a way with words. Such class…you fit right in with all the other low- lifes who live and breathe football and don’t have a real thing going on in your life. Continue to sit here and make your comments…I’m going to go eat some cheese and ride around on my high horse.
    Oh and another thought? You might want to spell check/grammar check before you post…it just may save you from looking like the idiot you truly are. :)

    • Dave

      Before you call others low lifes, and claim that they live and breathe football, perhaps you should take a look at your neighbors who liken their house to a shrine/museum for a football team. And then they go public to get news coverage. And you have the audacity to call out people who comment? Kettle, pot…pot, kettle.

      Oh, “jen” should be capitalized….

    • jen

      I’m sorry…it’s ‘that time’ for me. I got carried away.

    • Karla120

      Since you are the self appointed spelling and grammar Nazi, you might want to make a correction in your own paragraph. Since you are referring to all the posters here, it should be “idiots”, the pleural, not “idiot”, the singular. Obviously you have nothing going on in your life either since you are reading and posting here. So since you are stuffing yourself full of cheese, please stay off of any horses…I abhor people who are cruel to animals.

    • we love jen

      Oh right, and you are classy? Eat your cheesy puffs you fat looser.

      • Spell lately

        Once again SPELL CHECK!!!!

  • Jason Zimmer

    if u keepa eatin dat a cheese- u gonna break dat horses back!

  • fafafooey1


    • Mike

      Why did you watch the video then?

  • Sal Governale

    Who is this jason zimmer guy? He seems like a real wise guy.

    I’ll bet he works on computers or something – nerd.

  • Stevie Janowski

    I heard that Rick has never actually played football (or any real sport). He’s just trying to be the best at exercise.

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