3 Arrested In Jeannette Robbery

By Trina Orlando

JEANNETTE (KDKA) — Police have arrested three people in connection with the robbery of an elderly Jeannette woman earlier this week.

The 78-year-old woman was getting groceries at the Rite Aid on Clay Avenue Tuesday. When she left, the men grabbed her purse and caused her to fall to the ground and hurt her arm.

The suspects took off, but were later taken into custody. They have been identified as 18-year-olds John Feather and Adam Waggoner.

Police saw the two men outside the Rite Aid store before the robbery and recognized one from another incident. They later used that information to lead them to the suspects.

Police have also charged 27-year-old Jacklynn Smith. She was caught on surveillance tape using one of the elderly woman’s ATM cards at a convenience store later that night.

Smith could eventually be facing more charges because police believe she witnessed the robbery and offered to keep quiet if the suspects gave her a cut of what was in the purse. They allegedly gave her $10.

All three suspects are in the Westmoreland County Jail.

The victim underwent shoulder surgery Wednesday and remains in the hospital. She is expected to be OK.

  • Ryan

    Look like got a couple people who really don’t contribute anything valuable to society.

  • Carlos

    She looks much older than 18. I guess the drugs have a tendency of doing that.

    • Sam

      The article stated that she’s 27.

  • Dave

    She looks like mid stages of a meth user.

  • 27 she looks like she is 50!


  • Vladimir

    we need few serial killers that would only clean this kinda CRACKHEADS

  • Love ALL Life

    YAY ! …No blacks were involved & no racist comments !!!

    WoOo- Ho°OOoo°Ooo°

  • Brieann

    adam waggoner is an innocent man.

  • Brieann

    feather is the one behind this. (picture not shown) an 18 year old boy who has been in and out of jail. adam waggoner was in the wrong place at the wrong time. wrong crowd. adam will see justice.

    • Michelle Dunmire

      haha i miss john n he was datin my sister befor yah lol

      • Nathaniel

        What jail is he in or what place did they lock him up in do you know?

  • Mr Soho

    Look at their photo’s, two real losers, had to attack a 78 year female. The victim had to undergo surgery. Get this $hit off the streets.

  • will g

    hey baby nice tooth.

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