Coal Truck Involved In Fatal Derry Twp. Crash

DERRY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — One person was killed in an accident involving a coal truck and another vehicle in Westmoreland County.

The collision happened near the intersection of Route 981 and Slag Road in Derry Township.

The area is reportedly icy.

The road is closed near the crash scene as crews begin to clean up.


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  1. jt says:

    coal buckets think they own the road and drive how ever they want. from brushvalley to blairsville they are reckless pulling out in front of traffic forcing people to come to a complete stop on rt 56 and rt 22 had one pass me on the bridge by united high school when i was doing 50. and it is not just a couple of bad apples its a whole lot of bad apples. if you are going to slow they ride up on you, and if you slow down more to make them back off they right on top of you.if they hit you they will not get hurt but pretty sure you will. how about the accident on 119 in homer city with the school bus?picking up students coal bucket spun around 180 how is that possible, rt 22 in Clyde coal bucket went in opposing lane to keep from hitting stopped school bus picking up children. tough luck if were sitting in opposite lane. rt.30 and beatty crossroad coal bucket flip over on car killing this one how adout govenors on engines being forced

    1. Marrita says:

      You wanted to use the Route 30/Beatty crossroads accident to say something against the truck driver in this case? They’re brother and sister, as the person pointed out below. And for future reference, don’t feel like you can use my mother’s death to support your opinions. She was a life, a person, not an instance or a support to your argument.

  2. it doesnt matter says:

    First of all – get your facts straight. Unfortunately this road was not salted and the woman driving the other vechile hit ice and flew head on into the coal truck. A similar but less fatal accident happened just yesterday on this same road simply because the road continues to be untreated!

    Secondly – unfortunately for this women the truck driver was did nothing wrong. She was the one who lost control. He was simply driving back to the shop and was only 5 minutes away when he happened up being hit and spent his night in the hospital.

    Third – the truck driver is actually the brother of the women you spoke of who got killed previously on route 30. So I am pretty sure he understands the significance of this accident!

    So from now on don’t go running your mouth about how the “think they own the road and do what they want” because they are simply going their job. Instead of sitting at home living off the government. And without truck driver there would be no salt, coal, gravel deliveries, etc.

    Unfortunately she hit ice and ran into the truck. It is a sad situation and the only person at fault is mother nature. I am sorry this happened and sympathy to her family. And hope the truck driver recovers soon because even though you think “they hit you and they don’t get hurt” he went to the hospital instead of home to his family!

    1. Hoss says:

      Just because a truck driver is doing his or her job does not give them the right to ignore traffic laws. And just because someone is not a truck driver does not mean that person is sitting at home collecting welfare. There are plenty of hard working folks driving cars and pickup trucks. Spare us your ignorant posts.

      1. it doesnt matter says:

        Really ignorant ???? Some people just plain amaze me! did you NOT read what I said??? This man did nothing wrong. Whether he was driving the tri-axel, a pick up truck, a jeep or a flippin chevy the women hit ice and sled onto his side of the road. It was unfortunate. What makes you think they ignore traffic laws? They get enforced no matter what you drive. So spare me YOUR ignorant comments. Thanks!

    2. Aj Davis says:

      I live around this area, 2 mintues up the road. I can’t account for this particular inncident but the people around here go way to fast for the roads. We pull out of our drive way every day and me and my little brother almost get killed every day going to school and coming back. Me and my girlfriend almost got killed by a guy who hit ice the other week just sitting in the driveway, not even on the road. The roads are generally the best in all of derry right on 981 though.

    3. Marrita says:

      I’m not sure who this is, but you’re quite right. Thanks for standing up for my uncle.

  3. diane says:

    If you are so quick to place blame at the truck driver you should ride with one someday. I think you would be very surprised at the amount of cars that pull out in front of the big trucks. This was an accident in which the car hit the coal truck the coal truck did nothing wrong in fact he did everything he could do to avoid the car.

  4. Lori says:

    I drive a triaxle . and to be honest they are one the hardest vehicles to stop. even on dry roads. the trucks are govenered. but i dont care who you are or what you drive. you should never pull out in front of anyone. its not hard for a truck to do a 180. and if you would stay out of the left lane to let us pass when the bad apples are in a hurry. MOVE OVER. save your own life. there is alot of bad seeds. but there is alot of good ones to. i know the man involved in that accident yesterday . mentally he gotta live with that even though he did nothing wrong.

  5. Lois says:

    As someone who was on that road just minutes before the accident, I can tell you it was road conditions that caused the accident. We had just passed the triaxle minutes before the accident and they were driving very slow due to the ice on the road. In fact we live off of 981 and slide passed our drive-way because of the ice. This was an unfortunate accident and nothing more. Our prays go out to both familes. The one who has suffered the loss and the one that now has to live with this.

  6. Marrita says:

    To Hoss: The truck driver was my uncle. He was obeying the laws, and I know this for a fact because his sister, my mother, was killed by a coal truck driver three years ago. So how about you get your facts straight before you decide to spew your opinions out all over the internet.

  7. Brad Sarver says:

    Thanks to those of you who aren’t out to bash a trucker…my heart goes out to the robinson family….yes the person who set the well the person who knew what they were talking I did lose my sister at the hand of a trucker who actually did do something wrong..the only thing I did wrong was be in the wrong place at the wrong time..I aimed my truck for the woods not worried about my safety trying to avoid her car it came so quick I only made it to the ditch..regardless of the triaxles you see doing this and doing that,have you ever followed me for a day?when you do follow me on the accident day then jump in my shoes..I happen to know that the ladies mother and 3children!nd grandchildren will miss her and have a void in their lives,and that they will want to talk to her or have a memory of her and break out in tears..I’ve lived it from their side..don’t criticize me!!! If my truck wasn’t in her path to absorb the blow it may have been one of your family members in that cars path and they might not be here to tell you the story of what happened…

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