DA To Re-File Charges Against Pittsburgh Officer

By Marty Griffin, KDKA Investigator

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The KDKA Investigators have obtained videotape that prosecutors say shows two Pittsburgh police officers lied about an undercover drug deal.

Now-retired Pittsburgh police officer Ken Simon and officer Anthony Scarpine say they saw a drug transaction that prosecutors say never happened.

Prosecutors and civil rights attorneys say the video taken at a North Side carwash last summer shows no drugs and shows no money changing hands.

“There is no interaction evident on the tape between the two persons allegedly engaged in a drug transaction. When we have a videotape that reveals something entirely different than what is alleged then everybody has to be concerned,” says civil rights attorney Tim O’Brian.

The videotape obtained by the KDKA Investigators shows activity inside a car. The tape also shows a car pulling into a bay to be washed. The tape also shows a man getting change from a machine.

Reports filed by officer Simon and Scarpine indicated they witnessed a drug transaction. They arrested two suspects at the carwash in July.

Civil rights attorneys say this case raises concerns about Pittsburgh police operations.

“We have instances, many instances, where we have found that accusations that were made were not true and sometimes that’s proven by a witness who was there. Sometimes it’s proven by a videotape that shows that what was said wasn’t true,” said attorney Tim O’Brian.

A district judge reduced the charges filed against retired officer Simon in the case. All charges against officer Scarpine were dropped.

The district attorney’s office says it will re-file the charges against Scarpine.


One Comment

  1. redrock100 says:

    waste of time. give them a medal istead.

  2. scottro says:

    Now there’s a surprise…

  3. jose says:

    Nothing will happen because nobody cares

  4. Verna says:

    a couple of bad cops do not represent the entire force. When 3 officers were shot and killed a couple years ago, they were all heros, now people want to classify all the police as bad people because of 2 jerks. Don’t blame everyone for the actions of 2 fools

  5. Daniel says:

    While I fully support the officers who were suspended in the Jordan Miles incident I personally think that the charges against these officers mentioned in this article should stick and they should face trial.

    1. sharon says:

      I agree.

  6. Ken S says:

    If they found drugs on the two suspected drug dealer and user they got it correct. why do civil rights people protect the criminals. it is just crazy. the drug dealers do more harm then a few bad cops.

    1. FixPGH says:

      Where does it say they found drugs on someone? It just says they “witnessed” a drug deal and arrested someone but a video shows no drug transaction go down.

      1. Anonymous is an idiot says:

        Read the criminal complaint, they found drugs

  7. Ashley says:

    Is this really how the District Attorneys office spends their time. Investigating what police office may or may have seen in a few seconds driving by two drugs dealers. Charges were dismissed once.
    And shame on Kdka news and Mart Griffin. You are too lazy to find a real new story, so lets just keep refiling an old ones.

    1. Get a Grip says:

      ummmm I think the fact that they are RE-FILING is news. It was dropped, but now with new evidence they can re-file. How is this not news? Police Officers, who are supposed to serve and protect could be possibly arresting people for no reason. How is that a waste of time and not news? Get a life.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Ashley you troll. Are you married to a cop?

  8. FixPGH says:

    Framing? Cops aren’t always honest and trustworthy. They often times abuse their authority. Whether they are accusing someone to just to arrest them or beating someone just to beat them, or using their badge to get away with something. It happens.

  9. wants justice says:

    Scarpine has a history of this and the mayor chooses to ignore it! Who else has he done this too! There was a woman that proved he lied about her too, sounds like he set her up too!

    1. hapyy man says:

      Absolotuly scarpine is a crooked cop and everybody on the north side knows it. Its karma what goes around comes around.

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