Teen In Custody After Alleged Abduction Attempt

McKEESPORT (KDKA) — A 14-year-old boy is being held in the Shuman Detention Center after police say he tried to abduct a woman in McKeesport.

According to police, the boy allegedly followed the woman as she walked on Pirl Street, and then grabbed her and took her into an abandoned home.

The woman was able to break free and run for help.

Police later found the boy in a parking garage.

  • Dave

    PLEASE see to it that he does jail time, not just some slap on the wrist. I don’t even want to speculate what his intentions were…

    • Avg Joe

      I am sure he will be sent to a Juvenile facility for about 6 months, then set free to actually commit a sexual assault (or several of them). His family will defend the young predator and accuse the woman of somehow being at fault for their little angel’s actions. That’s how our justice system and society work today.

  • Lisa

    Now which is it? Earlier a news report said he took her to a wooded area, and she pulled out a cell phone and he fled. Now it’s an abandoned house. Please get your stories correct BEFORE they are published, not after with a different story

  • John Balogh

    lets get this teenager the help he needs

  • johnny69

    the only help he needs is from a fist

  • bobbyjo

    why wait till he rapes or kills someone, hang him now….

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