Terrible Towel-Titletown Towel Showdown Brewing

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – His company may produce the Terrible Towel, but Gregg McArthur would never be caught in black and gold, especially in these days leading up to the Super Bowl.

The business man owns McArthur Towel & Sports, which produces the Terrible Towel for the Pittsburgh Steelers. But the catch is, McArthur is an avid Green Bay Packers fan.

The company has been producing the Terrible Towel since 1997, and is now increasing its production ahead of Super Bowl XLV.

Now, with his Packers also headed to the big game, McArthur says he is planning to produce a new towel, called the “Titletown Towel,” for Green Bay fans. This towel will be green and white.

Steelers fan shouldn’t be worried about the imitation though.

McArthur says he has a lot of respect for the Steelers, their fans and plans to continue the tradition that legendary broadcaster Myron Cope started.

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  • Paul

    pride the 7th deadly sin
    Go Steelers

  • Dre

    I think they should find a company to produce it that has a LOYAL manufacturer to Steelers. He’s copying our terrible towel to make one for our opponent? What is wrong with him???

  • Donna


    Imitated but NEVER duplicated!!!!!!!!!!


  • Boycott Nachos

    Who in Pittsburgh doesnt have a terrible towel yet? This shouldnt be a profitable business anymore. I mean, these arent paper towels are they?

    • juice

      your an idiot. are you serious? are you from pittsburgh? You can never have enough terrible towls. Steeler nation is all over the world, and new Steeler Fans are born everyday. We buy a new Terrible Towl every season. It is a tradition in our family, and it raises money for a good cause.

      • Boycott Nachos

        juice, your the idiot. Why dont you treasure your towel? Keep it clean, remember where you left it, and stop wasting resources! This is not a throw away item. It is a collector’s item. Your family should really get a better tradition. This one is lame. Ask your kids. They will tell you. MOM, THIS IS LAME! Now on the other hand sack races in the backyard is a tradition worth doing.

  • Veronica Cook

    a towel is a towel grow up folks

    • juice

      Wrong…….the Terrible Towl is much more. What is wrong with you people???

      • Billy Mays

        Terrible Towel slices, it dices, it cuts through cans. It can hold a man from this steel girder. Terrible towel is fast and easy to use. It will do your taxes and clean out your garage! Wow!. It’s bio-degradeable. Terrible Towel will make you taller, more handsome and make your breasts appear larger! Believe it! Lets ask this man who tried Terrible Towel after his workout at the gym… “I can hang a wet Terrible Towel from my d#&K! You can have Terrible Towel for 3 terrible payments of $4.95 + S&H.

  • Fortune Cookie

    Terrible towels would be truly “terrible” if they were made in China. Hooray for Outsourcing!

  • What???

    Titletown Towel, What the hell have they won besides a couple Superbowls???

    • Steely Dan McBeam

      Typical Yinzer. Please know what you are talking about before opening your yap. The Packers have 9 NFL titles before calling the same game the super bowl. Then 3 super bowl titles. 12! THATS TWICE AS MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS AS THE STEELERS.

      • Glass Houses

        If the Pitt Panthers count 9 national championships then the Packers can count 12.

      • What???

        Besides 1996,haven’t won a thing or NFL title as you call it since 1967!!! Come on man!!!!

      • http://borsked.wordpress.com Borsk

        Those NFL titles mean nothing. They were before the NFL/AFL merged. It wasn’t even the same league.

  • Man in the Moon

    It could happen: Steelers fans wearing green cheese on their heads come next Sunday

  • Councilman Matt Drozd

    Can anyone tell me where I can get one of these Titletown Towels?

    • Mayor Luke

      Matt, please get back to work and help me bankrupt this city. See you at the Steeler rally.

  • Brandon

    imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. i guess McArthur is a steeler fan at heart

  • Towelie

    I’ve been wondering around for the past couple of weeks. You know helping people out with towel safety and proper towel use. It’s important.
    You wanna get high? That’s me last J! Well, I’m gonna get high!

  • Dr. Guilty

    C’mon, show a little originality – how about the “Cheese Cloth?”

    • Ron Burgundy

      I like the cut of your jib, Dr Guilty.

  • Dave

    Disgusting!!! Between This guy and ETRADE their marketing people should be fired…You never alienate your customers for personal reasons. Get a ‘BURGH company to make THE TERRIBLE TOWEL!!!

  • Steeelerholic

    Why cant a company in Pittsburgh do these towels?

  • Bob

    We ALL know that Myron & The Terrible Towel are the real thang’. I also found this hilarious Steelers Comic called “Fans N’at” at http://fansnat.com (or steelercomics.com) that talks about the very unwanted” official ” mascot , Steely McBeam.
    Here we go Steelers!”

  • Derek Bowen

    Um, I like the one made in Pittsburgh (it’s for my phone):

  • Jay

    To me the Terrible towl Is for my ass i clean my ass with it sorry

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