Farewell To KDKA’s Patrice King Brown

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Long before she’d ever report the news, 16-year-old Patrice King Brown was making news – winning the Miss Teenage Pittsburgh Contest in 1971.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted the Langley High School cheerleader’s “infectious grin” and called her a “black-haired, brown-eyed cutie.” In the Miss Teenage America Pageant, she was first runner-up.

From Langley, Patrice went on to West Virginia University.

Her television career began shortly after – her Pittsburgh debut was a commercial for the Monroeville Mall.

But Patrice was looking for more, and she found it at KDKA.

In 1978, “Pittsburgh 2Day” debuted with Patrice as co-host. She was so nervous that first day that she broke out in hives, head to toe. She was only 23.

It was a different era then, when local programming thrived. Her show embraced both the silly and the serious.

“Pittsburgh 2Day” aired for 11 successful years. On its last day, in 1990, Patrice and co-host Jon Burnett brought their kids on the set. Now, those same kids are all grown, successful adults.

For more photos of Patrice, visit this link!

pkbburnettkids1 Farewell To KDKA’s Patrice King Brown

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

But what would become of Patrice now that her daily talk show was done? Well, also on that final show, a psychic offered a prediction.

“My feeling is, everything’s happening for a good reason.”

And, she was definitely on to something. Patrice made a seamless transition to the new department. At first, she reported medical stories and learned the ropes. Eventually, she settled in as evening anchor.

By the time U.S. Air Flight 427 crashed in Hopewell in 1994, she’d mastered the rare ability to handle a momentous, breaking story with insight, command and grace.

Patrice and Stacy’s coverage of the tragedy was carried nationally that night and would later be honored for excellence.

From the shock of 9/11 to the drama of the mine rescue at Quecreek to the farewell to one of Pittsburgh’s favorite sons, late Mayor Bob O’Connor – Patrice has brought dignity and class to the anchor desk, telling her hometown’s stories with smarts, with heart and sometimes – when we were lucky – with her killer giggle.

So, what now?

Well, more time visiting her kids. For sure, with one on each coast, that’s been tough. Also, it gives her the opportunity to travel and spend time with her husband of three and a half years, surgeon and former KDKA medical reporter Dr. Paul Nemiroff.

So, have at it Patrice, and congratulations on a wonderful career. You have your colleagues’ and your city’s respect and love. Just don’t be a stranger, ok?

For much more on Patrice’s career and to watch goodbye messages from her colleagues, click this link.


One Comment

  1. Shockly says:

    Good luck and enjoy retirement.

    1. Donna Straugh says:

      Best of luck to you Patrice. Tonight I watched the farewell to you and cried with you and everyone at KDKA. You will NEVER be forgotten. You are truly a KDKA icon.

      Love and God Bless

  2. Madaline says:

    Hi Patrice,

    My family has watched you for years. You surely will be missed.
    Good to you and enjoy your future

  3. Linda says:

    You are a great newscaster. Now, go and enjoy your life!

  4. Ben says:

    Ever since I mnoved to Pittsburgh 11 years ago, I have watched KDKA for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons was Patrice King Brown. She projected many things that I found important in a newscaster. She will be sorely missed and never replaced! I wish her the best!!!

  5. Diane says:

    I have watched you for years you have been part of my family through good times and bad times. I will miss your smiling face that wonderful laugh and how you presented us with the news.
    God Bless you in your future days and enjoy your family and life! You will be missed!

  6. Sher Eiler says:

    Over 30 yrs. ago in 1979 I use to sit in front of the television set in a little wicker rocker nursing my newborn baby and watching you on the Pittsburgh 2Day Show. I have been a fan ever since. My Mom always said nothing stays the same forever. You will be missed. Congratulations on your retirement!


  7. alice says:

    Patrice, I met you with your mother when you were a teenager. We worked together in the Human Resources Dept. and whenever you came in for a visit she was always so proud. I am sure she was busting with pride as your career soared and you became the darling of the KDKA news room and audience. I hope she is still with us to enjoy this moment.

    Although you don’t know me from ‘adam’ I too have enjoyed much pride, and you have been a major reason I have been a loyal KDKA news fan. Your demeanor made even the toughest stories acceptable.

    Best wishes for a wonderful retirement. May it be all you hope for and more. Congratulations.

  8. Mr. Hop says:

    Good luck !!!

  9. Jeanne Schaffer says:

    Patrice….you are so Loved and respected here in Pittsburgh…..you are one Classy Lady in every sense of the word, and you made us trust and believe every word you spoke! Thank you for all you’ve done for Pittsburgh and for us! God’s Speed and Blessings as you journey forward!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  10. Dorothy Boschele says:

    I am 84 years young and have been watching you since you first began at channel 2, I lit candles for you to have good luck in all you do. God Bless you.OO


  11. Dorothy Boschele says:

    I am 84 years young and have been watching you since you first began at channel 2, I lit candles for you to have good luck in all you do. God


  12. Tina C. says:

    Wow Patrice King Brown is retiring I never thought I would see the day you have been on TV every since I can remeber. The news isn’t going to seem the same without your voice as much as I love the other KDKA anchors you were the voice of KDKA to me. Whatever the news good or bad you always made the worst issues seem not as bad. I felt like you were apart of my family growing up and now that I am all grown up you were still in my living room every single evening. I will miss your poise, grace and calming voice I wish you all the best.

  13. Andrew Arnau 412 2641797 says:

    Dear patrice,I came here 25 yrsago I FLEW HERE EVERY WEEK TO CRAFTON TO VISIT MY WIFE TO BE,WE WERE MARRIED AND i NEVER LOOKED BACK.i did miss the danger of n.y.I WAS SHOT COMING TO THE AIDE OF A LADY AND CHILD BUT AND YOU MIGHT SAY I SHOWED UP JUST IN TIME FOR OTHERS. BUT I HAVE 2 LIL GIRLS22 AND 7 MAGEE/CHILDRENS MADE MY 2nd a Miiracle child 3TERMINAL ISSUESAND SHES SAVED 4 OTHERS BUT THIS IS TO TELLYOU YOUVE BEEN A ROLE MODEL TO THEM AND ME U WILL BE MISSED BUT ANGELIQE HISP/AMERICAN /SHE SAW YOUTODAY N I WE LOVE N WILL MISS U YOUVE GIVN ME A NEW HOME AND HOPE AS CHILDRENS SAVED HER&me you give her hope as a american/hispanic your life will be her lesson gd luck with love the Arnaus and prescots,you remember Donni use to carrie your books from school my wife’s brother God bless u and your family ! ! !

  14. Kathy Sheehan says:

    you will always be one of the greatest pittsburghers and achor i will miss seeing you on tv

  15. Rick S says:

    Dear Patrice, Pittsburgh will miss you SO MUCH. We want to thank you for coming into our homes everyday to report the good and the bad, no matter what you where the best, and eveyone on KDKA, We want to wish you the best in everything you and your family set out to do.We wish you good luck and God be there in anything you do and to be safe, its a sad day for going but a great day to start the new, we wish you the best, God bless you Patrice, Rick. S.

  16. Linda Young says:

    Patrice I will miss you and hope you enjoy your travels. Maybe we will see you on there for specials. God Bless You and your Family.

  17. Bonnie Phillips says:

    I have watched you your entire 33 yrs. on tv. I cried with everybody else tonight. Congratulations and good luck. Best wishes to you and your family. Bonnie

  18. expittsburgh says:

    Just watched your final 6pm episode. You’re as classy today as back then. You’ll be missed by Pgh. Congrats on retirement and enjoy!

  19. JLW says:

    Gosh! I am so sad to hear that you are leaving. I watched you when I was a teenager on Pittsburgh2Day and then you became my favorite local anchor. You are a class act. Enjoy your life!

  20. Patti K. says:

    Patrice you sure will be missed and want to wish you the best of everything to you in the years ahead. Your “Farewell” sure was beautiful and I cried right along with you. Enjoy traveling to see your family and remember we all loved you and will remember you always. God Bless You and your family always.

  21. Cheryl C says:

    I think it’s only natural that when someone comes into your home as many times as Patrice and Stacy have come into ours over the years, we would start to think of them as members of our own families – in fact, I’m betting that it’s what KDKA was going for with the whole “Hometown” theme!
    Thank you Patrice, for bringing dignity to an industry that so many others feel the need to sensationalize…. I can only hope that your successor will strive to follow your example!
    Please enjoy a long and happy retirement, and know how much we will all miss having you in our homes!

  22. Lauren says:

    Congratulations Patrice!
    I’m at my second job in the business working as an anchor in WV and I can remember watching you and admiring your work. I can only hope one day my colleagues will give me a send off like they gave you. What an amazing broadcaster and woman you were for the people of Pittsburgh! Job Well Done! Thank you for giving me someone to look up to.

  23. Dave says:


    I am only 21 years old, and I have not known a KDKA without you. I have seen you reporting the news almost every night of my life, and I cannot even imagine the news without you. You are a true icon and a master at delivering the news. I am going to miss you like no other. I thank you for the years I have watched you, and for being a classy, reliable, and cheerful woman. Congratulations on your retirement, and I hope I will still be seeing you on TV in some capacity. Enjoy!

  24. R.j says:

    I seen Patrice shopping in the supermarket one time, and although I didn’t want to disturb her I’ve got to say she is definitly a total hottie.

  25. Bonnie Parella says:



    As a loyal viewer of KDKA, it has been such a blessing having someone who is so caring and professional to watch each night…you have brought such class to your profession…You will truly be miissed…God bless and enjoy your time with your husband and kids..It has been wonderfrul watching you each evening

  26. Kimberlie says:

    Patrice, My family and I have enjoyed watching you throughout the years on KDKA. You will truley be missed by our family and I’m sure the many other loyal KDKA viewers out there. You are a beautiful woman and such a caring person it will be hard watching the news without you by Ken’s side. It is hard to hold back the tears but there is a time we all need to move on. We will miss you dearly, God Bless you and you’re family and we wish you the best!

  27. Tom K says:

    Patrice, I have grown up watching you from Pittsburgh 2day to tonights broadcast. I always enjoyed watching you because it felt like a friend was telling me what was going on in the city! Your warmth and sincerity in reporting the days events, no matter how tragic or sad sometimes, made you a cut above. I will miss you but wish you nothing but the best! God Bless!

  28. Tiffany N. Moore says:

    Dear Patrice,
    I No Longer Live In Pittsburgh, And When I Heard Of Your Retirement I Was Shocked!! I Was Born And Raise In Pittsburgh I Grew Up Watching You From The Very Beginning On Pittsburgh 2day, And Watched You Blossom Into A Wonderful New Caster!! You Have Been Our Staple Through Good Times, And Bad….My Whole Family Enjoyed Watching You, Hearing You Laugh, And Seeing Your Smile, Brightened Each And Everyday For Us, So I Just Want To Wish You The Very Best In All You Do, Enjoy Each Day Of Your Retirement….God Bless You, And Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart!! 🙂

  29. Henrietta says:


    I watched the show this evening, as I always do, and I must admit that I was moved to tears especially when John Burnett spoke. You two always came across as the best of friends. Your pleasant personality will truly be missed. Congratulations again on your New Beginning…Best Wishes and Good Luck on your new life ahead.

  30. Terri Tennat says:

    I started watching you when you were on Pittsburgh 2 Day. I loved that show and you, Patrice made it my favorite daytime program. I made the teddy bear out of sweet gum balls (remember that one?) I will miss seeing you and hearing your sweet laughter. Best wishes on your retirement!

  31. Kevin Donovan says:

    Good luck ‘Trice!

    Kevin D.

  32. diane p says:

    I was very sad, and cried with you the last day on kdka news. You have been an anchor woman in our house for many many years(my husband liked the chanel 4 news, but could only watch it when i was not in the livingroom with him). Many many best wished for you and your family to spend more time together.Love and will miss you!

  33. dawn says:

    i remember my mother watching you while i took my afternoon naps. when your theme music came on, i could get up, imagine the good memories. and i have always wondered, how do you look exactly the same as when i was a kid! best of luck to you!

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