KDKA Says Goodbye To Patrice King Brown

It’s a bittersweet day at KDKA-TV as we say goodbye to Patrice King Brown. Patrice is retiring after almost 33 years at the station. Throughout her storied career, she has interviewed celebrities to sitting presidents — and done so with class and grace.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA-TV) — Since addressing Congress at the age of sixteen as runner-up to Miss Teenage America, Patrice King Brown has been surrounded by newsmakers. During her pageant year she traveled extensively, speaking to teens across the country about the issues of the day.

After graduating from West Virginia University, she entered the broadcast industry as an account executive for a Pittsburgh FM radio station and quickly left to join KDKA-TV in October 1978 as co-host of the award winning Talk and Variety afternoon show Pittsburgh 2Day.

Over the years Patrice has interviewed numerous national superstars including Bob Hope, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Charlton Heston, Elizabeth Taylor, Kevin Costner, Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Dennis Miller, Oprah, George Lopez, Lionel Richie, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake — as well as every First Lady since Lady Bird Johnson with the exception of Jackie Kennedy (of course they were not all First Ladies at the time). Patrice also had the opportunity to interview President Barack Obama on the day he was elected. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed delivering their stories into the homes of television viewers.

After Pittsburgh 2Day Patrice stayed on at KDKA as a member of the Eyewitness News Team. Over her years at KDKA-TV Patrice has earned many awards as talk show host, reporter and anchor.

Along with Stacy Smith, her co-anchor at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., Patrice earned an Emmy for their dedicated coverage of the “Crash of Flight 427″ in Beaver County. Patrice and Stacy have covered every major news event since 1994, winning the trust and respect of their viewers.

Patrice also co-anchored KDKA-TV News at Eleven with Ken Rice delivering the news to the largest audience in the Pittsburgh area.

Over the years Patrice has been able to support and help fund raise for many worthy causes and organizations including: Sojourner House, South Hills Family Hospice, POWER- Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery, NEED, Tix for Kids, Ozanam. She was also named one of the “50 Most Influential Women in PA” for the years 2004 and 2007. She is a member of the ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA sorority.

Patrice has received many awards over the years including: The Bill Burns Award for Outstanding Journalistic Achievement in 2007 from the Rooney Foundation; The Richard Caliguiri Award – Best Ambassador for Pittsburgh in 1999; Vector’s Women of the Year in Communications 2002; Jr. Achievement Distinguished Alumni 2006; Lifetime Achievement in Broadcasting by the Pittsburgh Press Club in 2003 and hosts of others.
Of all the awards and honors Patrice has received, she is most proud of her grown children, Guy and Lauren.

Patrice has also been grateful for the friendship and loving support of her husband and partner, Dr. Paul Nemiroff, a nationally recognized surgeon.


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  1. joshua may says:

    Best wishes! You are truely the grace and class of Pittsburgh broadcasting. I grew up watchin you and I am a better person for it. You have left a positive mark! Good Luck!

  2. Julia Burkhart says:

    When i heard this morning that you were leaving KDKA I can definitely say that I was saddened by the news and it overshadowed my whole day. I feel as though I am losing a friend. My family has watched you over many years. I think I will miss your smile and great personality the most. Best of wishes to you Patrice, I will miss you greatly.

  3. CA says:

    I have grown up watching you deliver the news and didn’t care WHAT your hair looked like. You are beautiful woman with heart and brought us the news WITH GRACE. Enjoy your retirement, but don’t consider it that, consider it a WELL DESERVED vacation.

  4. Andrea says:

    Patrice, I just watched your farewell tribute on the 6 o’clock show, and teared up with everyone else! I have watched you every night for as long as I can remember! You are such an elegant and captivating woman and I will miss getting my news from you each night! Not only will KDKA miss you, but all of us viewers will miss you as well! I wish you and your family the most wonderful things in your futures, and thank you so much for all you have done for Pittsburgh!!

  5. Chuck Ludwin says:

    Hi Patrice I feel I am your brother I grew up watching you . You were always such a positive person and always looked forward to seeing you on the news everyday or evening I would get bummed out when they would say Patrice has the evening off good luck in the future your an amazing person

  6. Beverly says:

    Patrice, you will be greatly missed. You are Pittsburgh’s News Station sweetheart. May God Bless you with a happy, healthy and satisfying retirement. Enjoy your family.
    Take care & God Bless

  7. Mary Jane McCawPiccinini says:

    You and I are the same age and I have truely grown up with you. As I watched you tonight I cried ,but I was also happy for what lies ahead for you. I am also contemplating leaving a career that has spanned over three decades in a way I am sad to do this but I know there is more for me to do. I wish that I had a beautiful family like you as I am alone after a bitter divorce. I am not sure what is in the future for me,but I hope that I have the chance to find the love and happiness ypu have. May God light your steps along the way and know that you will be missed by those of us who have grown to love you through our televisions. I just wish I would have had the chance to know you as the person you are. Best of luck.

    Mary jane McCaw Piccinini

  8. Lynda Dugan and family says:

    I and my family have watched you from Pitt2day to the news. I will miss your smiling face and candid reporting of tragic and triumphant news. I and my family wish you nothing but good health and may God bless you and your family on future endevours.

  9. Jane Hutton says:

    Dear Patrice,
    I watched you everyday on Pgh2Day…… I remember when your son and daughter were born! Also, I met you at your childrens elementary school where I worked in the office….and you remembered my name after coming in again. We actually talked on the phone a few times, which was a total thrill for me!
    You are such a lovely, sweet, and genuinely good person, and very talented, also. May God bless you, and enjoy a wonderful life. We will all miss seeing you so much. (from one of your biggest fans in Pittsburgh!)

  10. Ellen says:

    Patrice, I have watched you from the time you started with KDKA. Always loved the way you and Jon Burnette would try to outdo each others birthday gifts. I have never met you but feel like I do know you. You are a beautiful Lady and will be missed. Enjoy retirement and your family.

  11. Brooklyn says:

    I’m 31 years old and remember watching Patrice on TV when I was a little girl. There are few people that you can trust anymore on the local or national news and Patrice has always been one of them for me. Thank you Patrice for your many years of service to the community and getting the facts to the people with grace charm and honor. I tear up along with you today watching your last broadcast. Good luck in your future endevors and hope to see on local TV in some capacity in the future!

  12. Bob & Cindy says:

    Good luck Patrice

  13. Bonnie Bridge says:

    Patrice I will miss you so much. When you weren’t on for a couple of months I missed I wrote message everyday to you. We love you and wish you well and goodluck and most of all God bless you and your family.

  14. Lois says:

    Patrice, I just saw that you began with KDKA in October, 78. I began my career in November, 78. On Monday, January 31st I will be saying goodbye to my co-workers as I too, am retiring. I first saw you when I watched you and Jon Burnette on your daily show when I was at home on maternity leave in 1980 when my daughter was born. If memory serves me correctly, I seem to remember that you had a child somewhere in that time frame as well. I wish you well as you begin your new life of retirement.

  15. Barb says:

    May God’s grace be upon you! Our house shed tears right with you watching your farewell. How blessed your co-workers are to have shared so much of your life. How blessed we viewers were to enjoy you nightly for so many years. Enjoy!

  16. M.Love says:

    Patrice, I have watched you on KDKA for as long as I can remember. I always remember my mother telling me that you were in the hospital delivering your son the same time she was in the hospital delivering me in 1980:) Congratulations on your much deserved retirement, and enjoy every minute with your family. My family will surely miss seeing your smiling face. Best Wishes. M.Love

  17. Fran says:

    Patrice: i have watched you forever on KDKA and will miss seeing you on TV. You will be tremendously missed as you are such a super person. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Good luck and God speed.


  18. Tracey Morris says:

    This face will be missed. I follow KDKA even though I live in KANSAS. My family still lives in the Pittsburgh area. I remember lots of faces from Pittsburgh today.I also remember the faces of some good news people you worked with over the years Patti and Bill Burns and Ray Tannihill to name a few. I keep up with ya all enjoy retirement. I will miss you.

  19. Joe & Monica says:

    It’s going to be very hard, knowing you won’t be there on the screen when we turn on the news, cause of you is the reason we started watching KDKA, we’ll miss seeing you there in our living rooms, but we’ll always smile, cause we still have you in our hearts, D’Alessandris family.

  20. Kimberly Carson says:

    Patrice, Thank you for coming into our homes delivering the news with a pretty smile and always perfect looks. Your pleasant demeanor even made the bad news easier to digest. Pittsburgh will truly suffer a lose from you not being on the front desk. Good Luck with your new endeavors.

  21. Sandy says:

    I feel like I’ve lost my BFF. You have spent more time in my living room than many of my family members.Always asking the questions and getting the answers I wanted to know, just as if you were really in the room. I wish you the very best and as always you are in my prayers. Patrice, you are so loved. THANK YOU for sharing your life with us.

  22. Mary says:

    Patrice, I am sitting here watching all of these tributes online and I am bawling my eyes out! What an amazing career. What a beautiful woman you are. I have watched you since Pittsburgh2Day and I have always enjoyed your warmth and sincerity on the news as well as your professionalism. You have had such an impact on so many peoples lives. And you have really been a large part of shaping local news in Pittsburgh.
    God Bless You as you move on in your life.

  23. Nancy Smith says:

    Patrice it has been a joy to watch you these past 32 years. I remember you canning with your Grandmother on Pittsburgh Today and the love you had for her ,she must hold a special place in your heart as mine has. It has been a thrill to see you move up to the news position and you have done a GREAT JOB. Thank you for your many years of service to the public. You have presented yourself as a class act, always looking professional even when it somehow went out of style with some. There was never a time that I saw you not ready for the roll. Thank you, Thank you and THANK YOU AGAIN! We hope to see you occasionally doing something on air. Have a wonderful time as you move on with your life. God Speed.

  24. Valerie Westcott says:

    Congratulations on your retirement! So many people have tears in their eyes but each one is a true testament to the personal way you brought even the worst of the news into our homes. Pittsburghers sought YOU out to break the news to them in a way that only a family member could.
    I also retired this year and it was a tearful step away from teaching art in the city public schools after 31 years. But I hear from past staff and students on a daily basis on Facebook and all the good times are remembered and built upon by the people we touched. It is a humbling experience to know that a professional commitment to excellence can be felt deep in the heart of the people we served. And believe me, the goodness comes back to you again and again!
    Enjoy your new chapter – hubby, children, grandchildren?? and possible new horizons in your professional career – ’cause you know, good people never truly retire. They just get to do it in more comfortable shoes! All the best to you and yours.

  25. Linda says:

    Patrice – I have watched you on TV since the first day you started and although I have never met you, I feel as if a dear, dear friend is leaving. I will miss you and your beautiful smile, but I wish you the best in this new chapter of your life.

    Good Bye and Good Luck!

  26. Theresa Foley Logsdon says:

    Patrice.. I have known you since our days at Langley High School.. and I’m sure that our former classmates as well as me are proud of you and your accomplishments. Whatever your future plans are I wish you happiness and goodl luck.. Take care..

  27. Laurine E says:

    Patrice, I too cried watching your tributes last night, I worked across the street from Gateway Center (in the State Office Bldg) and I used to beg my boss to let me change my lunch hour when Pittsburgh2Day was shooting outside during the Three Rivers Art Festival. I actually got to meet you and Jon B. there one year when you had Frank from Guiding Light on as a guest. You really are as nice (or more) as you are on TV and you are definitely way prettier in person. I didn’t cry when Patti Burns left, but even my boyfriend said he would miss you on the news!! Good luck with your family and your retirement. (Oh, and I got to talk to your brother, Dave, on QVC when he was on that channel and told him how much I enjoyed you on KDKA. . . he said that your whole family is proud of you [and no wonder]!)

  28. MARTY says:


  29. strongblkwn says:

    it’s just not going to be the same kdka with you gone. good luck and god bless.

  30. Dee Craig says:

    Dearest Patrice:

    I can’t believe how much I am going to miss you! You have been such a steadfast beacon in this troubled world — your smile certainly lit up many a bad day!

    May God bless you and husband and your family in the following days!

    Dee Craig

  31. Brenda says:

    Your beautiful smile was always so heart warming. You showed much dedication with what ever was put in front of you. You will be truly missed. Best of luck in what ever your new endeavors may hold. God Bless you, Paul, and your family as you start the new journey of your life.

  32. d.cook says:

    Patrice King Brown, I recently retired to another adventuous part of life and “I AM LOVING IT” You will also
    Best Wishes

  33. Michael says:

    Wow… This new really caught me off guard. Patrice was a vital part of the formula that makes KDKA my favorite news channel. Not to make her feel old, but I grew up with her. Her radiant smile and authentic emotion when delivering the news with Stacy and Ken will be sorely missed. I’ll never forget the night Mayor O’Connor died. She was grieving with the rest of the city live on TV. It is incredible how human she was on live TV and was certainly her most endearing quality. As one of her biggest fans, I can safely say that she will greatly be missed and Pittsburgh wishes the best for her in the future. Thank you Patrice!

  34. Todd Augenstein says:

    Patrice, Good luck with your future goals. You have been at kdka for as long as I have been alive and as I was growing up you were always on doing the news. It just seems like a part of my life has ended. So thank you for being there all those great years.

  35. Douglas C Gess says:

    Thank you for the wonderful years you have givin us throught out of the years you will truly be missed by all how watched you throught out the years good bye and good luck in you’re adventures.

  36. Pat K says:

    Your great smile and pleasant personality will be missed by all. Perhaps you’ll be back one day. God Bless You in whatever road you take.

  37. Robin Walker says:

    Wow, how time flies. I remember the first day you were on Pittsburgh 2day. You my dear are an inspiration for others to follow. Patrice you will be missed and we all thank you for your years of graciousness and hard work. May God bless you and your family. It has almost been a month since you retired and I still miss you on the news. Time marches on so enjoy!!

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