Parents Of Green Bay Coach Beaming With Pride

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A family in Greenfield is not ashamed to admit they hope the Green Bay Packers go all the way.

In Pittsburgh, it’s pretty hard to root against the Steelers – especially in the Super Bowl, but for Joe and Ellen McCarthy, it’s no contest.

Their son is Mike McCarthy – head coach of the Green Bay Packers.

Joe and Ellen McCarthy are lifelong Steelers fans, but when it’s the Steelers versus the Packers, they root for the Pack – and who wouldn’t root for their son’s team?

“Such a great feeling to see your child achieve all that he has and here we are getting ready to go to the Super Bowl,” Ellen said.

The green and gold ribbons in hanging up along Greenfield Avenue are a show of support for Mike McCarthy. When he signed his NFL contract, he saw to it that hundreds of thousands of dollars got donated to his old school, St. Rosalia.

Like many Catholic schools in Pittsburgh, enrollment is declining and St. Rosalia was about to be shut down, but Mike McCarthy wasn’t about to let his community down. He gives money to other organizations in Greenfield too.

“Some of that goes to the baseball – Greenfield baseball and part of it goes to the Greenfield Organization which is to serve the community,” Joe McCarthy said.

With their son in the big game, the McCarthys are overwhelmed with emotion.

“I’m so proud,” Ellen said. “I can’t even explain it how proud we are.”


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  1. Cheese says:

    I am originally from Wisconsin and love both teams, but my heart is with the Packers. Go Pack Go!!!

  2. Packers are the best says:

    Thank you for the nice story Pittsburg on the McCarthy’s Channel 2, that is class for sure should be a great super bowl, and hey, the “terrible towels are made in Chippewa Falls, WI!! Of course I have to root for the Packers….

  3. Go Pack says:

    GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!! We have been Packers fans for a long time. Great story.

  4. Dave says:

    Another meaningless feel-good packer story. I guess that’s all they can hold onto after their upcomding loss.

    Gooo Steelers!!!!!

    1. scott says:

      Is Big Ben allowed to travel across state lines?

      1. Dave says:

        of course he is. He’s never been chared with any crime. Nice try though rookie.

    2. scott says:

      I’m glad to see he wasn’t “chared” with a crime.
      Big Ben does move around well in the pocket, even with that ankle bracelet on.
      He he

      Dave…you silly goose.

  5. Fans N'at says:

    They won’t feel so good once the TERRIBLE TOWEL gets ahold of them. Steelers have a new mascot!

  6. kevin Weissenstein says:

    Sounds like fun….TRADERS!

  7. Fife says:

    If Packers win, at least a pittsburgh native will get a ring. I’ll always be rooting for the Steelers, but if we loose it won’t be no hard feelings.

  8. Jimmy says:


  9. Stiller says:


  10. TheField IsNotSoGreen says:

    Greenfield is a stinking cesspool of drugs, alcohol, illegal gambling, prostitution, gangs, corruption, wanna be tough guys, and men who abuse women and have sexual relations their mothers and sisters. It is not as violent as some other places like Homewood or Wilkinsburg so it doesn’t get as much publicity.

    1. scott says:

      Perhaps Greenfield isn’t for you then.
      I consider Greenfield to be a little slice of heaven.

      I also aspire to be a wanna be tough guy. I’m pretty close to reaching my goal.

    2. jill welsh says:

      Being born and raised in Greenfield I have always been proud of where I am from…..Greenfield is a great hometown with good people who have gone on to do great things….We are proud of Mike McCathy, as well as many others including Mayor Bob O’Conner and Mayor Caliguiri!!!!! There are bad things happening in the world in even what we call “the best neighborhoods”. Good Luck Mike and congrats to Greenfield for making us proud to be a true Greenfiel resident.

  11. VERN says:


  12. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    Too bad SCOTT(wanna be tough guy);You got close;that is until the neighbor’s pomeranian swished you with his tail and ko’d you!! Maybe next year!! Maybe next year you’ll even be tall enough to ride the jackrabbit at Kennywood!!

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