Patrice King Brown Reflects On Storied Career In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After more than three decades on the air, Patrice King Brown is taking a look back at her career. She and Stacy Smith take a stroll down memory lane as she prepares to sign off for the last time on KDKA-TV.

STACY: “Nearly 33 years here at KDKA, when you look at it now, has it gone quickly, has seemed like a long 33 years?”

PATRICE: “No, you know what Stacy, it’s a blink. It really, it really is a blink.”

STACY: “What do you remember about going on the air for the first time?”

PATRICE: “Here, at KDKA for the very first time, you know what, I broke out in hives. The first day I was on the air. I mean, head to toe hives, I was so nervous Stace. … It was actually kind of a scary experience that day.”

STACY: “You were able to interview a lot of really well known, famous and important people.”

PATRICE: “Oh Stacy, ‘Pittsburgh 2Day’ was fabulous. … They came to the studio. It wasn’t done by satellite. It was, we came in, shook hands and talked which was great. … ‘We had some of the biggest stars of the day, some of the most controversial, the athletes, the rock stars who always had 50,000 people with them and then you had someone like Charlton Heston or Gregory Peck who came in alone, they just showed up. It was … it was a fabulous experience.”

STACY: “What was it like though, for somebody growing up in Sheraden and all of a sudden being here on KDKA-TV and interviewing people like this?”

PATRICE: “That’s what kept going through my mind. A little girl from Sheraden talking to, fill in the blank. … Once I began to think to think of myself as a liaison between our Pittsburgh audience and these wonderful folks who had a message, and they were ‘folks,’ then everything was just smooth sailing.”

STACY: “Eventually, unfortunately, ‘Pittsburgh 2Day’ went away. And, you made the move to news. Was that a difficult thing for you?”

PATRICE: “Yes, yes it was. It was really like going back to school. … And, it was very difficult for me to adjust to the fast pace of the newsroom.”

STACY: “But, with your background, it wasn’t long before you were on that anchor desk.”

PATRICE: “No, that was actually – I was thrilled with that. I was thrilled with the opportunity to get on the anchor desk.”

STACY: “What’s it like for you to be on that anchor desk, knowing these people are at home watching you?”

PATRICE: “I think it’s important that they trust us. So, I feel a responsibility that we do it the best way that we can – that I give them the best that I can, that whatever story we share, that I know that I am talking about people’s lives, that it is not just a number, that it not just a story, it’s not just another fire, that it’s someone’s life.”

STACY: “Sadly, some of the proudest moments, some of the moments where I felt we did the best, were some of the stories we wish we never had to report.”

PATRICE: “… I hope that … I’m coming off the anchor desk, but the pride that I have in this city and what you and I have accomplished. It will definitely live on in my heart.”


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  1. Donna L. says:

    I feel like I’m loosing a friend. You were in my home daily. I will miss your laughter, beautiful smile & your warm personality.

    I watched the TV “Saying Goodbye to Patrice ” and cryed. I will miss you.

    Good Luck in your future endouvers.

    Loyal KDKA news listner. Donna L./Trafford

    1. Mary Cibjkub says:

      Hi, Patrice, You were in our homes for 33 years and we loved to watch for your laughter and smiles and you and Jon Bernnet were good together. Those days made our day a brighter one. You and Stacey brought us our news everyday in a way that we could see you cared about people We wish you the best in your futured. We love you……………

    2. Cheryl says:

      I will miss Patrice. Can’t believe she was with Stacy for thst many years till I saw old pictures of them together.

      Remember her c hildren growing up, her and John burnett working together. Pgn. 2day was a great show, the they had such great chemistry together. Still love John, he is always so upbeat, smiling, laughing.

      Hope whatever Patrice does is continues to be good for her. Take care, you will be missed!

    3. Debbie Ruffing says:

      Hi Patrice, You were in my home for the 33 years also, & I will miss you, you seem like a friend. Hey, what ever happened to that lady who told you that you would never make it on TV? I guess she ment that you wouldn’t last, what, 75 years? Oh well, what did she know? Also is that your daughter on the brownie commerical?

    4. Lea says:

      I will really miss you Patrice. I have been watching KDKA news for many many years. I love your smile and your warmness and your guenineness. You are truly a super star and I wish you only the best in your future endeavors.

  2. David Ranelli says:

    hello my name is david ranelli i just would like to take this time to say how much i loved watching kdka and patrice king brown, i fill i know her all my life well i do watched kdka all the time nothing else. patrice its been 33 yrs and i have watched u ever sice u came on. i remember pattie burns and u were on together. god bless to mu and the family and i hope u come back and see us. my wife of 35 yrs now wathes all the time, in the early yrs not so but last 20 some any way. love u and take care. dave and merry

  3. George Pasvantis says:

    I truly hope you have a great life with your family,, we shall miss you very much,
    Y ou never really met me to say but i remember you and your husban coming into the hospital for your first child,, my wife and i were the same time and we all spoke for a breff few minutes, well enough said i truly wish you all the very best that life shall give you ,, so go forth now and enjoy your family.

  4. Kathy N. says:

    You were always a class act. We will miss you. Good luck in the future.

  5. Doug Clayton says:

    Thank you for all of your years of true knowledge, I began watching you as a young child, and have enjoyed every minute you spoke, even if it had to be bad news. You are a true ledgend to the T.V. brodcast, and will be greatly missed in my home, and family. Enjoy your time with your family as you have such a warm heart, Best of luck, and Good Health Wishes to all. Doug.

  6. tony says:

    Patrice, I truly don’t ever feel the need to comment on things like this, BUTTT, in a world that is lacking real people like you, OH WELL!!!! . I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do.” YOU ARE A CLASS ACT”. god bless

  7. pati says:

    All the best to you and your family.Have watched you for the entire 33 years. God bless..

  8. Kimberly Tarzia says:

    I watched the goodbye show today and it made me cry. It made me feel like i’ve known her forever. good luck in whatever you do next, best wishes, and god bless you and your family Kim

  9. railjack says:

    I was shocked when I heard you were leaving KDKA! I was even more shocked to find out you have been at KDKA for 33 years! I,m having a selfish moment here but, you don’t look old enough to retire, so I’m asking you to reconcider your leaving!!! That being said, may God bless you and your family!!!

  10. Carol Boyer Vogel says:

    Patrice – I will so miss seeing you daily on the news. I feel like you are one of the “Girlies”. A name that is given to a group of girls that I graduated with (Springdale – class of 71) who still get together on a regular bases to check in on each other’s lives. You have been through it all with us too. I remember watching you the day that you talked about your Dad passing and what he meant to you. Years later when my Dad died suddenly, I thought of you and how strong you were then. It have me strength to get through that time. You will never know how you have touched lives in your viewing area and how badly we will miss your smiling face. I wish you only the best. Enjoy yourself. Pittsburgh will always love you! Thank your family for sharring you with us all.

  11. tracy miller says:

    patrice, i wish you luck in everything you do! and thank you for all the memories i have! ive been watching you since i was little! its hard to see your favorite anchor leave 😦 you will be missed! miss you already!!!

  12. mary says:

    good luck you will be missed

  13. Kirk says:

    You are one of the most beautiful ladies on television. You are also a consumate professional. I have always loved watching you and I will miss you dearly! Best of luck to you! Keep smiling and stay beautiful! Love you and miss you already!

  14. pittgirl says:

    KDKA was the only station my family ever watched since I was a kid and I am 41 now, I will miss seeing you on the news. Good luck to you, enjoy your time with your family..God Bless

  15. phylly says:

    I don’t think there is a dry eye in anyone’s home this evening.. God Bless You Patrice…

  16. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for allowing me to grow up over the last 39 years watching such professional and beautiful talent. I remember watching you for as long as I can remember. You will be GREATLY missed, Please take care and enjoy your personal life to the fullest.

  17. Peg R says:

    I feel like I am losing a friend. I will miss her. I raised my children watching Patrice on “PGH TODAY” and the news. Sad year for me.

  18. Darlene Myers says:

    Best wishes to you Patrice, I have watched you since the beginning of your career. My dad got me hooked on Pittsbugh 2day, he loved that show. My dad admired you and watched your newscast faithfully. When you were gone due to having foot surgery he prayed for you daily. He would always ask have you heard when Patrice will be back, and the day you made it back he called with such excitment in his voice. My dad passed away recently and I know if he were living he would have cried along with you tonight. He also would have been touched to know that you retired on a special day to him, if he were living today him and my mom would’ve been celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. You truely have an angel singing praise to you today. Enjoy your time with your husband and children, life is to short and precious. May God bless you always with the best because you are truely one of the best.

  19. Christina Ritchie Losos (current name) says:

    I believe I was Patrice’s first interviewee on her first show at KDKA.
    The show started at 5AM and was about events in and around
    Pittsburgh. I think the name was “Good Morning,Pittsburgh”.
    I had been chosen as Miss US Steel and was there to discuss
    the United Way Drive. My name at the time was Christina Madar.

    Short story: I was very nervous and had to spend a few minutes
    in the restroom. At the sink, I met Patrice, and told her
    how nervous and sick I was. She said that she was,
    too, because it was her first show at KDKA. And I
    replied that I had been hoping that she would be able
    to hold me up…

  20. Joyce Spark says:

    To lovely Patrice with the unforgettable, warm smile,
    I’ve been with you since the beginning. I remember the yellow dress you wore on Pittsburgh Today when you announced the coming of your first baby. You and John Burnett were the perfect compliment to each other. I’ll never forget being in the audience when Teddy Kennedy made an unexpected visit. I also remember that you said that when you went to New York to learn about your new job on TV that the people there commented that Pittsburgh must have hit the bottom of the barrel. HOW WRONG THEY WERE!!!! You sure showed them. I still carry with pride the Pittsburgh Today tote bag that I won for submitting a recipe to the show. I’m sure going to miss your warm, concerned heart for all of us. I hope your future is filled with as much joy as you have given us over the years.

  21. Phyllis Spencer says:

    Patrice, KDKA will not be the same without you. My daughter will be 33 years old next month, and she grew up with you. I feel as if I am losing a friend, you have bought so much into our lives. I do wish you all the best in the future. You will be greatly missed.

  22. gary kennedy says:

    U will be sadly missed! I grew up watching u! God bless u and ur family

  23. Marica says:

    I wish you all the best. I hope you will appear as a guest on KDKA as you did on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

  24. Danny says:

    My fondest memory of you was on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

  25. JIM says:

    May God bless you as you have blessed us.A friend I have never met, but here I sit crying my eyes out. You are what we all can aim for the very best. thats you,and thats what you gave us . Thank You Beautiful Patrice. I love you my friend and I will miss you,especially that smile and sweet little laugh. To you the very best Jim

  26. Jean & Don says:

    Patrice we will miss you the news just won’t be the same without you,best wishes for you,enjoy your retirement and your family

  27. Janice says:

    Wherever your ventures take you now, may you be as loved as you were behind that desk, coming into our homes each day. Our loss is someone else’s gain. I heard the news a different way because of how you delivered it, always with compassion & respect. Thank you for that, you’ll be missed.

  28. Esther Ann says:

    Dear Patrice,

    You will be greatly missed. I have been a loyal KDKA new watcher most of my life. It was not the same when you weren’t there. You were “family”.

    I ran into you in the supermarket a couple of times. You were always king, gracious and nice.

    I wish you well on your retirement. California’s gain is our loss.

    May God Bless you in this next chapter of your life.

  29. Michael says:

    KDKA is not going to be the same. You are the absolute best there is. No one can equal you.. Good luck in whatever you do.

  30. Patrice; you have been a welcome guest in our home from your start. Best wishes, we’ll miss you. Blessings. Go Mustangs! 🙂

  31. debbie L. says:

    dear patrice, I remember many years ago on pgh 2day john b. gave you a suprise baby shower for your first baby. I don’t think there was a dry eye in all of the pgh viewing area. I as a viewer felt just like I was personally invited to share in your joy. I have always been a faithful viewer of kdka, and I believe it was because of your presence. You are such a professional and compassionate person. These are the keys to being a successful news reporter. You will be so truly missed. I will wish you all the best in your future endeavors. May God Bless You . Thank you so very much for all you have given us over the years.

  32. Sherry says:

    Patrice~ I can’t believe it is time for your to retire. We were pregnant with our first child together. My favorfite memory is from Pgh 2Day when you were making cookies and covered them with baking soda instead of confectioners sugar. I still laugh when I think about it. I wish you all the best in your retirment and enjoy it to the fulliest. God Bless.

  33. mary jean pampena says:

    God bless you and your family.It was a great 33 years

  34. Hattie Montague says:

    Ms. Patrice,..when I first moved to Pittsburg 3 years ago, I knew no one. I didn’t have family or friends here, but your face became a comforting daily factor. I am a mother of two very intelligent and well to do daughters, and I couldn’t be more proud of you than if you were my own. Every good thing has to come to an end sometime, and I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you with happy moments and blissful days as you have the opportunity to truly get to “know” your family again. I will miss your beautiful smile and professional demeanor. Be happy, Ms. Patrice…this is your time. Bless you.

  35. Norma says:

    I will truly miss you Patrice, you had class, you to me were the best female reporter on KDKA, when I knew you were on I watched you, I cried alongwith you Friday. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful children. Patrice I wish you the very best in your future. I am sure you will find happiness with your husband and family. What a loss for KDKA.

  36. Tim says:

    I didnt get the chance to see Patrice alot on TV because during her stay at KDKA I was also in the Military, BUT during my annual leaves from active duty I ALWAYS tuned in to the news to see her at the anchor desk. It was like seeing a family member talk and tell me about what was going on in my hometown. I’m now retired and will will miss seeing Patrice at the anchor desk. She was and is one of the most beautiful and intelligent female anchors in any news anchor position I have seen. Good Luck Patrice and God Bless. Thank you for just being there

  37. J. D. Harbst says:

    You were doubt as good as any news anchor in the business, at any level. I first watched you on Pittsburgh 2Day(great show, wish it was still on), and then on the news. Amazing, but after 33 years, you look so fresh–no sign of looking older. Great to see a local person do so well. You’ll be missed. Enjoy retirement.

  38. Rich Bulger says:

    It’s the end of an era in Pittsburgh TV news. As many have said here, I too have watched you for much of the past three decades and you truly are a class act. I’ve had the opportunity to live in larger cities and view their news but it paled by comparison to how you brought the news into so many homes and lives. Stacy, Jon and Jeff said it best when they remarked that you are an icon and the standard to which the rest in the news business should aspire. And you will not be replaced. Be proud of the lives you’ve touched. So, thank you from this Western PA native who’s marveled at your ability to relate the news on such a personal level to the viewers of KDKA. God bless and enjoy your family and this new part of your life. THANK YOU!

  39. Barbara striker says:

    you will be missed you have been in my house for as long as i can remember you i think i was 8 years old when you came to pittsburgh today you will be miss may God bless you with along life to come and you will be misses very much c-ya later my friend

  40. Liz says:

    Hi Patrice:

    When I heard you were leaving, I put your last newscast on my schedule. I was able to watch the 4 pm, 5 pm, and 6 pm news and cried right with you. I have watched you for 33 years and feel like you were part of my family. When my husband was killed in a car crash on I-279 in December of 2003, you were sharing the news on TV. You were very kind and respectful.

    I am a devoted KDKA fan and will miss your beautiful smile and warm demeanor. I agree with everyone: You are one classy lady and a terrific anchorwoman. We will miss you so much. What are those boys going to do without you???

    God bless you and your family. Come back and visit once in a while.

  41. Karen King says:

    All I can say is our family will miss you from this day forward, watching the KDKA news at 4,5 and 6. We as viewers were truely blessed to have you come into our living rooms every night with the evening news. I loved that smile of yours and that little giggle we heard every now and then. I’ve been watching you since Pittsburgh Today was on. My sister and I even went to one of your shows back then to see you. How gracious you were even back then. Good Luck to you and your family and enjoy every moment with them. Good bye Patrice!! KDKA won’t be the same with out you! Love, karen KDKA viewer



  43. MsPittsburgh says:

    Dear Patrice: I am soo happy for you but so sad I will no longer be able to look forward to seeing your beautiful face on KDKA anymore when I drive home to Pittsburgh from TN. ☹ Good Luck 2 You and hopefully you are staying in Pgh. and getting a show of your own!!!!

  44. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Patrice, Wishing you all the best in life as you start your new chapter…I’ve never met you in person but always hoped to “bump into” you somewhere; shopping or being out and about in Pittsburgh. The reason is that you and I were born on the same day, June 25, 1954, and the standing “joke” between my son and myself was always, Gee mom, Patrice looks so much younger than you!! (I wanted to see for myself) Watched you on Pgh today, you had your son around the time my daughter was born and then you had your daughter around the time my was born. Sad to see you leave KDKA, it won’t be the same without you!

  45. Wendy from Greensburg says:

    You will be greatly missed in the Pittsburgh news arena. You have exemplified class and dignity as you performed you broadcasting duties. You have always been able to convey the feeling of the story, whether it be sadness or gladness, to those of us in the viewing audience. You presentation often moved us to act on those things we cared about. Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope you enjoy the time you will be able to spend with your family. Familyt is the most treasured possession we have. God bless you Patrice.

  46. jim floriolli says:

    jim fl oriolli from castleshannon thanks for everthig you been great goo luck to you

  47. V.Gaulden says:

    I live in South Carolina, and just read that Mrs. King-Brown was leaving your station. I would always watch her when I came up there to visit my family. She is a true professional. and I know the people of Pittsburgh and surround areas, will truly miss her. Good luck too you in the future Mrs. King-Brown. and may God continur to bless you always. Vera Gaulden

  48. Lois Martini says:

    You will be miss in this town and in my home. KDKA has been a big part of my life for a long time. My daughter is a big fan of you and your colleagues. Watching the news is what made her decide to study broadcasting at Point Park University and hopes someday to work at KDKA (behind the camera). She is sorry she won’t get the chance to work with you. We watched and cried on Friday along with the rest of the city. We wish you the best.

  49. CINDY says:


  50. Diana says:

    Good Luck in your retirement Patrice. Your grace, elegance, and professionalism in reporting the news made Pittsburgh a better place to live. I always enjoyed watching the news since you first started when you were reporting it. As you reported the news, it wasn’t just news it came from your heart, whether it was good new, as you laughed and smiled or difficult news. You gave from your heart always! I will miss your sincerity and beautiful smile daily. I have been with you since day one of your KDKA shows. There were many days you got me through the tuff times in my life just hearing your voice. There were times I felt like you were an angel sent to help me through the day. I hope you have a very blessed retirement with your husband and children. And KDKA will never replace someone as special as you…You are a WINNER! Blessings!!!

  51. Lee Anne says:

    Patrice, you are a beautiful and elegant lady that we will all miss very much. We will miss your beautiful voice and smile. Much happiness in your new venture and God Bless you and your family. We love you!

  52. Peggy & Ken says:

    Patrice, my Dad and I have followed you when you were Patrice King. He met you at Kennywood when the station had those commercials about meeting people. He was thrilled to meet you and called me as soon as he came home to tell me about it. We will miss you so very much,but I guess all good things must come to an end. Our best to your and your family.

  53. Nancy says:

    Patrice, Congratulations and good luck with retirement. My husband and I flew to Florida this past fall when the Steelers played Miami Oct. 24th. I wanted to go to you and tell you how much our family loves KDKA and admires you, but didn’t because that was your personal time. But KDKA and Pittsburgh is a better place to have you in their lives for all the years.We will miss you and your smiling face everyday, but wish you and your family the best!!!

  54. Rishona says:

    Patrice King Brown is like synonymous with KDKA. She’ll be missed; but I hope that she fully enjoys her retirement!

  55. Beverly Williams says:

    Hello Patrice I remember when you did a report on Patty Burns when she past away that was a very tough piece for you understandably, I felt it with every bone in my body, but watching you I remember saying as much as it hurt you, you did it so professionally and with integrity, I’ve watched you ever since I can remember and I always said she looks like she never age. you are as beautiful as the first time you appeared on TV, I truly will miss your beautiful smile, and your funny laugh, I feel like your a part of my family. My family and I would like to thank you for so many years of continued sincerity you will always be in our thoughts and prayers, now go ahead and spend time with your precious family and have fun and keep on smiling. Good Luck !!!! Beverly From the Hill District.

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