PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After more than three decades on the air, Patrice King Brown is taking a look back at her career. She and Stacy Smith take a stroll down memory lane as she prepares to sign off for the last time on KDKA-TV.

STACY: “Nearly 33 years here at KDKA, when you look at it now, has it gone quickly, has seemed like a long 33 years?”

PATRICE: “No, you know what Stacy, it’s a blink. It really, it really is a blink.”

STACY: “What do you remember about going on the air for the first time?”

PATRICE: “Here, at KDKA for the very first time, you know what, I broke out in hives. The first day I was on the air. I mean, head to toe hives, I was so nervous Stace. … It was actually kind of a scary experience that day.”

STACY: “You were able to interview a lot of really well known, famous and important people.”

PATRICE: “Oh Stacy, ‘Pittsburgh 2Day’ was fabulous. … They came to the studio. It wasn’t done by satellite. It was, we came in, shook hands and talked which was great. … ‘We had some of the biggest stars of the day, some of the most controversial, the athletes, the rock stars who always had 50,000 people with them and then you had someone like Charlton Heston or Gregory Peck who came in alone, they just showed up. It was … it was a fabulous experience.”

STACY: “What was it like though, for somebody growing up in Sheraden and all of a sudden being here on KDKA-TV and interviewing people like this?”

PATRICE: “That’s what kept going through my mind. A little girl from Sheraden talking to, fill in the blank. … Once I began to think to think of myself as a liaison between our Pittsburgh audience and these wonderful folks who had a message, and they were ‘folks,’ then everything was just smooth sailing.”

STACY: “Eventually, unfortunately, ‘Pittsburgh 2Day’ went away. And, you made the move to news. Was that a difficult thing for you?”

PATRICE: “Yes, yes it was. It was really like going back to school. … And, it was very difficult for me to adjust to the fast pace of the newsroom.”

STACY: “But, with your background, it wasn’t long before you were on that anchor desk.”

PATRICE: “No, that was actually – I was thrilled with that. I was thrilled with the opportunity to get on the anchor desk.”

STACY: “What’s it like for you to be on that anchor desk, knowing these people are at home watching you?”

PATRICE: “I think it’s important that they trust us. So, I feel a responsibility that we do it the best way that we can – that I give them the best that I can, that whatever story we share, that I know that I am talking about people’s lives, that it is not just a number, that it not just a story, it’s not just another fire, that it’s someone’s life.”

STACY: “Sadly, some of the proudest moments, some of the moments where I felt we did the best, were some of the stories we wish we never had to report.”

PATRICE: “… I hope that … I’m coming off the anchor desk, but the pride that I have in this city and what you and I have accomplished. It will definitely live on in my heart.”

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