Ruffsdale Man Charged With Kidnapping, Rape

RUFFSDALE (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County man is accused of kidnapping a woman and raping her repeatedly.

Barry Smith, Jr., 29, of Ruffsdale, was providing transportation to a 22-year-old woman last week.

He allegedly threatened the 22-year-old victim with a handgun and took her to his home along Highway 31 in Ruffsdale.

State police say once they were inside the home, Smith allegedly held the victim against her will and raped her.

He was arrested at his apartment and taken to the Westmoreland County Jail.

In 2009, Smith was charged with holding a woman captive and repeatedly assaulting her physically and sexually.

Smith faces a long list of charges, including rape, terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person and kidnapping.

Four of the charges against him are felonies. The others are misdemeanor offenses.

He remains in jail on a $500,000 bond.


One Comment

  1. john says:

    this man need some serious surgical reconstruction as in remove his “manhood” this type of person needs to be punished to the extreme of the law.
    i can recommend a good painful surgeon….

  2. Eric says:

    When he is found guilty kill this worthless piece of sh#t!!!!

  3. the victum says:

    Dear GOD, Thank yu for answering my prayers n helping assist with capturing this sick man…this man stole the person I am from me in a matter of mins…he degraded me humiliated me,n yu Lord yu saved me, please continue to watch over me, n give me strength to continue each day n the courage to stand up to this demon, n put him away for life..thank yu!!! AMEN

  4. Bea says:

    Another story of someone committing another crime instead of being in prison. 2009 did the same thing, why is he on the street? Criminals don’t take the law seriously because the courts don’t deliver consequences anymore, there is no justice, no rehabilitation. Just offend & walk the streets to do it again. This is why our police are in danger & attacked. No court system to back them up. Pathetic.

  5. Carl says:

    No hearings, no trials, no lawyers, allow the victims or victims families decide the sentences for human turds like this one. The only way to deal with societies predators is to transform the predators into the prey.

  6. susan says:

    this man has done this to other women, one from the Brownsville area and his grand mother got him out of it, she makes it easy for him to get away with his crimes her and him make out like its the women that are doing wrong. its him and needs to be put away for ever in a cell with men that will do the same to him. he deserves to get the same treatment he gave his victims the punishment should fit his crime.

  7. jeff says:

    he probley belongs to the bridgeport club

  8. will g says:

    i can’t figure this out. at what point in your life do you think doing something like this is a good idea? i hope the prisoners at his new home show him the meaning of rape and what it is like to be terrorized

    1. Greene County Chic says:

      I think he’s going to like being raped, beatings would be best.

  9. Greene County Chic says:

    Our justicial system is at fault for this, because he has already done this once and now it happened again. Thats so not right, I think he needs hung, but i dont think pa does that anymore. Some type of execution is what he needs.

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