Skiers Left Stranded On Boyce Park Lift Again

PLUM BORO (KDKA) – Officials with the Parks Department of Allegheny County have announced that the ski lift at Boyce Park is closed until further notice.

The decision comes after more than 30 people became stranded on the lift, some for more than an hour, Saturday evening following another apparent malfunction.

Rescue crews used rope and a pulley system to bring them down.

Authorities say the many of the skiers were very cold, but unhurt following the incident.

State officials have inspected the ski left twice already this winter. The repeated incidents have left many skiers frustrated.

“I was wondering if it was going to break down again because I knew it broke down before,” said Brittany Lenkiewicz, of Murrysville. “So, I told him that I was scared and it actually happened.”

“We were up there the longest,” said Sam Kubas, of Murrysville. “It was cold and my knees hurt because the boots were heavy.”

The park manager declined to be interviewed Saturday night.

Back on Jan. 8, about 100 skiers were stranded after officials said that someone fell at the top of the lift, grabbed the chair and pulled it sideways, only to pull the cable off the guide wheel.

The lift was closed, repaired, inspected and then reopened. However, on Jan. 12, about 40 skiers had to be rescued after another reported malfunction with the cable.

There were no injuries in that incident either, but officials with the Allegheny County Public Works Department were frustrated after getting the green light to reopen.

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One Comment

  1. Jane says:

    Could it be because everyone is so fat and the lift can’t handle the weight?

    1. Larry says:

      Hey Aaron, the first “your” should be “you’re.” It’s a contraction for “you are.” You got the second one right. Just saying since it makes you look even more ignorant than your comment was meant to be.

  2. dave says:

    Could it be a low budget maintenance crew and a flaw filled government bureaucracy?

  3. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Could it be the whole place is run by morons?

  4. Aaron says:

    This is just like that movie “Frozen”! Awesome.

  5. Doug says:

    Yes Dave, it is the governemnt. I can see you are a man of keen reasoning. You cut right to the heart of that matter. If a pivate comapy owned Boyce Park then there would never be a problem. They never cut any corners, ever! And the snow would be made out of cotton candy and the trees would be made out of chocolate! And we would all live happily for ever after just as long as the government regulation wolf did not eat grandma. The end.

    1. Laugh Out Loud says:

      Best comment. Ever.

  6. Larry says:

    Hey Aaron, the first “your” should be “you’re.” It’s a contraction for “you are.” You got the second one right. Just saying since it makes you look even more ignorant than your comment was meant to be.

  7. chance says:

    Your/you/re, to/two/too, brake/break, they/their/they’re, advice /advise…..c’mon they teack this basic stuff in the eighth grade. Once an INTELLIGENT person is taught the difference, he never makes the same mistake again! No wonder we have so many “Yinzers”.

  8. Go Steelers says:

    They need to shut this place down. It is a matter of time before someone gets hurt and Allegheny County get sued.

  9. jason says:

    I was there till 4pm and it actually stopped functioning multiple times throughout the day, once withme on it and twice as I was just about to get on. in order to “fix” it they call a mechanic who flips all of the breakers off and back on again. It seems obvious the mechanic does not have a clue what is really wrong, maybe they should hire someone that does.

  10. hc says:

    I do think it is that people in this area are too fat for the equipment. It is sort of obvious. Not a big deal, just can’t ski there anymore unless they want to put in a more industrial type crane to move the people around up the slope.

  11. WgivesaF? says:

    chance… proceed to correct someone on word usage, then commit typos, leave out commas, and make a fool out of yourself in the process. The word police of comment sections should get a freakin’ life already and either leave a relevant comment, or don’t leave one at all. You’re an idiot….and that’s the right way to use you-are, and idiot.

  12. Mike says:

    This place is a joke, went there for the first time last Saturday and it is run by a bunch of kids. Took my 5 year old daughter and these kids tried to give her a size 5 boot for teenagers. Just to get them exchanged for a size 1 kids took over an hour. This place needs to pay for quality employees or else lower their prices for the trouble you have to go through just to get your equipment. Spent $45.00 for a one hour lesson with a kid, rentals, and lift ticket and she got to ski for 2 hrs. because of the wait just to get equipment.

  13. redrock100 says:

    democrats in action. they cant fix anything

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