Mystery Man Found In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A lucky Steelers fan is on his way to Texas after solving the mystery of the “mystery man” who had been wandering the streets of Pittsburgh as part of a fun contest.

The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau planted mystery men in both Pittsburgh and Green Bay this weekend to give away trips to the Super Bowl.

Clues were given Friday and Saturday on the group’s Facebook and Twitter pages about the mystery man’s whereabouts. The mystery man went undetected in both cities on Friday.

In order to win, contestants had to locate and approach the mystery man and say a secret phrase. The contest had plenty of black and gold-clad fans running around Pittsburgh asking: “Have you been to Dallas lately?”

The prize included two tickets to the game, NFL Experience passes, a four-night stay in Dallas and $500 to help cover the cost of transportation to Texas.

Saturday’s first hint came early. It said: “As you may have already heard, the first hint is: At 9:30 a.m. the Mystery Man will take a walk near a bridge (or two).”

Four clues were then posted on local Pittsburgh blogs to help locate the mystery man.

The first major clue said: “At 11 a.m., the Mystery Man will be checking out a stunning viewpoint in Pittsburgh.” Another hint came after that: “We want to give the Mystery Man a bit of breathing room.”

“The clue was come to the best viewpoint in Pittsburgh, Mount Washington had to be it; that’s what we figured,” said Steelers fans, Andy Wise and Cody Hiles.

With no description, people were approaching anyone and everyone.

Having no luck on Mount Washington, fans followed another clue to downtown, looking for the elusive mystery man. It read: “At 1:30 p.m. the mystery man will be somewhere near the largest building in Pittsburgh.”

“The first building was the US Steel Tower, the second was the Bank of New York,” said one person looking to solve the mystery.

A winner was crowned with the release of the third clue: “At 3 p.m., the mystery man will be exploring around Market Square.”

And at the ice rink at PPG Place, Iren Evans of Wilkinsburg found the pot of gold!

“I found him right over here by Boulevard of the Allies and Market Square; it was awesome,” said Evans. “I don’t know if I’m going with my dad or my brother, it’s still up in the air. I’m going to have a blast.”

Around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, the mystery man in Green Bay was found.

As for the mystery man, he did not want to give his name or say where he’s from.

“I was walking around being mysterious,” was all he would say. “A mystery man doesn’t reveal his secrets.”


One Comment

  1. Blair Parella says:

    It’s pretty sad that in order to go to the game is to be rich or win tickets. I’m from Pittsburgh and live here in Dallas and the closest I can get is watching on tv. For those of us over the years that support our team we are the ones that can not go because it’s become a game for the rich. I don’t have an extra 5 or 10 thousand dollars laying around to go see the game. Just food for thought

    1. Rocky says:

      You’re right brother. Like the mill workers woud say DAT AIN’T RIGHT!!!!
      The average person can’t go. Another case of the middle class paying the freight and rich ride for free. I’m almost sixty. I’m used to it. My advice buy some Powerball tix, win and then boycott the game.

      1. Joseph Puskar says:

        guys…. you dont have ro be rich to see the superbowl.. just lucky… lose the bad attitude about yourself and life and things (karma) will come around brother

    2. Reality_Guy says:

      Be thankful you have a TV to watch it on.

  2. LeeOna Capo says:

    I have to agree with you Blair….Its doesn’t seem fair. I live here in Pittsburgh and the only way I get to see home games is on tv.
    I did go to the pep rally and that was good. Been to them the last few times they had it and the team always seem to win. So hope this is a good sign and they win #7.

  3. Barb L says:

    ‘t know wher the game is played but “You are already connected”

    Myron Cope

  4. WILLIAM says:

    well guess what yall i am 25 years old and i am going to see the PACKERS run right over your STEELERS final score PACKERS 21 Steelers 0 or 3 GO PACKERS

    1. Bill says:

      We prefer “yinz,” thanks. Listen Ricky Bobby, you certainly don’t sound like someone from Wisconsin. Are you from Dallas? Then we could understand your reason for “hatin’.” You’d also be too young to remember the Ice Bowl when Green Bay beat “them Cowboys.” Curiously, what does your age have to do with anything, anyway? Odd. Very odd.

    2. LoriLuWho says:

      It”s yinz ..and your an idiot!! Let me guess you’re some rich kid that Mommy and Daddy are taking to the game with them. Steeler fans aren’t ignorant like some other teams fans are! We bleed Black and gold. It doesn’t matter where we watch the game. What matters is the pride in our hearts, the feeling of comorodity, and the history of the Steel curtain. Apparently something you know nothing about!!

      1. stoopm says:

        Apparently something you know nothing about is spelling. Learn to spell before calling someone else an idiot, you idiot!

      2. CreamyGoodness says:

        Before calling someone an idiot, you might want to check your grammar. Instead of “your an idiot”, it should have been “you’re an idiot”. The fact that you cannot distinguish the two is rather sad actually. Good try though.

    3. MD says:

      It isn’t “yall …. It is “Yenz” , Cheese for brains. ps I’ll take that bet, if you’re offering cash

    4. Joseph Puskar says:

      last time pittsburgh played the cheese pack… we won… food for thought lol

      1. Kay says:

        Yeah by 1 lousy point…Not a buttkicking by score…

  5. mike says:

    IT is sad!! The super bowl is not about the true fan, It has every thing to do with ,high power and deep pocket books… . For the most part , most dont even know anything about the game.. It is a real shame !! If you look at the break down of percentage of tickets and who they are issued to,,, You will understand what i am talking about.. The nfl should play a 18 game schedule. 2 free to the public!!

    1. JW says:

      If they were free you would have to stand in line for a week to get a seat. True fans have to be poor? What a joke. Go Steelers, and the fans that worked hard and go to the games, enjoy.

  6. Debbie Filsinger Jankowski says:

    i dont think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Pittsburgh Keith says:

    Loves my STEELERS Yinz Guyz & Enjoys watchin em on my 50 ” flat screen n drinkin Iron City & eatin an Islays Chipped Ham Bar B Q or A Primanti Sammich. Steelers 24 Packers 21

  8. BLAH says:

    What a difficult article to read! WOW

  9. Linda says:

    I am happy to sit in a nice warm house and watch it on Tv.

  10. linda hrabik says:

    Good luck to you Patrice, i have watched you for years.

  11. Ryan says:

    Fact is you can complain about it being to expensive, but if it wasn’t your chances of going would still be remote anyway. So, just enjoy the game and GO STEELERS.

  12. Lyn Dutertre says:

    I think that I saw this guy eating at a place in Market Square. His solo chair /seat was facing the window!!! I almost walked in and asked them that fun phrase.
    I am 90% sure that it was him. I did not want to bother him while he was eating. If I would have saw this guy walking out of the place… I would have asked him. So Mystery Man…if you were eating at the place in Market Square… I am going to be kicking myself.

  13. TimmyD says:

    Steelers – 49
    Packers – 9

  14. Mariann Mattes says:


  15. Mariann Mattes says:


    1. Carolyn says:

      If you are so worried about the world, why are you reading posts on this article???

  16. Scott Williford says:

    Boo Hoo. Thank God you have eyes to watch and ears to listen with. Be thankful for what you have. Work hard and maybe you’ll be wealthy enough to enjoy some of the finer things of life. In actuality the best seat in the house is right in front of the TV in your living room surrounded by your friends and family. Americans are so spoiled.

  17. WILLIAM GREEN says:


  18. Scott says:

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa I can’t go because it cost to much. Be thankful for what you have.I have been a Pen’s fan since 74 and tix are pretty high priced. I don’t care just glad the team is stll here. Go Steelers bring it home BABY.

  19. Marybeth says:

    I will not watch the game. I willnot evenglance at a toob. If I even take a minutes interest in the game they will lose .So… I will work a double shift ( if the gal originally scheduled will work Monday daylight for me). If I do not work I will go to the farm and clean stallsand trim hooves all evening them come home and play wit da cats in the spare room with earplugs in . It worked last sunday…

    1. ART says:

      dedication thank you Marybeth.

  20. Jamie W says:

    Personally it sickens me that the game has become about corporate sponsors and celebrities, who honestly don’t care about the game! True fans, like myself, cannot even fathom spending thousands of dollars for one ticket! Whats even more sad, is that it will just continue to get more expensive. Just once I would like to see a game were the real fans can go! Can you imagine how loud the crowd would be??

  21. Connie says:

    Whether I complain about it or not, the rich will get to the amazing things, the poor will dream about it & live vicariously through them on the TV. That’s life. But all the while, I get to watch my Steelers win time after time while enjoying a couple beers on my Sunday afternoon. So thank you, Steelers, for the great games and memories with friends & family! Stairway to Seven!!!!!

  22. Joseph Puskar says:

    guys where all on the SAME TEAM! why hate your own fans? come people.. GO STEELERS!

  23. SteelerinDC says:

    Congratulations Iren! Hope you and your dad (or brother) have a great time in the Big D. Bring back the Lombardi with you!!!! :0)

    1. Iren says:

      How can i not have a blast!!! Shoot if i get another golden ticket ill be celebrating on the field, ha. Letttss Gooooooo

  24. Richard says:

    Even if I had a chance to go to the Super Bowl I’d rather watch it on TV. The list of reasons why is way too long to post. I’ll be happy as a bug in a rug to just watch it from the comfort of my own home! Go Steelers!

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