Fans Cheer On Steelers At Airport

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Steelers received a warm send-off to Texas by several fans at the airport Monday morning.

As Ben Roethlisberger pulled arrived, fans were there to greet him.

“We’re just big Steeler fans. It’s pretty exciting and we just wanted to be a part of it,” Joe Mealie said.

“Yes, we’re very excited to be here. Very excited to have them go to another Super Bowl. And we’ll win another Super Bowl,” Debbie Vasko said.

Vasko is the definition of a dedicated fan. She brought just a few of her jerseys to display as she cheered on the black and gold.

Tom Harvey also came down to snap pictures of his favorite players. He looked on as Hines Ward arrived sporting a cowboy hat.

“Anytime they go, we try to show them support and cheer them on. Anyone who’s grown up here, it’s just a very loyal fan base. Not unlike Green Bay, which is why it’s going to be a good game,” Harvey said.

Speaking of Green Bay, one cheesehead showed up at the airport Monday morning too.

Heather Abraham: You know you have a Steeler fan right behind you. How do you feel about that?

Mike Smetana: It’s unfortunate, but again not everybody gets to choose. But, we are taking applications to be Packer fans.

His friends said not to worry because they’ll take care of the problem.

“He’ll get his. We’ve decorated his cubicle,” Harvey said.

With a great send-off from fans, hopefully the Steelers will return with a seventh Super Bowl ring.


One Comment

  1. jim says:

    Yuck Steelers again ah comeon how much money did they have to pay to get there. OMG crooked NFL.

    1. subyblue says:

      crooked nfl!?, yes. have you heard all the calls they make against us? any other team gets away with the same things in every game, especially against us! the reason we are in the superbowl again is because apparently your favorite team couldn’t beat us…..

  2. Lee says:

    Get a grip man!! They deserve to be there

  3. dawn says:

    jim really? how much did they pay? you are ridiculous, even with the unfair calls the refs kept giving us, we WON our way to the superbowl. no other team has six rings, and they definitely won’t be able to touch us as we have seven!

  4. the d says:

    not a big football fan, but i do hope gb wins. i just can’t stand all those fat, out of shape, unhealthy stiller fans shaking their fat bellies around.

    1. Jackie says:


    2. ruth johnston says:

      you know there are several big fat GB fans as well.

  5. lj says:

    the d, If you are not a football fan then why are you reading this article and making comments. This story is about a football team and the city that loves them. Perhaps you should look at what kind of person would write a idiot comment like this before you start passing judgement on others.

  6. Miss M says:

    d are you that ignorant or just that stupid? Probably both. Have you ever taken a look at the green bay fans, lots of bellies there to honey!!! You must have a really sad life, if you have to be that mean and ignorant!!! Oh an honey it is steeler not stiller, so maybe it is because you are just that stupid!!

  7. Ryan S. says:

    This is a group that needs to “Get a Life”! If they have this kind of free time, why not do something useful with it, like, I don’t know, maybe volunteer at a shelter or something.

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      I couldn’t agree more!

    2. sally says:

      I agree, no fun allowed in life. You are absolutely right. Which shelter are you typing your comment from? Give me a break.


      1. stoo says:

        You’re right, that does look like fun. Standing in a parking garage in the cold, hoping to catch a glimpse of a twice accused sexual predator. How did I miss that.

  8. Bob says:

    Steeler fans are awesome! There’s even a fan site doing their own Pittsburgh Steeler comic strips at Brett Keisle as The Terrible Towel!

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