BRIDGEVILLE (KDKA) — It was a bad night for a local Green Bay Packers fan when his SUV caught fire as he was driving home.

“I saw just a bright flame on the ground,” said Dan George, of Washington, Pa. “It got brighter and brighter and that’s when I pulled off, put it in park and jumped out… the whole right side was on fire.”

Minutes later, Battalion Chief Ron Baselj of the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department estimated flames shot 20-ft. into the air.

Three lanes of traffic stopped on Interstate 79 South near Bridgeville, as fire crews worked to extinguish the flames. George was not hurt and was thankful his kids weren’t with him.

“Kind of scary,” George said.

But George, who is a Packers fan and was wearing his Green Bay jacket, joked about the reason for the fire.

“I’m thinking this jacket had something to do with that!” He said his Packers hat burned up in the fire.

Firefighters also teased him about his Cheesehead loyalty. “All in good fun!” said Baselj.

George, however, says this incident has not shaken his team spirit, and he expects Green Bay to win on Sunday.

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