Safe Driving Tips For Upcoming Storm

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Snow, freezing rain and ice are expected to move into the area this evening, which will make for a messy Tuesday morning commute.

Pennsylvania State Police have already issued a travel warning for Tuesday’s morning commute.

“From a driver’s perspective, the best thing to do is really pay attention to what conditions are out there. Watch the evening news, pay attention to the forecast, call our 511 hotline number to get the most current travel conditions,” Jim Struzzi with PennDOT said.

The best advice is not to travel at all. However, if you have to go out, give yourself plenty of time and make sure your car has safe equipment.

One key component is to make sure your tires aren’t worn out. Even with newer tires, drivers need to slow down in inclement weather.

“Make sure if you’re behind someone you allow yourself adequate stopping distance, because when the conditions do vary like this, you could be traveling on a wet roadway that suddenly turns to ice,” Struzzi said.

That leads to the issue of having good brakes.

“We like to inspect the condition of the pads, the condition of the rotor to make sure they’re going to be able to able to stop safely,” Al Kirschman at Mr. Tire said.

Of course, good tires, good brakes and four-wheel drive won’t make much of a difference on ice. However, if you drive carefully and your vehicle has safe equipment, you have a better chance of avoiding an accident.


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  1. Ed Brecht says:

    and pray to jesus

  2. Ryan says:

    Pay attention? This is the best they have to offer? How about “turn into the direction of the skid”? Or “having extra weight in your back seat or trunk can help stabilize your car”? Good tires DO make a difference on ice. Trust me, I went straight down the cobblestone & paved side of Crane Avenue off Banksville on a sheet of ice in an old Chevy Celebrity by taking it SLOW and STEADY. Another very important tip that I can offer is shifting into neutral as you start going down a questionable hill and shifting back into gear at or near the bottom. That keeps your engine from driving you forward into skids. Driving on ice is all a question of momentum and angles, so calculate accordingly. Good luck!

  3. eric says:

    AVOID STEEP HILLS, just a thought…. there’s always a long way to get to your destination, so choose the safer roads…

  4. Sammy says:

    Do not shift to neutral! You don’t want to be free wheeling down hill and it’s illegal. Shift to your lowest gear and let the engine and tranny work for you. With today’s computers and abs systems let the car work for you.

    1. Sammy says:

      PS -Do not shift to neutral in all cars. Let the newer cars with ABS and traction/stability control do it for you in most cases. On ice all bets are off! Stay wherever you are! It’s just not worth the risk!

  5. Bob Lozano says:

    I have a 4X4 and I love tailgating this people that go 2 mph. Scare the heck out of them. They do not belong on the road.

    1. Nanny says:

      You are an idiot. Hopefully someone will have to pull your precious 4X4 out of a ditch someday for doing this. My 4X4 slid on ice when it was in park. Nothing goes on ice, except the penguins.

      1. Bob Lozano says:

        Why the hurtful name…I am benefitting everyone by scaring the pathetic off the road. Only once did someone hit a telephone pole. And I honked so they would realize they were going too fast.

    2. angry at bob says:

      Bob: that is the stupidest thing I have heard. Don’t be such a jerk, just because you have 4 wheel drive does not stop you from sliding. Although, if you choose to believe that you are invincible, good luck with that

    3. eric says:

      tough guy “bob” with a 4×4…

      my truck is a 4×4 and i don’t want to drive on ice, so if i go slow on ice am i “pathetic” or smart? i always carry a chain and strap in my truck so ill keep my eye out for you and pull you out of the ditch….

      p.s. anyone who tailgates me does not scare me, it angers me and usually i hit my breaks juuuust a lil harder…

      1. Bob Lozano says:

        Why should I be late because you drive like a grandmother.

      2. angry at bob 2 says:

        Did you ever think that because of safer and yes slower drivers, you actually make it home with your get outta my way attitude?

    4. MIOFG says:

      I do hope that you end up driving behind me!

      1. Bob Lozano says:

        90% of people drive just like me and I am the wrong, duh!

    5. Queen says:

      It is people like you that cause accidents and you think it is ok because you do not think you are doing anything wrong.

  6. Arkiega says:

    @ Sammy – just so you know there are still many older cars on the road w/o abs brakes (it was optional when my car was new). but I agree that lowest gear works best.
    @Ryan – I appreciate the suggestion to add weight to the rear seat or trunk. I’m going to try that.
    I’m a southerner living here now 20 years and although we don’t have snow in south we do get ICE STORMS often. The kink here in Pgh are the frequent and steep HILLS. ugh. Good luck, all.

  7. Chris says:

    Bob, I do hope we see you featured on the news being dragged from wherever it is you crash, while the rest of us that have an ounce of common sense rather than an overabundance of testosterone and ego make it to our destinations safely.

  8. BOB SUCKS says:

    bob- what part of ICE don’t you get??????? i really think your acting this way just be difficult…. you sound like such a d-bag….

    my 2008 f150 is lifted with 35’s, I take my truck through some fun/rough terrain, i can control my truck, but ice is a different monster, you don’t win on ice my man, leave earlier if your afraid of being late, esp. if the roads are not clear, that’s called being responsible… try it sometime… MORON

  9. angry at bob says:

    so happy that so many people agree that bob is an a$@.

  10. Bonnie Loya says:

    Bob, like so many others expressed, if you’re afraid of being late for work leave earlier and drive cautiously like the rest of us so we all can be safe.

  11. Mike says:

    Bob is just trying to stir everyone up, and get a reaction. He obviously is another idiot seeking attention. If I ever catch you, or anyone like you claim to be tailgating me while I’m being “cautious”, I guarantee that you’re gonna regret it for as long as you ever drive again.

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      Okay tuff guy

  12. bobisgay! says:

    hey bob! hope you get behind me sometime! I will just have to be sure to slam on the breaks so you hit me and since the accident will be your fault for following too close and not being able to control your vehicle, i hope you got lots of money since i would sue you for every possible thing. you and your family will be dumpster diving for your dinner! …magot infested food…yummie!

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      Real mature – I’ll be driving around all day in my 2011 Hummer laughing at you panty waist pukes rolling in your Ford Focus sliding into poles.

  13. angry at bob says:

    that would figure that you would be driving a hummer…moron. compensating for something apparently!

  14. Bob Lozano says:

    No…just not poor like you toots

  15. angry at bob says:

    right, sorry buddy but my jeep cost more than your pos hummer

  16. BOB SUCKS says:

    LOL @ HUMMERS… such a tool vehicle…. “Im Bob Im invincible in my Hummer! ” bahahahahaha!!! jeeps/trucks- “Hummer recovery vehicles”… this is soo typical bob… you just confirmed that you are internet tool bag… do you get manicures too?

  17. Bob Lozano says:

    Whats wrong with Hummers except I have one and you don’t. I don’t carry and tools in it like a plumbers van, duh!

  18. Bob Lozano says:

    Don’t worry po folk I won’t drive in the slums of Dormont, Beechview, Brookline…my tires only touch Peters and St.Clair property!

  19. melissa412 says:

    Umm Ur cool believe me one day u will total Ur precious hummer being a moron

  20. AJG says:

    Hummers were not made in 2011. Sorry for you Bob you got ripped off by your dealer

  21. angry at bob says:

    haha! wait to call it AJG! wait, next he will tell you that they manufactured one in 2011 just for him!

  22. AJG says:

    BTW Bob I can sell you a hot wheel H2 if you want one. If you talk smack like this know you stuff. I DO own one it’s for sale if you want it it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I like my GMC Envoy better, I can park like a normal person.

    1. AJG says:

      Ken Block drives a focus. A 610hp 0-60 in 1.9 second AWD Ford Focus. Bob you there Bob? Oh your in school maybe your mommy will pick you up in her mini-van. Search you tube Ken Block to see how to drive a Focus.

  23. Bob Lozano says:

    Hey AJG –
    Thats the point…Ken Block is an excellent drive and not afraid to push the pathetic nimrods out of the way who drive slow in icy conditions. Geez people

  24. Bob Lozano says:

    Sorry its a 2010 Hummer, my BWM is 2011…All I know is I am cool and you drool.

    1. AJG says:

      I work for BMW for years They are Turds your hummer is not the best snow wheels sorry you are beat. Read more about 4×4’s hummers are not that great. Poor Bob misinformed again

  25. angry at bob says:

    well Bob….I think that is it, you win! you are too cool! I wish that I had a BWM (what is that exactly, a Black and White Miata?!!?)

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      Just because I inherited money doesn’t mean I didn’t earn my vehicles.

  26. Bob Lozano says:

    Working for BMW as a broom pusher hardly makes you an expert on German engineering. I bet that my BMW is worth more than all the fender flashers you have owned is your entire feeble existence.

    1. AJG says:

      Warranty claims still have friends there you don’t exsist on the data base

  27. Bob Lozano says:

    I am a little confused by your misinformed comment! I have two vehicles both I plan on keep for a maximum of three years so what information was I misinformed about. My Hummer does ride well in the snow? I am sure the next time I am on an Arctic excursion I will spend more time researching these all so important facts.

  28. dumba$$bob says:

    i have to chime in here….bob is an idiot, with no life obviously, so he hides behind a computer making dumb comments, trying to make himself seem cool and hard… hummers- making little guys feel big

  29. carterhatesbob2 says:

    Bob your a puss…

  30. carterhatesbob2 says:

    Plain and simple…

  31. BOB BEWARE! says:

    Truth is it doesn’t matter if you have 4 wheel drive or great tires. It doesn’t matter. These may be a great option for driving in snow but you can not stop fast enough on ice. PERIOD. You can’t even stand on ice without slipping. If you are driving on ice, and you shouldn’t, slow down. I have a 3 year old son and if someone is tailgating me beacuse I am tring to keep my son safe and causes me to crash and my son gets injured. You better hope I’m dead beause the last thing you will ever see is red ice.

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      What does your loser of a son have to do with anything? Just get outta my way.

      1. Tony says:

        My son’s life is in my 4 wheel drive suv. Thats what it has to do with. Are you as dumb as you are ignorant?

      2. Bob Lozano says:

        Tony – I fail to grasp what that has to do with anything. I toss the old bag aka the wife in my Hummer and don’t drive at 3 mph on icy days.

    2. Tony says:

      Of course you just toss somebody in your car and go because you don’t care about saving a life or keeping your wife safe, you only care about whether you can make it to Applebee’s in under 5 mins. Bad things can happen in a blink of an eye and you seem like you don’t care if you hurt yourself, your loved ones, or anybody else. I hope you change your ways before something happens to somebody you love for the very same reasons you are posting here. Obviously there is no way to talk any sense into you. God Bless whoever is in your path and farwell to you BOB

      1. Bob Lozano says:

        What kind of stewpidity are you writing? Just admit it your wife is more man than you. And whoever is my way better look out cuz I don’t read stewpid baby on board signs!

      2. Tony says:

        Bob, I’m a single father because my wife was killed in a car crash. I’m not looking for sympathy. That didn’t need to be mentioned prior but you are such an idiot. Keep driving like you do until you kill someone. Not that you will probably even care, even if it’s a child. Rot in HELL and maybe while you are there you can learn to spell, STUPID!!!

  32. angry at bob says:

    To Carterhatesbob2 and everyone else out there: BOB YOU SUCK!!!!

  33. bobsadik says:

    Bob must have a wiener the size of an elbow macaroni

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      You want some mac cheese little boy!

  34. Bob Lozano says:

    As for AJG who is looking up warranty information. If that were true don’t you think that is pretty unethical. Anyways, the BWM is my wife’s name.

    1. AJG says:

      Bob face it you don’t own anything you have nothing you nothing because if you did you would not be this way remember this we all know you are a small man with big dreams and no class. You driving those vehicles is like silk socks on a pig.

  35. angry at bob says:

    BWM…again, what is that exactly? Broke White Male?

    1. Bob Lozano says:


  36. AJG says:

    Oh ask anyone here we all know what year our cars are that we own it’s like your first girlfriends name you just know it.

  37. Bob Lozano says:

    Speaking of little men why does my big truck scare you?

    1. AJG says:

      My second post I’m selling mine I told you I have one too so your truck is the same

      1. Bob Lozano says:

        I’ll give you $29.47 for your piece of loosed nuts and bolts.

  38. Bob Lozano says:

    My first girlfriend was as big as my Hummer. I conviently forgot her name.

    1. Bob Lozano says:

      I just kidding but I do like em thick

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