Peter King Admits Mistake In Goodell Quote

ARLINGTON, Texas (KDKA) — Sports Illustrated writer Peter King answered a lot of questions about a story where he quoted Roger Goodell talking about Ben Roethlisberger.

King admitted he made a big mistake.

In the piece, King wrote that during an interview on Jan. 7, no Steelers came to Ben’s defense when Goodell was looking for input from players before he rendered a decision on discipline.

“Well, I got kind of hit with that one yesterday – that question – and I had no idea where it came from or any of that stuff, so I kind of was unaware of anything and then obviously it got built up real big yesterday.

“I don’t really read a lot or any newspapers or magazine articles or watch too much TV sports things, so I don’t get to see a lot of those things,” Roethlisberger said Tuesday at Media Day.

As for Peter King, he spent the morning doing his national radio talk show and when it was done, he spoke to KDKA’s Bob Pompeani about his report which he says was a big mistake on his part.

“We had talked about a lot of the players he disciplined and when we talked about Roethlisberger, one of the things he said is, ‘I bet I talked to two dozen players,’ prior to making his disciplinary decision on Roethlisberger and he didn’t get support from any of the players.

“And the question that I had asked him before that had the word ‘Steelers’ in it. So, I assumed that he meant Steelers. Clearly he didn’t say the word, ‘Steelers’ and so when I did the note in my column, in Monday Morning Quarterback, on Monday, I inserted the parenthetical ‘Steelers’ which I shouldn’t have done.

“It’s my mistake. I own up to it. It’s a big error and I apologize,” King explained.

King said he also wants to apologize to Roethlisberger in person for the mistake.

  • Dave

    I think Mr. King should get some time off

  • Teresa

    King – You’re just taking the heat for that idiot.. you’re both idiots.
    Shame one you – you call yourself a reporter?

  • Freedom Steeler FAn

    bet if someone HE interviewed made this kind of “mistake” it would be called a lie.

  • Copernicus

    Who cares! Peter ‘Nostradamus’ King predicted Steelers would win Superbowl before season even started. That’s all that matters to any of us realistically speaking.!

  • So Big Ben

    Peter King is a poor excuse of a reporter, Sports Ill. should do a lot better than this jerk! Al least Ben took the high road!

    • NickC

      Peter King is only one of the most respected sports writers of all time and how quick all the Steelers fans are to jump on him for a stupid misquote. He just won the 2010 sportswriter of the year award for like the 10th time and all you people in the peanut gallery should clam up. I love roethlisberger but also know he is a less than mediocre human being. This is not the 1st infraction he ever had people. Do we all forget that after he got into that motorcylce accident that almost killed him he said , ” I dunno” when asked would he now wear a helmet!!! This guy deserves to be on the short bus. He is a great athlete, no questioon, but a dumb human being.

  • Ron Wolfe

    I quit buying Sports Illustrated because of his articles. He’s always wrong!!!

  • Dan

    If King / SI are doing such a disservice to the Ben and the Superbowl, then what is the local media (Andy Sheehan) doing by continuing to trumpet the issue. The man was never charged! Leave it alone already!

  • Captain Ahab

    I’ll give him a pass. He picked the Super Bowl before the season started and took a lot of ridicule for it.

  • Jeffery Gray

    Of course the commish didnt say those things. Nice back tracking there buddy. What a joke.

  • Kory

    This is too typical of today’s “say what ever you want ” new’s media. The retraction is always too late and too little.

  • Shannon Nutt

    King’s too much of a professional to make that kind of mistake. Goodell obviously wanted to retract/adapt his statement and asked King for a favor. King is smart enough to take “the heat” in exchange for the kind of exclusive access he gets to the commissioner’s office.

    • 2059

      BINGO !!!!!


      I’d like to get ahold of the text messages between those 2 when the heat started coming down.

  • jan

    liar liar pants on fire

  • Mike

    Apologize to Rottenburger? Did he apologize to the young girl??? I bet not. The guy misquotes and gets hung. Worthlessburger does what he did and he is a hero…get a life

  • Kenny

    Did you check out the Mendenhall/Roethiisberger video??

  • hc

    They have money on the Packers, so they are trying to stir up as much as they can. Just normal business for those that can get reactions. Classless, but what do you expect?

  • Eddie Spaghetti

    Peter King is an attention-seeker. He knew what he did. Just another idiot talking head………

  • poopie

    lets all move on let them play the super bowl!!!! i am sure there are lots of people that are mad at both parties so be it live and learn we’re not all perfect in any way…

  • will g

    they fired Rush for speaking the truth about Donavan Mcnabb. but this guy will be ok he’s a insider

  • Lash

    I bet Peter King and Roger Goodell were angels all their lives and when in college they were perfect, like no wild parties or drinking. I am sure we can dig up some dirt on them if we try hard enough. I just love how perfect people like to judge others. Time to go after Peter and Roger and see how they like it.


    Hey tell Big Ben that who cares if only 24 NFL players dont like you. They were probably Raven players. And to remember that he has only 24 NFL players that dont like him and GOODELL and KING have the entire STEELER NATION that hate them.

  • teaser pleaser

    double bingo!!!!!!

  • Robert

    Fire Goddell and make Roethlisberger commissioner.

  • aversas

    I wouldn’t give King the time of day. What a jagoff. Good riddance.

  • CF

    Why would gooddell talk to other players on a personell matter. Imagine your hr department doing something like that. Goddell is horrible, inconsistent attention seeking pos.

    • MFS

      Exactly! This seems to be the point everyone is missing. Why is Goddell getting input from NFL players before making his decision? Why is he giving reporters his personal opinion about liking or disliking Ben? Very unprofessional.

  • edge

    DAn,I agree whole-heartedly that the local media gets a story and they go on and on for days about the same thing! Already, this thing about Hines Ward and the Gentleman’s club,let it go already- I’ve been listening to Andrew Blowhard on “The-fan” and he keeps going over and over the same thing!! It’s Super-bowl week–let’s talk about the Steelers winning the Game–I’m sooooooo tired of these young “journalists” who think they have to be the next Jim Rome! Oh, how I long for the days of Myron Cope and his “talk” shows–always positive stuff!!

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