Pittsburgh Fans Critical Of Roger Goodell

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburghers are critical of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell after he criticized Ben Roethlisberger in an interview.

“Let’s focus on the Super Bowl,” Maxine Carpenter, of Wilkinsburg, said. “Whatever Ben did – that’s between Ben and the Lord, so let’s cut it from there.”

Steeler nation is roiling and the league and Sports Illustrated writer Peter King are backpedaling after King quoted the critical comments of Ben from Goodell.

King apologized and now says he misquoted Goodell as saying Steeler players didn’t support Ben, but sports agent Ralph Cindrich says Goodell’s comments were none-the-less negative and have distracted from the Super Bowl.

“Well, it’s not kind of doing a disservice, he’s doing a disservice,” Cindrich said. “Any time you have something like that it just reverberates throughout and then it goes through all the players and it become the story at the Super Bowl when it’s the story of the players and the teams in the game.”

King quoted Goodell as saying while evaluating discipline against Roethlisberger last summer, he spoke with two dozen Steelers and not one player supported Roethlisberger. Now, King says the commissioner meant that he had spoken to players throughout the league.

“So, sure … I think any moron would say that you would have opposing players vote against Ben coming back,” Cindrich said. “I mean, if you were coming into a season and Ray Lewis were in the same situation, what would you say? ‘You know, get him out of there.’”

The league also says that Goodell made the comments more than a month ago, but Cindrich says the commissioner shouldn’t have made the comments at that time either.

“At or near the time of the complaint against the player, OK. Punishment, OK. He serves it. Make your statement. After that it’s done, over, you should keep quiet,” Cindrich said.

Former Steeler Josh Miller tried to add some perspective to the controversy while talking to fans on Sportsradio 93-7 The FAN.

“Coach Tomlin is going to use this as motivation for the guys – absolutely will,” he said.


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  1. Ya Jagoff says:

    Ahhh. Goodell thinks he’s all that: http://yajagoff.com/?p=308

    1. rainman says:

      Mr. Goodell is an honorable Man with Integrity and always wil be

      Rapelisberger is not even close to being a man

      think about it

      what would you think if that was your defenseless daughter?

  2. Dave says:


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    then — just to loosen up and be a part of the crowd.

    Inevitably, though, one thought led to another, and soon I was more
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    I began to think alone — “to relax,” I told myself — but I knew it
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    That was when things began to sour at home. One evening I turned off
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    I began to think on the job. I knew that thinking and employment don’t
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    One day the boss called me in. He said, “Listen, I like you, and it
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    I still have my job, and things are a lot better at home. Life just
    seemed easier, somehow, as soon as I stopped thinking. I think the
    road to recovery is nearly complete for me.

    Today I took the final step…I became a Packers fan.

  3. castnbash says:

    goodell is a moron and is ruining the game of football ….. anytime a man has to suffer a penalty for being accused of a crime he is never charged with is BS in my opinion ….. No charges = no crime …no crime = no time ..yet Goodell punishes Ben …. why did Brandon Underwood of the Packers not get suspended for the SAME accusations ? why didnt Vince Young get suspended for his fight outside a strip club ? why wasnt Philip merling suspended for beating his pregnant girl;friend up ? oh I know why because they are not Steelers players that is why … Goodell has it in for the Steelers because the Roonies do not like Goodell

    1. Chill says:

      1. “No charges = no crime …no crime = no time” no time doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It could not have happened, it could have and settled out of court, etc. we don’t know what happened, but this was the second time he was accused.

      2. This was the second time he was accused. I don’t know what’s up with the other guys and why they weren’t suspended, but it happened. He was shedding negative light on the franchise. Had the other guys offended more than once? Were some of the first offenses worse than what Ben did/did not do? Yeah. Who knows what the fuel tot he fire was but he sat out 4 games, returned, and now they are at the Super Bowl.

      He’s brushing off questions and statements, why can’t everyone else?

      And if you try to list a whole report on why he didn’t do it, don’t waste your time. I don’t care. The whole situation is fishy but whatever, it’s game time. Stop complaining about this.

    2. America's Team says:

      The Steelers and their fans don’t like Goodell because he won’t let the Looney Rooneys kiss his butt and try to run the NFL like they use too.

    3. Rainman says:

      to castnbash

      out of court settlement=no charges=still rape

      also a fight aoutside of a club is a far cry compared to raping an innocent girl

      what would you say if that was your young daughter?

      think about it

      How can you steeler fans defend him like that? HE HAS DONE IT TWICE!

      Where are your morals?

  4. Steel Man says:

    Here we go Steel Man
    Here we Go [uh uh]
    Here we go Steel Man
    Here we Go [uh uh]

    You’re Going down CheeseHeads!

    1. rainman says:

      looks like your the cheesehead now


  5. RON BAKER says:


    1. GrammarPolice says:

      “an” ass.
      If you’re going to insult someone, at least don’t cheapen it with poor grammar.

  6. Mandy D says:

    why is GODell consulting other players anyway. I thought he didn’t want a commitee

  7. DC SLIDEWAYS says:


    1. Carmine Marra says:

      LOL your right.. All they do is wine and wine can I have some cheese with that wine? They are like Hines Ward always moaning and complain “Nobody gives us a chance”

    2. SteelerNation says:

      Wow, no one can argue with that bit of wisdom…. You Packers fans are just too witty!

  8. OWL61 says:

    Hey Commissioner, the NFL stands for ” Not For Long” Think about unemployment!!!!!

    1. Carmine Marra says:

      That let them fool you. Owners support commissioner even Dan Rooney.

  9. FixPGH says:

    You don’t have to be a genius to run/play football. Anyone put in the public light is going to say something stupid at some point (or often, as Goodell does).

    Just drop it and let them play the game, then after they win we can go into full gear to support the Pens to win the Stanley Cup so we can have another “City of Champions” year…after the Pens we can support the roller derby league when they go to Nationals in the fall and maybe we’ll have a Champion Trifecta here in Pittsburgh.

  10. shooter says:

    goodell needs to go and he should take anderson with him to whatever rock he crawls under they are both morons

  11. Jack Mohr says:

    Roger Goodell is unprofessional and should be fined for ‘conduct detrimental to the league’

  12. steelerfan says:

    Enough is enough already. Haven’t our Steelers been through enough with this guy. Bottom line is no one wanted us to go to the super bowl and here we are. We are a nation above this and no one can stand that. We do stick by our Steelers and always will.
    Hey Goodell don’t be surprised when you get the cold shoulder from the Steelers and their loyal fans.
    Go Steelers!!!! Luv ya black and gold forever!

    1. Carmine Marra says:

      Oh please give me a break. You should like Hines Ward ” no body gives us a chance” go cry to the media with Wines Hard..

      1. America's Team says:

        Carmine thats why I call him WINES HARD!

  13. Carmine Marra says:

    Roger Goodell is trying to clean up the league, he doesn’t want another NBA in teh NFL. Players are out of line on there behavior on and off the field. Beating up and disrespecting woman, doing drugs, murder, etc. You never hear about any hockey players steping out of line. When your a professional athlete, you have to act like a professional at all times, your look at under a microscope at all times. So follow the rules and you will be fine. I think there you do a crime and your gone. Zero Tolerance should be inforced.

    1. Dangram says:

      I have zero tolerance for your lack of grammar and spelling. It is pretty basic….THE is spelled the…..”you are” as a contraction is not spelled YOUR….and I believe you meant “I think THAT instead of THERE. Did you just learn English or did you just arrive from Green Bay?

  14. mmaletta says:

    Carmine-you really should try to brush up on which form (s) of word (s) to use before you try to tell someone off!!!! LOL GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

  15. America's Team says:

    Steeler fans are big cry babies.

    1. Steeler fan says:

      How many rings’ does your team have? Wah Wah we’ll see who’s crying Sunday night

      1. America's Team says:

        How many rapist does your team have?

      2. rainman says:

        My team has 5 beautiful rings and proud of each one of them,

        And you are the one who is crying now after that wonderful Super Bowl 45!

  16. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    DANGRAM And i bet your mom had zero tolerance for you not being able to pass the 3rd grade after five attempts too! Or the wetting the bed thing that you can’t get past to this day. Does’nt really matter who likes whatever team;that’s their right. Go ahead and root for wines hard;cheeseberger;ben gay;turnstile keisel; and see a doctor soon;this is 2011;there are cures for wetting the bed!!

    1. GrammarPolice says:

      Hah, nice comeback on someone that was just correcting someone’s grammar. Yeah I’m sure he’s a real idiot. Did you know that after a punctuation symbol you are supposed to put a space? So it would be Hines Ward; Keisel; etc. and I don’t really think you know where a “;” goes/what it’s used for.

  17. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    GrandmaPolice ooooooooooooo i bet you know where it goes;where you like it most. Do yourself a favor;stay indoors;and stop going to petting zoos just to “get close to the animals”. By the way,you go it wrong again; it’s WINES HARD(AMERICA’S CRYBABY).

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