Retired Franklin Regional Teacher To Stand Trial

MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) — A former teacher in the Franklin Regional School District is now headed to trial on charges he sent inappropriate text messages to a student.

Terry Flaherty, 58, is accused of sending the text message back in November, asking him to send an inappropriate photo and telling him the photo would cover a $100 debt that he owed.

When the child refused, Flaherty allegedly apologized and claimed he was drunk at the time.

Defense attorney Duke George says that Flaherty became acquainted with the alleged victim through a program that helps students who are victims of bullying.

The student was one of many who had Flaherty’s cell phone number so that he could communicate with him when needed.

Flaherty adamantly denies that he sent the text messages to the student. His attorney says the messages may have been sent from Flaherty’s phone, but evidence will show the messages were sent by someone else.

Flaherty retired from the Franklin Regional School District after charges were filed last month.

A district judge changed the terms of Flaherty’s bond. Previously, he wasn’t allowed to speak with other teachers in the district and now he will be allowed to do so.

He’s scheduled to be back in court for a formal arraignment in March.


One Comment

  1. k says:

    i’m sure others will come out of the woodwork if they already haven’t. This is your typical child predator, who got paid 80,000 a year to prey on innocent children. Why did no other teachers pick up on this sooner?

  2. jim439 says:

    because they sweep everything under the rug in murraysville. they want you too believe nothing ever happens in there school district. i

  3. Nick Manning says:

    Why does he have the students cell # anyway creep

  4. pnl says:

    k, no other teachers picked up on this becuase he was still a helpful and kind man, and to some a role model in the high school.

    Jim, it is murrysville, it is the first word in the article.

    NIck, he had cell phone numbers because he was often regarded as a “Big brother” of sorts and would help students through issues whenever he could.

  5. jim says:

    Well which is it? Did he allegedly apologize or is he saying he didn’t send it?

  6. gay rich says:

    he wanted to see a male student naked? man this dude is weird

  7. SWO says:

    I have been trying to do something about this for over 20 years. I keep missing the statute of limitations. There are many out there that could step up that are within the statutes. There are children in this neighborhood that will come forward about the drunk’in parties. Who was the African American child that basically stayed at his house on a regular basis this past summer???? He said he only had family at his home “No children” -I don’t know any African Americans in his family (photo was on the news)- He was gardening inside the house? Maybe he was 18?? because that’s what we want 18 yr olds having sex with teachers. He must have been bullied too. I didn’t know we had a neighborhood bully program. What a kind generous man. I know of a 16 year old last fall who attended a drinking party at his house (with several other under aged kids). He was slapping the boys on the behind saying they were pretty. Was it the school’s policy to allow Flaherty to give out his number? Why wasn’t he fired? Is it still the policy??? I have license plate numbers of the children who came here to his home. When I find out who they belong to, there will be a discussion with the parents. He needs to take one of his felonies – a trial is going to bring out everything. I know I’ll be there. Finally the neighbors believe I was molested because they know for a fact he lied about having children at his home. BUSTED! Funny how the family hasn’t attempted to call me – they know it’s true. – and that’s his sister not his wife. Oh! and I’m gay – not a molester! I’m in a 13 yr monogamous relationship. (and I’m the sick one) Your children gay and straight are being molested because of the stigma of being gay. They can’t tell anyone. Nobody believes them – I know. They are drinking and doing drugs and don’t wan’t to get in trouble. He preys on them because they are lacking in some way. He will just say they are troubled and the pressure shifts to these poor kids. They should be angry – he took advantage of their problems. Children and the (now) adults from the 80’s 90’s till now need to come forward.

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