Potential For Ice Remains As Storm Moves In

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Depending on where you live, you could see rain, snow or a icy combination of the two Tuesday morning.

According to KDKA-TV Meteorologist Dennis Bowman, precipitation is falling across the entire viewing area.

Snow is falling north of Interstate 80, the Pittsburgh area is experiencing a wintry mix and the southern counties are only dealing with rain.

Temperatures across the area are hovering around the freezing mark, which means the potential for ice remains.

Bowman is calling for two to four inches of snow north of I-80. Also, the wintry mix in the Pittsburgh area will turn from freezing rain to all rain by noon.

Heavy icing can be expected in the Laurel Highlands. Bowman said that up to half an inch of ice could build up in that area.

Tuesday’s high temperature is expected to be about 34 degrees with an overnight low of 33 degrees.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 5 p.m.

Precipitation will remain in the area for Wednesday, but falling temperatures in the afternoon will turn it into snow.

  • Joe

    Epic fail once again by the forecasters. They cant get the weather right one day in advance, but believe them when they can tell you with 100% certainty what it will be like 100, or even 1000, years from now. Besides baseball players, it is the only profession where you can be wrong 50% of the time and still keep your job.



    • doug

      you’re mixing meteorology with climatology. meteorologists can’t tell you about weather 1000 years ago. That’s like asking your auto mechanic to diagnose your toothache. Believe global warming or don’t, but at least know the difference between the disciplines!

      • Joe

        Doug, it doesn’t seem like you did very well with analogies in school. Maybe you need a refresher course because that was an epic fail on your part. Are you saying meteorology and climatology aren’t in the same field of science? They both deal with forecasting weather, one in the near future and the other in the distant future. Last time I checked the climate is weather and if you dont believe me, maybe you will believe NASA. http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/noaa-n/climate/climate_weather.html
        You may have stood a better chance if you said something like, asking a tire changer instead of an auto mechanic. BTW, I do believe in GW except I like to call it sunrise.

    • Mark

      They’re too busy worrying about “north of I-80” and the “Laurel Highlands” than what is going to happen in Western PA…

      • Corey

        Ah mark, please consult a map. ‘North of I-80’ is part of western pa. Just because it isn’t immediately surrounding downtown pittsburgh doesn’t mean there are viewers from that area interested in what the weather’s gonna be like in their neck of the woods

    • jim

      If Verzyla or Bowman say “as we predicted” once again, I vow to never watch KDKA again except for Steeler games. They should take a look at “what they predicted” and see that it’s many times many miles from actual conditions. Granted, it’s an inexact science, but to insist you’ve “nailed” a prediction, when in fact you were way off, is ridiculous. Why did Joe DiNardo have to get old and retire from WTAE? He was the best and always admitted when he was wrong

    • MJ

      In my honest opinion, it’s simply pathetic. If they told me it was dark right now, I swear I’d have a hard time believing it until I looked out the window. And what really bothers me is how they put everyone in a panic by “glorifying” the forecast, so to speak. Just tell it like it is. They always have to say there’s “always a chance”, etc. and all kinds of different scenarios. It just makes me angry saying there’s a chance for ice when the current temperature is 37 degrees and expected to rise overnight.. but “expected to”, yeah, who knows anymore? And it covers all the bases; if it rains, they can say, “Well, there was only a slight chance for ice.” If it is ice or snow, they can say, “We said there was a chance..” You get the idea. I understand it’s difficult, but still. They just can’t get anything right, and then they rarely admit they were wrong and don’t explain why or what happened. They were entirely off about this latest storm, entirely off. There was no snow (in Greensburg, where I live), and there was very little ice. The temperature at 5:00am was 34, not in the upper 20s as they predicted, so it had changed over to rain long before it was “supposed” to. I don’t know and sorry for the rant, but this is just getting a little ridiculous.

  • JOHN


    • sean

      Depends on where you live. I drove in today from Gibsonia to Saxonburg, and the roads were fine.

    • Jenny

      Then don’t send them. It is fine out. Schools aren’t babysitters, you know.

    • lt

      then keep them home if you think its to bad – if you are that concerned about your kids safety either drive them yourself or keep them home.

  • Sean

    I agree with Joe. Once again, everyone’s scared about the potential for the big one! Meteorologists can’t predict yesterday’s weather, let alone today’s or tomorrow’s!!! I’d love to have that job!!!!

  • Richard

    I’ve lived along the I-80 corridor all my life and trust me, the weather doesn’t know a thing about where I-80 is at! It’s a good thing the highway was constructed otherwise the weather forcasters wouldn’t have an easy dividing line to use.

  • David

    Phil will get it right tomorrow…He is the only smart one…Long live the GROUNDHOG! I belive all this moisture is going to miss Pittsburgh and move east and hit Altoona!

    • Anna

      HA!!! Love it!

    • Aj Davis

      No matter what there is always 6 more weeks of winter. Groundhog has nothing to do with moon cycles.

      • Tim

        Thanks AJ, I had no idea…

  • Danielle

    I want Bowmans job!!!

    • 2059

      Bowman doesn’t have a job, he has a POSITION.

  • Bonnie Domagala

    Penn Hills School District is the only district in the area closed today, Why are they closed? The roads are fine and they closed the district really late in the morning. Penn Hills why are you closed today?

  • Renee

    While they are the WRONG 75% of the time, they are good at creating lots of DRAMA surrounding the BIG STORM. Let’s create a big panic amongst those scared of snowflakes and flood the grocery stores before the big 3 inches fall. Seriously, when we are going to get 12″ or more, then tell me. Just sayin…………..

    • Bob

      I believe the opposite is actually true. Many times the models are showing far more extreme weather – the problem is forecasters have to look at those solutions within the context of the area’s climatology. Therefore, most local forecasters tend to downplay events. Last Feb 5/6 is a prime example. The models came around to a 15” or 20” type storm within the last 24 hours. Most locals went with an 8” 12” type call due to not seeing enough run to run continuity in the models. A lot of us knew a bigger event was likely in store. Saying that forecasts are “wrong 75% of the time” is absurd.

  • Bob

    Hey Joe and others…

    Why don’t you actually take time to be educated in weather so understand these setups? I’d try to explain to you how situations with an inverted trough and warm air advection typically means our area is a battle ground – but you wouldn’t understand. Much different than a large scale synoptic snowstorm with no P-type issues. Why don’t you go on the NCEP site and read the damn NAM and RUC yourself and tell us down to the mile where the line between various P-types sets up? Theses storms are not just giant “blob” moving along. There evolution is very complex and it’s incredible that they can be forecasted before they appear at all. People just have to understand that a few miles….and a few hundred feet in elevation….makes a dramatic difference in sensible weather.

    Nice little one liner though. Hope you got your warm and fuzzies. What do you think about the weekend storm Joe? Should we go with the Euro or the GFS? Give us your “expert opinion”. Glad I’m not in this profession to have to deal with guys like this. It would be like being an offensive coordinator.

    • David

      Oh Bob, you are so cool. Boy, I wish I could recite info from a basic meteorology course. Oh wait, I can. I just don’t do it to try (key word being try) to sound like a internet tough guy like you. You Sir, are a moron.

      • Frank Rizzo

        Green Bay 38 Pittsburgh 24

      • Dave

        Typical Packers fan…doesn’t even realize he’s in a weather article.

    • jackie

      LOVE it!!!!
      Honestly I don’t worry how correct the weather is, maybe I’m the only one that has learned that living in Pittsburgh weather cycles are unpredictable. I use the daily weather as a guideline on to how I will conduct my day. Perhaps if others would learn to use the word forecast as defined; to predict a future condition or occurrence; calculate in advance: to forecast a heavy snowfall, they would as well.
      Keep up the good work!

    • sasquatch

      Woooo – Bobs smugness 100% guaranteed all across the region

    • Dave

      If you want weathemen to get some respect, try contacting weather.com and ask them why nearly once a week it states “today’s low 23”. Currently 19. Um, then the low won’t be 23! It’s a real simple programming change “if current < low then low=current"

      • Joe

        Dave, that happens much more often than once a week. Me and the girl get a kick out of that one all the time. “Todays low will be 24, current temp is 20” Bwahaha

  • dianabee

    Impossible to predict weather in this Great Lakes Region.
    I love Dennis Bowman, and think he does a wonderful job.
    Just like Kudzma!

    • Joe

      Diana, if it is impossible to predict the weather as you assert, then please tell us why the news bothers with forecasting at all. I await your response.

  • Bob Kudzma

    The precip we received was just a smattering, the real mega storm is still back in central Plains, http://www.goes.noaa.gov/ECIR4.html Depends where you’re at really as to what form of precip is falling if any/looks like we could still be in store for some ice & snow, http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/pbz/

  • Tim

    Don’t get upset with KDKA, all they do is take what Accuweather says and pass it along. I’m not even sure why they have meteorologists at the station.

    • pgirl

      Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! The biggest gripe I have with local met’s is that they take their information from a national feed like Accuweather instead of doing their own forecasting. There are alot of great websites devoted to professional and amateur met’s out there who love this stuff and come up with much more accurate forecasts. I rarely if ever watch the local news for weather anymore.

  • Jan

    You all are a bunch of cry babies! Weather can be very unpredictable. For instance today, we are very lucky it is not a couple degrees colder and we would be having a very bad ice storm. The weather people cannot predict with exact certainty what the conditions will be. Look at any radar and you can see how massive this storm is! There is a fine line as to who is getting ice and who is getting the rain.

    • Donna

      I agree with you Jan.
      It’s winter in Pittsburgh, deal with it. Can’t make some people happy. We got lucky this time. If the ice would have hit us and it wasn’t predicted then everyone would have complained about that.

  • Dan

    Packers 31 Steelers 14

  • Tim from USC

    why is anyone surprised – Giant Eagle was a zoo last night. i swear they provide kickbacks to the weather forecasters in the area

    • Terry Bradshaw

      I guess this would count as an economic stimulus plan for Obama’s great economy HAHA!

  • Sue

    I for one appreciate the weather updates presented by KDKA. I too use this as just a guideline of my daily schedule. You do the best you can. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If your weather is good then go on about your day and if you or your family had cancellations and are at home today, spend some quality time together, God knows we can use more family time. Relax, don’t sweat the small stuff.

    • Kristyn

      YEY SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I completley agree! We had a 2 hour delay today which I actually love! It gives us a couple more hours of sleep and the kids are much more rested which makes the morning routine so much more pleasant! Everyone is happy and no one is fighting! lol I’ll take quality family time anyday over bickering from people like some who have posted here! :) Like Sue said, “Relax, don’t sweat the small stuff”. With 10 kids, I live by that motto! haha God Bless!!!!

  • john

    and i have no problem with them not being able to predict it …. my problem is they hype it ahead of time to the max …. lets check actual conditions and deal accordingly as needed ..yesterday they hyped this thing into a mega storm monster that was going to drown us in ice …tell us instead … be careful …. this could be going on … check actual conditions and maybe the school districts should quit watching tv and drive their district

  • Bryan

    The front edge of the storm was moving through the southern counties last night. The bulk of the storm was moving through Ohio. All of you who are ridiculing the meteorologists for being wrong about this storm need to keep your mouths shut. How do you know the wind didn’t blow it a different way at the last time and throw it further north from the Pittsburgh area? How do you know the temperature didn’t go as low as the forecast? I went to college in Meadville, PA, and I can tell you with 100% accuracy that which way the wind blows up there determines which town down I-79 from Lake Erie to Grove City will get pounded with lake effect snow on any given day during the winter, and it’s not always easy to predict for those meteorologists up in Erie.

  • Phil Conners

    You want a prediction?….I’ll give you a prediction…it’s going to be cold and gray and last the rest of your life!…Phil Conners

  • Richard

    Personally, I use a weather rock. I put it on the railing of my deck. If it’s wet, rain. If its white, snow. If it’s shiny & wet, freezing rain. If none of the above, nice day. Oops I almost forgot, if it’s gone, windy!

  • Melissa

    Are you all 15??? Go back to high school if you want to cause unnecessary drama.

  • Ron

    Melissa, God Bless you! I thought I was the only one with a life today, but you nailed my exact thoughts. Cheers!!!

    • Rob

      You Too Ron.

  • Marty

    The only 100% accurate weather forecaster in history was Al Sleet. “Tonight’s forecast – DARK. Continued mostly darkness throughout the night turning into widely scattered light in the morning. Remember, if you don’t like the weather, MOVE!”

  • Abe Vigoda

    I never get my information from a man with his hand up a puppet’s butt!

  • Rizzenman

    Right or wrong isn’t the point. I could live with the many missed forecasts except for the fact that they PUSH this weather on you. I blame all three local stations. All it is is continually, over and over teasers and repetitive weather coverage and of course the Steelers. There is nothing else going on in the world. Their Steeler and weather coverage would be on for 15 minutes before they reported the nuclear bomb that went off in Kansas City or wherever. Their relentless pushing of their great weather coverage makes it an issue, not the comments by those of us that are sick of it all. They used to do the news, weather and sports in 15 minutes and it was just as informative as what they do now in an hour of constant repetition.

    • bkinpa

      I TOTALLY AGREE – I opted not to travel into work today & now feel ABSOLUTELY FOOLISH for doing so. The hype is OUT OF CONTROL.

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