Bomb Threat Causes Chaos At Penn Hills High School

PENN HILLS (KDKA) –Students were sent home from the Penn Hills High School Wednesday morning after a bomb threat.

According to police, the initial call came in around 6:30 a.m. saying there were six pipe bombs around the school.

“We actually got a call about 6:30 a.m. from County 911. The individual stated that there were six pipe bombs around the Penn Hills High School and anybody showing up at the high school, he was going to shoot them,” Penn Hills Police Chief Howard Burton said.

“Based on the information, our shift commander contacted the neighboring agents for bomb dogs, we diverted the school buses, did not let any students into the building or in the vicinity.”

KDKA-TV’s Brenda Waters was at the scene and spoke with some angry parents, who are looking for answers.

“This gentleman right here, police officer of the Penn Hills School District, where I pay my taxes, is not even listening to me. He’s saying all the children are out of the school. No, they are not,” one woman said.

“My daughter goes to the high school. I get a call from an employee telling me that people are locked in the cupboard and the kids don’t even know what’s going on,” another woman said.

Some of those parents received text messages from their children claiming there was a bomb scare.

About 500 to 600 students were sent to the Fralic Athletic Center during the incident.

“When we got into the Fralic, we heard rumors that there was a bomb threat, that someone had a gun. We heard so many different rumors. No one was sure what was going on,” another student said.

Students inside the Fralic Center said that two fights broke out. KDKA’s Heather Abraham reported that six students were arrested after the fights broke out. One student captured the scene with a cell phone camera.

The students were released from the Fralic Center and were put on buses or allowed to walk home.

A statement posted on the school’s website said:

“A threat was made to the Senior High School on February 2nd. Students were moved to another location in the District while police investigated. By order of the Penn Hills police, the Senior High building has been closed and the secondary location vacated. Police have sent the Senior High School students home. All other buildings in the District are running on a normal schedule; a.m. bus transportation is experiencing a delay.”

Roughly 75 teachers were inside the building at the time of the incident. A handful of students made their way into the building through the back door and were ushered into the auditorium with the teachers.

“Whatever teachers were there, that came in early, they were actually sent to the auditorium which was a secure area. From that point on we secured the building,” Chief Burton said.

Crews searched the school and the grounds for over two hours and did not find any bombs.

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One Comment

  1. Mary says:

    They didn’t “send” students home, they kicked them out of the Fralic Center after several of them started fighting. They told them to get out and go home. Anyone who drove through Penn Hills this morning would have seen the hundreds of students roaming the streets. They were literally everywhere on Stotler, Orchard, Frankstown, Universal, etc. AFTER they were told to go home, buses were sent out to pick up the students which only made traffic worse. Why didn’t they just put them on buses AT the Fralic center to begin with?

    1. Brad says:

      What If there was an issue at the fralic center? We don’t know. We have no idea what is going on. Better safe then sorry. I’m sure if the students were at the fralic center, and something happened you would be the first to complain about that an call for the officer’s heads.

      1. Mary says:

        There was a fight at Fralic. I do have an idea what happened because my daughter was there and I had to pick her up. I was on the phone with her the whole time and heard what was happening. Maybe you’re the one who doesn’t who has no idea because I heard the fighting and I heard the sirens. The fact remains that those students were sent home without rides. Obviously they realized they’d made a mistake because they decided to send out buses to collect the kids after they kicked them out (it was a man in a long black coat who told them all to get out and walk home)

      2. Brad says:

        A man in a long black coat. Ya, that helps lady. So what your kids had to walk home. Big deal. Your daughter can’t be what younger than 14 or 15 ? And you are worried about her walkin home? Cut the cord. So since you were there to pick her up and you heard sirens and your babied daughter saw a fight, that must mean you know everything that was going on right? Ok do tell…. Im waiting… Go on…. Wait, what? Oh you don’t know? And ou daughter doesn’t? Why, how could that be, you must know all of police business ! You must know they could have received a threatening phone call. Seriously lady. Would you prefer to keep these poor poor children closer to the threat or move them away.. I thought so.

      3. Jae says:

        I am very sorry that the community in which you live and the peers surrounding you have led you to believe that it is normal to have a fight when there are more than a few students together.

      4. josie says:

        If you don’t live in Penn HIlls then you don’t know that it goes from East, to Oakmont, to Monroeville, to Plum and everywhere in between. I was lucky my daughter wasn’t there but she was on the phone with friends there who were video recording and sending it to her. It was a mess. If she was there, she would have had to walk over 10 miles home through main roads, through the windy roads and hills where there is no walking section on the road. If you don’t know anything, you should just shut up. These kids were thrown out of school, to the athletic center, craziness and fights broke out, tazered (it is on the video), but only 10 arrests (pretty good for hundreds of kids). The school did not follow protocol. They have a disaster plan for these things that apparently no one followed. There will be a lot of meetings and blame but the real blame is on the person who made the call – hope they find him/her, and then how the situation was handled. After last year with a riot at Linton you would think they know how to deal with this. Heads will roll but again – next year – bet they still don’t follow their disaster plan. It is a PLAN!!!! It should be practiced and it should be known!!!! Reacting to a situation is never good. They needed to respond and not go nuts. Again bad mistakes, not following protocol and more than likely putting the kids in more danger releasing them on their own.
        Thank you Penn Hills for allowing the world to see you at your worst!!!! Glad you are all working so hard to keep the kids safe!

    2. Tyrone J says:

      I have a feeling that the district planned on sending the students home on the buses to begin with until the fight broke out. The last thing the police and faculty needed to worry about was breaking through the crowd to break up a fight. Whoever those kids are, they are very selfish in their acts and showed no kind of respect or thought process in their actions. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      1. melissa says:

        well…im a student there and they had absolutly no intention of sending us home. i had to pile my, my best friend, my little sister, her best friend, and four of my other friends into a one of my friends dads mini van just to get home….so it wasnt because of the fighting, it was because penn hills police dept and the adminitration didnt have enough control of the situation. they know how the students at this school are, for goodness sake there was a riot at linton just last year. i cant believe that these ADULTS are that careless to let 600+ students into one room and not expect a fight or two. it was bound to happen. im not saying that they shouldnt be ashamed of themselve, but it wasnt just their faults. they shouldve just turned the buses around as soon as they got the threat.

      2. Teacher PH says:

        they were to be sent home on the buses…. i am a teacher and i was in the fralic center when one of the other teachers announced to a group of students who decided to shut up and listen that they were to find the bus they ride on to school…and that they would be going home when the buses arrived. instead of waiting, the students started to pile up and go outside. it’s no one’s fault over half of the staff was in the hs aud on lockdown and the rest of us were left with over 1000 kids who already had the “out of school” mindset. i agree with you that the kids who decided to fight are selfish. it really wasn’t as bad as it looks, i was there and saw it all. if it wasn’t for all of the other kids crowding around and watching it/instigating it!!!! it wouldnt have seemed so bad.

      3. Wendy Blotzer says:

        Melissa, if you feel that we have no right to expect students to behave when placed in a room, then the prom needs to be canceled. Maybe we shouldn’t have football games, because we can’t expect 500-600 people to not fight when placed together. Is this the logic that you truly believe? You are part of the problem, honey.

      4. Debra says:

        I agree with Tyrone. Stop blaming the police for a bunch of kids that don’t know how to act.

  2. Amy in Penn Hills says:

    Excellent. Let’s get all of the rumors and speculation out there on the airwaves just as soon as we can. Way to go KDKA. It is always so helpful to the police and investigators to know that our local media is out there helping to spread gossip and heresay! I wish people would let the people in the know do their jobs rather than getting so angry and paranoid that things are being kept from them. Be thankful that kids were turned away and sent home. I’d rather my son walk a half an hour than be in an unsafe situation. I’m grateful for quick action and careful investigation by our police and administration.

    1. citizen22 says:

      your an absolute moron. i went to phhs for 4 years do you understand the hell i went through there? The administration is a bunch of know nothing twits who do nothing to protect the innocent students that go to that school. I was put in danger several times there and I NEVER once felt safe in that school.

      1. Amy in Penn Hills says:

        Thank you, that was very helpful. ( “You’re” would be the correct spelling, not “your”.) My children have been under the Penn Hills administration for 6 years now and we have had nothing but good experiences. My children score very high on all standardized tests and feel safe and happy every day. I’m sorry that your education was not as helpful, but that does not make me a moron. It is that very type of stereotypical reaction from Penn Hills residents that turns us into laughingstocks.

      2. josie says:

        true – the teachers are more afraid of the students and when there is a good student – they are the ones who have the worst time – not protected. My daughter had to have my husband sit in her class due to sexual harrassment that they were not stopping – a boy touching her and saying nasty things. Apparently he was big and black. Don’t care. Safety should come first. Luckily he committed crimes and went to jail. Now my husband doesn’t have to sit there to keep our daughter safe!!!! bunch of sissies!

    2. citizen22 says:

      typical penn hills liberal idoit!!!!! Are you on the school board? i bet you are hahaha

      1. Amy in Penn Hills says:

        No, citizen22, I’m just a regular parent who is sick at home today and thus has the time to try to inject some positivity into what has devolved into a ridiculous argument. I would submit that your reaction has become what is “typical” in PH today and that is what is sad.

    3. SL says:

      you are the laughing stock!!!!!!!! I also went to Penn Hills High School and i agree with citizen 22.

      1. Amy in Penn Hills says:

        Which you are perfectly entitled to do. You can agree or disagree with whomever you want. I just choose to do it without pointing fingers and without name calling.

    4. Debra says:

      thank you Amy and I totally agree with you. a little walking never hurt anyone.

  3. melissa says:

    i heard rumors of a bomb threat, multiple janitors and security guards holding up the school with guns, the cafteria was set on fire, and theyre threatening to shoot anyone that comes near the school. students were moved from morning buses to the fralic center, were mulitple snowball riots and fights broke out. many students were arrested and tasored. they also sent in the dog and pretty much every police dispatcher is there. its hectic. glad i got out early. 🙂

  4. Marshall Thompson says:

    it was crazy so many things were going on you didnt know what to do. They wanted us to go in the fralic center than they wanted us out. But other wise the cops sent us home with no transportation.

    1. Brad says:

      Were your legs broke? You were unable to walk home? Stop complaining ..

      1. Brad too says:

        Brad your just an angry miserable person that the world could do without.. You obviously don’t care and probably don’t have anything else better to do but heckle other people. It was probably you that made the call to 911 anyway. Grow up..

      2. Brad says:

        How am I miserable if I am suggesting the kids walk home? Perish the thought. My god there is a threat at the school and the police got the kids out of harms way, and people are complaining. Because their kids have to walk home.

      3. Greg says:

        I figured the issue was more one of disorganization than the kids’ legs being broken. It’s just evidence that the school didn’t have a clear plan of action in such a situation. Parents are going to be mad cause the people who sent the kids contradictory messages are considered their “parents away from home”, and like a bad baby sitter, if the parents lose faith in the caretaker’s responsibility, they’re going to want them fired. Worse things could’ve happened than making the kids walk home, but it just seems like a last ditch response to not having a plan or any idea what was going on.

      4. josie says:

        Brad do you know the area and the location. There are roads in penn hills that you cannot walk on. My daughter would have had no way home if it wasn’t for me. You are an idiot. It baffles me that so many people speak so definitively with such little knowledge.

    2. Debra says:

      wah wah, you have two legs, use them. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Why is it so hard for teens today to act responsible and stop thinking of only themselves.

  5. Ethan says:

    There were also multiple bombs found in the school, as well as numerous pistols and assault rifles, i’ve also heard that part of the cafeteria was on fire. Luckily i left as soon as the fights and tazing had begun, also K-9 unit dogs were unleashed upon the rioters, what i have just said was told to me by multiple reliable sources so this is what I’m goin to believe

    1. trevor says:

      actually, i heard this exact statement too, but i think if a fire had broken out in the cafeteria, and bombs were found, than the police chief would have announced it. besides, don’t forget the other rumor that a dead woman was found in the cafeteria, i say never listen to rumors, oh and the k-9 dog was only used on the fight which in mu point of view, was the right thing to do

  6. Natasha says:

    This was terrible.. Im am pretty sure that PHSD is familar with Columbine and 9/11.. So why is it that they had no type of protocol in place for something like this. The school and the police put these kids in more danger by letting them roam around like lost animals. We as parents and citizens of Penn Hills pay alot of money in taxes to the borough and this is the best they can do. They really dropped the ball this time. Why was there no type of notification to parents that there was a situation going on. Why did we have to find out thru kids calling, texting, facebook, other people and the news first. Why is it that I got a automated call stating that the buses were going to be late, but nothing about that there is a incident. Some one could have been seriously hurt or killed today. The school should have had better control over the situation. Its kinda funny that if you attempt to go to the schools for anything it can be like trying to get into Fort Knox at times you gotta go thru security show ID get patted down just to drop off your kids homework at the front office, No ID and you are not even getting in the 2nd door. Why you ask because its for the safety of the children. So where was the safety of the children at today?????? Where were the security guards at today? Why weren’t they securing the premises. Why were these children allowed to roam around on their own like that. Where were the teachers the principles and any of the other administrative personnel at today? If they were all following some type of procedure, all the other chaos probably wouldn’t have happened. This needs to be investigated inside and out. Someone dropped the ball and all of this should have been handled much better. Remember Columbine, remember 9/11 … No one was expecting it, but it happened therefore we should be prepared and have some type of protocol in place… If we don’t protect our future who will…..

    1. Dan says:

      you were correct in referring to the students as ANIMALS

      1. Tracy says:

        One of those “animals” that you said was the correct term to use for those students was my daughter. I will not let the students of Penn Hills High School take the blame for the chaos that went on today. If you don’t want the students to act like “animals” then don’t treat them that way. They were just dropped of at the Fralic Center and herded into the building. Did administration really think they were going to house all of the High School into that building with out ther right number of supervision, and not have any problems. The students had no idea why they were there or what was going on. Rumors were flying and some of the students were scared while others were frustrated with the situation. I don’t understand why the students were let off the buses in the first place. If there wasn’t a place big enough to hold the whole student body, or not enough supervision then they should have just been brought home. I spoke with my daughter and told her to meet me at Stotler. When I arrived there where a massive amount of kids at Orchard and Stoltler with school buses stopped on Stotler Road picking up students. I assumed our district had an emergency plan in place, but I obviously assumed wrong. If this was the plan, it definately failed. Know one knew which students were on the bus, and had no idea what happened to them after they were allowed to leave the premises. Fortunately no one got hurt, this time. Let this be awake up call, and hopefully administration, will immediately begin to work on something, that will keep our children safe.

      2. Dan too says:

        Your mother should have kept the afterbirth and threw your ass away instead or did she eat it like the long line of ANIMALS that you come from.

      3. Ban says:

        Jokes are funnier when they’re on the winning side of logic. This ANIMALS thing could’ve been funny if it followed the conversation instead of sounding like a joke you wrote down in your notebook before coming to a party and insisting on telling and re-telling it to each individual there like you’ve got some kind of wit that turns on a dime.

      4. Mike says:

        Greaty agreed on that dan! that hs should be on a seperate island let alone in PA

      5. gary ryan says:

        right on dude

      6. tren beringmek says:

        LO!!!OL!L!!L!lo ANIMALSOS!O!!!!LOO!!O

      7. martin scorsese says:


      8. Dan says:

        Tracy blah blah blah dont blame people for their actions, blame the police…The police put them all in a ring and made them fight…winner gets a Gangsta rap CD..Tracy your the queen of stupid

    2. emily says:

      Hey Brad, why dont you just hop off everyone whose talking about the situation and not causing further problems. kthx. (:

    3. Brad says:

      No it wouldn’t, I would teach my kid to learn how to read a map, ask for directions and not complain about the police who protect and serve

      1. Debra says:

        I agree with you Brad.

  7. Vic says:

    I am a student at the high school and its was so bad. I will tell you being at the high school doesn’t make me feel safe anymore. I heard that there was 7 bombs in the school and that i was in the ferlic and there was at least 5 fights and they brought the dogs into the school and people got tased and alot of kids were very scared and shaken up. My friend was in the school the whole time and i talked to her and she is scared for life now because of this. I just wanted to put my comment out here and let everyone know what i have heard, seen, and experienced.

  8. Ethan says:

    I have also been informed of 9 pipe bombs being found within the school

  9. Mad Penn Hills Mom says:

    Not happy at all the way this was handled. They should have kept the kids on the buses and moved them to Penn Hills Shopping Center till all was cleared. If the kids where left on the buses then the fights would not have broken out. Not happy either that i got a call from my 14 year old daughter telling me that she was told to get of the property and walk home and she had no idea how to go from where they have dropped her off at!!!!!!!

    1. Mary says:

      That’s the same thing I had to deal with. I had to give my daughter directions as I was driving to meet her. When I was driving down Stolter Road it reminded me of the movie Zombieland, there were kids ALL over the road. My daughter has never been back to Fralic Center and she doesn’t know the roads in the area.

    2. Debra says:

      what, she’s 14 and doesn’t know her way home. Give me a freaking break.

  10. Dana says:

    The kids made it worse by starting fights. That did not help the situation, They evacuated the building like they were supposed to. My son had an 25 min walk home I’m glad he is home safe.

  11. Parent says:

    I love hearing from all these parents blaming the faculty for the fights. Because you know the kids just can’t control themselves if they are put in a room, what a crazy thought. These kids need to learn RESPECT and the parents are not at all setting a good example by complaining and bad mouthing those in charge.

    And also try to look at all sides. I’m sure they were trying to do the best they could which what they have. There are only so many school buses and they knew that elementary age children would be waiting at their bus stops.

    People need to understand the whole situation is ugly and there’s not going to be a perfect plan as to how to handle this kind of situation. It’s a shame that this situation even has to happen. But that’s the kind of children our society is raising.

    1. Mad Penn Hills Mom says:

      yes i do understand that the kids needed to handle themselves better!! as far as the school buses go. they still should have left them on them. they had no problem calling me this morning and telling me they were running late, and they could have just called and told us they were on a 2 hour delay!!

      1. Teacher PH says:

        the buses were on their way… a teacher made an announcement to the students at fralic (those who were able to hear) that buses were coming… and the students decided to pile outside and start walking.

    2. Tracy says:

      If you want kids to have respect then treat them with respect. If you want them to act like adults, treat them as an adult. They should have been informed about what was going on. The students should have had a SAFE place to go, until the situation was under control or until adminstration could figure out what was going on and what they were going to do. It was total chaos. They had no idea what students were there or what happened to them after they were allowed to leave the premises. Whether we want to admit it or not the truth is our school system has our children in their care more hours during the week then we do . It is their obligation to keep our children safe, and they failed today, so yes I am angry, and yes there is someone to blame, and no it is no our children.

      1. parent says:

        Are you kidding me its not the children to blame! Who do you think called in the bomb threat? Most likely a student. Who were the fights between? The children. When are we going to stop blaming everyone else and stop giving these kids a pass in life. We should expect more from them and I think they were treated like adults today, but they obviously didn’t act like it. Stop rewarding failure!

      2. Ryan. says:

        Obviously this parent has no clue to what they are talking about. Us students were never told why we were being herded to the Fralic, why we were sent home with now transportation, noone told us what was going on. It was Like Nazi Germany, we were stuck in the fralic with security guards. Stop displaying ignorance. We were all panicked and nervous. The call was made at 630, we could’ve ran a two hour delay schedule , meaning school doesn’t start until 920, you dont think 2hours and 50 minutes was enough search the school and get everyone in? or even the fact of notifying households that school would be cancelled? You’re are an idiot.

    3. dena says:

      Even if the adminsitrators did what they should have by sending them to the Fralic center it is just dangerous to send hundreds of students to the streets to walk 25 min to half an hour home.

      A. Alot of students aren’t exactly dressed to walk in cold icy conditions for that amount of time.. They are dressed to walk to and from buses and into the school building.
      B. There are a lot of crazy people out there. There were a lot of parents that had no idea their kids were out there on the streets. Something could have happened to one of the students on the way home. The school would have been responsible.
      C. Alot of the kids were not familiar with the area and had no idea how to get home.

      They should have sent the teachers that were in the school to the Fralic center with the students. Chaos breeds chaos under the best conditions. The faculty should have been prepared from that. I mean they wouldnt have a pep rally understaffed. Cmon these are kids people. They notoriously make bad decisions. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know this.

      1. melissa says:

        I agree with Parent, but, im a student there, an A-B student whose never been in trouble and my honest opinion is that the administration and the police dept didnt have enough control of the situation. plus, the students fighting didnt help. but why dont we all stop blaming the student, the police, and the administration for this chaos, lets blame the crazy mo-fo who made the threat.

    4. Trevor says:

      true, i completely agree Parent

    5. Janet says:

      Well spoken. It comes down to parenting. If your child acts a fool in a crisis situation and you bad mouth everyone, but the one who acts the fool, then you not only look like an idiot, but you’re very much a fool too. People need to respecti people in authority, seniors and their neighbors. A lot of parents today, do not know how to parent, but only friend their children. They show no discipline, blame everyone else and never and I mean never take responsibility for their actions. Remember, an apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.

  12. Amy in Penn Hills says:

    For crying out loud, the issue here is: GET THE KIDS OFF CAMPUS!!! If there had been any real bombs found, we would have been freaking out saying why weren’t they getting the kids off campus!! Contacting parents is a secondary concern. Primary is getting them out of immediate danger. Brad, though rude, is right. I know it is scary…I have kids in Penn Hills. I have friends at the high school. It is ok to be scared. What I don’t understand is the immediate reaction that the officials and administration are to blame. The idiot who called in the bomb threat is to blame!! Our children, rightly scared, act up and get into trouble. Though not helpful, it is somewhat understandable. But we, as parents, are the grownups. It is our job to keep our cool and keep our heads and help our children. Sounds like no one was unsafe…kids with cells got a hold of parents. Even those sent home walking are safer than being close to school with a bomb threat. BE GRATEFUL, not angry. It makes the Penn Hills, and the world, for that matter, a better place. Jumping to anger, blame and paranoia helps no one and is a lousy example to our kids.

    1. dena says:

      They can just as easily get the students off campus in busses as they by throwing them to the four winds. They made a very very poor decision by just kicking them out to fend for themselves.

      1. Amy in Penn Hills says:

        I respect your opinion. Some buses had already left to pick up Linton students. Our buses are stretched pretty thin to get to all the places they have to go. Perhaps busing them home had problems that we are not privy to. I don’t believe that it was a perfect decision, but I do believe that they were getting them out of there fast. Maybe not as organized as possible, but the police chief said the caller also stated he would shoot people trying to get to school. That was taken seriously and they wanted people off campus ASAP. And these are high schoolers. I was driving around at that time dropping off my kids. Everyone, or nearly everyone that I saw, had phones or access to people with cell phones. These weren’t poor, young 8 year olds walking around. And it was 45 degrees this AM. I think we make it worse by worrying about those issues rather than the issue of the immediate safety and potential lives lost if the threat turned out to be real. But I can certainly relate to scared students, and moms. I just don’t understand why it turns so quickly into anger, which never seems to help.

  13. hannah says:

    im a student at penn hills hight school it was crazy fights boke out. i hear about the 6 boms and guns and a fire. it was crazy

  14. Heather in Penn Hills says:

    Glad to hear that everyone was ok, but I think the parents of the kids have a right to be frustrated. PH School should have had a better handle on supervising the kids, rather than buzzing all around getting the latest information. If the faculty had been more focused on the kids at the Fralic Center, they would have been out of the way of the professionals looking for the bombs, and the fights may not have happened. All of the teachers present should have been sent to the Fralic Center except the ones in charge. That way the kids wouldn’t have been sent on their way on foot. The lady who said that diverting the buses to PH Shopping Center had an idea, but PH would have had to start sending faculty up there to keep the kids in one area and safe. I think the Fralic Center is a better solution, still on campus, grant you, but not attached to the HS, separated by Roberts and lots of ground (with the field and driveways). The problem here was supervision and planning.

    1. mad Penn Hills Mom says:

      i was talking about sending them to the shopping center and keeping them on the buses. the buses have camra’s so if anything happened on them would have been recorded. as far as the younger grades my phone rang letting me know buses where running behind, all they had to do was ring our phones calling for a 2 hour delay for the younger grades!!

  15. Nick Manning says:

    Does not surprise me. Now I see why my wife has daughter in Private School

    1. Treats are every were!! says:

      sorry to say bomb threats and shootings can even happen in a Private School.

    2. Mike says:

      More likely to happen at Penn Hills High school u couldnt pay me to send one of my kids to that place

      1. Nick Manning says:

        agree Mike, Treats yes they could happen anywhere your right about that, is said that this happens in any school. Pointless

  16. Mary says:

    It’s about HOW it was handled. Yes they got the kids away from the building the way they were supposed to, but they had no plan after that. Those kids sat in buses along Frankstown Road at the beginning before it was decided to move them down to Fralic. Nothing was explained to the kids so the rumors started. Once the kids were moved to Fralic there still wasn’t really a plan, the kids didn’t know what was going on, no one took charge and said “Look, this is what happened, this is what’s going on, here is what we’re going to do until we can fix it,” Instead, they shoved 1200 students into a building and wouldn’t answer their questions. How would you react to that? Seriously. you show up for work one day, they won’t let you in, they reroute your bus and put you in a room and won’t answer you. Maybe you wouldn’t start a fight but I’m sure more than a few of you would have a few words to say and maybe even some yelling. When you’re dealing with a school, especially of this size, there should be a plan in place for every situation ahead of time. If one of those kids had been hit by a car this morning and a lawsuit was filed, the taxpayers would be picking up the tab. Those who are saying we’re wrong to complain about this would be complaining about paying for lawsuits because kids were sent home.

    1. Nick Manning says:

      Agree Mary 100%

  17. Stephanie says:

    Lets be clear here. I am a resident of Penn Hills with a child in kindergarten and a husband who is a teacher at the high school. He is one of the ones who goes in early and was sent to the auditorium. For your information, there was a call placed to parents on the emergency call system around 9:00am and it clearly stated that there was a bomb threat and the students were to be bused home due to the police ordering the school closed. No one was allowed on the premises and the students were sent to Fralic Center so the buses could get the remaining students to the middle school and elementary school and then would be diverted back to pick up the high school kids. The rumors are ridiculous! Penn Hills went above and beyond to keep the kids safe. The only thing I am upset about is that they kept the teachers on the grounds while they searched for the shooters even though they needed to in order to ensure there were not shooters on the grounds. I am glad they are concerned about the kids, but aren’t the teachers just as valuable? I live off of Stotler and there were no kids roaming the streets. If they were, they are high school kids and most of their parents were probably at work and the kids thought it was a free for all and thought they could act like morons cause most of the police were tied up at the school. Per speaking with my husband, the County police ordered the students to go home and not Penn Hills police so if you are upset, call them! Our tax dollars and our municipality had nothing to do with it and I am frustrated that everyone is always quick to blame the municipality. Get the facts straight first! All of the elementary schools were placed on lock-down and I was never worried about myself, my child, or my husband. My husband called me with updates as they happened and I was aware of what was happening all morning. I live less than a mile away and I felt secure as well. I am a Plum alumni and when these calls were placed there, we were sent to the football field bleachers and then sent back into the building once sweeped. We never were sent home and parents usually heard only from us when we got home. Grow up people. Let’s set better examples for our kids. Maybe that’s why they act like this- they are leading by example!

    1. Nick Manning says:

      thanks for the facts Stephanie

    2. Heather in Penn Hills says:

      Stephanie, glad to hear your husband is safe. Can I ask, when your daughter is old enough to go to PH, when she’s 13-14 years old, would you have been happy that she was told to get off of the property and go home? What if you are working? Easy to criticize but if you look at it from Mary’s perspective, it is more clear why she’s upset. By the way, the PH website says that PH Police closed the school and sent the kids home, so I’m not sure about the County Police.

      1. SL says:

        Heather, stephanie only lives less than a mile away from the school. Her child would of had a shorter walk and a better chance of not being shot. Who cares about the other kids!

    3. dena says:

      As a teacher’s wife you are calling students morons? Shame on you. Gee wonder why kids act out? If this is what my surrounding community thought about me and I was 15. I might act like a “moron” too. I certainly hope your husband doesn’t share those feelings about his students. That would be a real travesty.

    4. Your right.. says:

      Your right Stephanie… If everyone had the same insight that you had things and comments may have been different. The emergency call system did go out about 9:00 a.m hours after the incident occured. Its understandable that you feel the need to defend the school district because your husband works there but the truth is, we as parents students and faculty need to do better. Things were not handled as it should have been. and as a Plum alumni I think maybe you should suggest the protocol they used at Plum to the PHSD… Im just thankful students teachers and everyone else are ok… Thats all that really matters.

    5. Mary says:

      I am parent and I never got a call. I drove down Stotler Road this morning and I can assure you that between Saltsburg & Orchard I passed at a minimum 100 students walking along and on the road. I was directly behind bus 35 and 333. I’m not sure what time you were looking out there or if you were looking at all, but I sure as hell wasn’t seeing things.

    6. parent says:

      Thank you!

    7. Teacher PH says:

      She’s right. I am a teacher there and the students were clearly notified, even at fralic, that buses were arriving to pick them up to take them home…what did they do instead? started walking home on their own….

      1. Bus Ride home!!!! don't cover your butts!! says:

        so glade that the kids where told the buses where coming for them. my 14 year old honor student must be so stupid not to here that. I’m sure over all those kids fighting they all heard!!! that’s why she called me crying saying the police told them to leave and walk home. some might have heard, but don’t act like they all knew!!

    8. Debbie says:

      I couldn’t have said it better Stephanie.

  18. Student of Penn Hills High School says:

    I’m officially hating Penn Hills right now. You’d think they’d have the decency to keep their students safe, including me. I don’t care if you have to put in three, four different buildings. Just try to keep us all safe.

    1. Stephanie says:

      Student of Penn Hills, I am saddened by the fact you don’t feel safe. What would you think would have been a better option for them to do today? Knowing what students think is important and needs to be heard. I put myself in your situation and I would have been scared being at Fralic with all those kids acting up, but I’m not sure this would have not happened had you been diverted to different buildings. The elementary kids and middle school kids would have just been unnecessarily involved and at risk as well.

      1. Student of Penn Hills High School says:

        Well, first off, they had decided to squeeze 1200 kids into a building about the size of a house, which in itself is never a good idea. Then they decided not to tell us anything. On top of that, they had made us run around half of the school district before finally placing us all in the Fralic and with emotions running high about what is going on, no one knew what to expect. And the school has been going down one bad trip since they added the freshmen to it. It was a powder keg that would have went off sooner or later. But no one at the high school actually expected it to be off this nature. It proves to the students, the administration, and the people in Penn Hills, and Pennsylvania for that matter, that there’s only so much you can actually plan for.. I think that moving us to the Fralic was planned out, but it turned out to be another dumb move by the Penn Hills School District.

  19. Joe says:

    WOW…way to go Penn Hills…what a great educational institution!

  20. Brad says:

    I am floored at these responses.. Penn hills parents WERE called, they assembled in the fralic center to be picked up by buses. They weren’t told because the police didn’t know exactly what they were dealing with. Why create panic of you aren’t sure? Also, why would the kids spread rumors, let’s think, oh ya to go home from school. I can’t say I blame them for that, they are kids. But the parents are believing the stupid rumors. Folks, Penn hills school district and the police dept did their jobs. They kept your children safe. That is job numbers 1,2 and 3. They did, in fact, put them in a safe place. They did provide transportation. Buses don’t magically appear, they need to be called and get to their destination. Bottom line your kids are safe. Period. The persons involved did their job. All this complaining is based on what our kids told you. NOT what really happened. Amazing….

    1. Rob says:

      Amen to that Brad. Some “parents” today amaze me with their child mentality.

  21. tevin says:

    Thats crazy i got family that go to that school Imani christain academy is the school to be at.

  22. Amy in Penn Hills says:

    Please, people. Name calling and fighting just lends fuel to the fire. I understand many of you were scared, and now angry. But I will not be convinced that wrong was done here on the part of the administration and public officials. I would think that thanksgiving that no one was hurt would be the norm here. I, too, am shocked that there aren’t more people being grateful for safety. I am well informed enough to know that even the most well informed of us probably don’t know the whole of the situation. I suppose anyone has the right to be angry, but for me, anger just makes any situation more fraught and teaches our kids not to respect authority. But that is just my opinion, just as the above are your opinions which you have every right to have.

  23. HAHA says:

    This whole thing and reading these comments is cracking me up! Thank goodness I don’t have kids in Penn Hills. First, they get rid of all the vocational programs and laid off how many teachers? Then get sued for doing so because they couldn’t even figure out how to furlough teachers according to their contract. There go so more of your tax dollars. Have you guys not figured out that PH administration can not do ANYTHING right! I’d get my kids out of there as fast as I could.

  24. Stephanie says:

    Dena, Grow up, I said the kids were acting like morons, not that they were. And yes, Heather, I would be upset about my child walking home and I am a working parent. I agree some things were not handled well, but when the county police come in and override the Penn Hills police and school administration, there is nothing that can be done. My cousin is a police officer in Penn Hills and he does an amazing job! I have never felt unsafe in Penn Hills and have always felt protected and heard by Penn Hills Police. The buses did arrive for the students later, but not until after the students already began acting out. From what I understand, the kids were not informed why they were there and that wasn’t right. It is no wonder they acted up because they were angry or afraid. It still doesn’t give them the right to act out, but that’s teenagers, or kids in general. If you are that defensive about the term “moron” in relation to kids, then you obviously might want to check yourself. If my child was acting up, I would not be offended that someone called him a moron if he was acting like one. Kids need to be held accountable for their actions. Teens know what they are doing. We need to stop making excuses for them. The incident by the students can’t be blamed on the school. There were plenty of police and administration there. The teachers that were detained at the high school were detained while they searched the permimeter, so should they have been placed at risk to leave the school and go to Fralic to control the students who should know better than to act the way they did. Broken windows? Really? Ridiculous! The reports are saying that one child was actually hurt in the “melee” which is unacceptable. The students should be ashamed of how they acted. This is a parenting issue, not a teacher or school problem. Yeah, maybe I am more defensive because I have a husband who gives his all everyday to teach the kids at Penn Hills, but I am also a parent of two boys, one of which is enrolled in the district and the other who is not yet of age. When my son acts up, I blame myself or him, not the teachers in his school. Teachers are there to teach our kids, not be a parent and teach kids what they should be getting at home.

    1. dena says:

      You are right about the kids acting out is their own responsibility. While we are talking about responsibility, it is the responsibility of the administration to keep things under control under ALL situations. Especially potentially volatile situations. You should grow up. Using words such as morons when talking about teens is degrading in any sense. Yes they are aware, but they are not adults. They don’t see things the way adults do and do sometimes make poor decisions and as adults it is up to us to show them the right direction and be examples. I don’t care how you cut it or think how rightous you are in your statements. The example was not made and the situation was not controlled. Playing the blame game against young kids and not the administration is ludicris. If teens were responsible individuals they wouldnt still be living at home. You have a husband that works in the system so you of all people should understand how students will react while being herded like cattle with no information given to them. They were scared and they acted out. I in no way blame the teachers. The teachers just did as they were told. The adminstrators should have been more thoughtful when putting that many students that were upset in that small of a space. Think Lord of the Flies. I also agree that one child getting hurt is unacceptable. Although I unlike you blame the lack of control due to adminsitrative actions. It was a minority of students making a ruckus the other students were in danger due to the lack of control.

      1. dena says:

        I am pulling my daughter out of the school tomorrow. If the family member of a faculty member has such hostility against the kids at the school what chance does my daughter really have? I mean if they are all seen as potentials for moronic behavior and expected to make all adult decisions without the consideration that they are still kids I will keep mine at home and enroll her in cyber school. That way she will remain safe and wont be the future victim of a school and community that just cant see the err in judgement and change. SERIOUS mistakes were made there must be a protocol.

  25. jenn says:

    i wonder why these kids have a problem with authority? look at your posts here parents. you are all angry and hostile. where do you think they are getting it from now? sit down and talk to your kids. forget the playstation and the ps3 and the wii. talk to them. dont be afraid to make them feel uncomfortable because you want to be a little closer to them and what they do. its not that hard. our parents did it for us. why rent we doing it for them

  26. Jon says:

    Brad’s world is too perfect to apply to the world any of us experience.

  27. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Put more than 2 of these savages in a room….you get a fight!

    1. melissa says:

      excuse me…im a student there…and i honestly dont think everyone there is a “savage”…

  28. Stephanie says:

    Well said Amy!

  29. PH Mom says:

    Wow, I am amazed at what people will write when no one knows who they are. Most of the comments are just an embarrassment to Penn Hills. And yes, I live here and no, my kids do not attend PHSD, for the very reasons above. Perhaps people need to attend more council/school meetings to try to make things better. Find out ALL facts before commenting or spreading false information.

    1. PH says:

      i hope you know bomb threats doesnt just happen in PHSD they happen at others schools too. I agree they do need to attend more meetings so that this wont happen again.

  30. Tyrone Jones says:

    I have to say this in reference to the K-9 unit and tazing rumors. First of all, the police are trained extensively in their field and know when to use force and when not to. IF, and a big IF the dogs were “let lose” there was a reason for it. And IF someone was tazed, I am sure they deserved it. Like everyone has said, sirens were going off, there was confusion and fear in everyone’s mind. WHY on earth would you start a fight or snowball fight or riot of any source with another student in a time of panic like this? It’s because you’re an idiot and should get a taze to the face for acting like an animal.

    Secondly, everyone should know that high school kids blow everything out of proportion. Although they ARE old enough to walk home by themselves, they are not mature enough to be considered a reliable source of information. So, high school student says: “The dogs were let lose.” Adult should translate that to: “There was a K-9 unit there. The dogs probably got excited because, well, they DO have an excuse to act like an animal. (Even though the dogs probably have better control over themselves than SOME of the students there.) Student says: “Someone got tazed in the face” translates to: nobody got tazed at all. Maybe they were present as a crowd controller to scare the students into acting like human beings. At any rate, the adults should know and have trust in the K-9 officer handling his partner that it is the police doing their jobs to keep the students safe. Usually the dog is present for intimidation purposes and obviously the kids who take part in rioting need intimidating.

    1. johnny b. says:

      Tyrone couldn’t have said it better or more clearly.

  31. Richard Christy says:

    The Parents are the blame for raising animals.

    1. JJ100 says:


  32. JJ100 says:

    The apples dont fall far from the trees, handle your own children or enjoy the reap of the sow. After watching the south central LA like riot, I hope all of you PH parents are proud. Oh yeah, and don’t give the teachers a raise, nice work, they desreve the world after dealing with those animals.

    1. Not all are Animals says:

      first off don’t say all!! cause it was not all!! yes there were a some kids that don’t know how to act, my daughter is very smart and as soon as things started happening she headed for the door. Yes i am very Proud of my child!!!!

  33. kristy says:

    wow. thank god that i don’t have kids. most of you parents are unbelievable. your “darlings” get into fights at the school, and you blame the school – not your little “angels.” nothing like deflecting accountabiility and responsibility, huh? you should be very concerned that your kids (and i’m none of your kids started the fights, but they’re obviously someone’s kids) are lashing out in a violent manner and teach them some manners and respect.

  34. kristy says:

    meant to say: and i’m SURE none of your kids started the fights, but they’re obviously someone’s kids)

  35. Ronnie Mund says:

    Richard, First of all I’m a parent who raises one of those animals. My son is an angel and never does anything bad…Well except for the occasional drug thing and so forth. Hey if he wants to be cool and fit in, why not?

  36. Scott Giracia says:

    @Ronnie, You let your kid do drugs to fit in? If you were in a real school District, like Mckeesport or Clairton, you’d see that kids are well behaved and prepared for these types of situations.

    @dena, High School kids don’t know how to get home from their school? Really? I mean really? I’m going to stay here and get into fights and let a bomb blow me up because I don’t have the right clothes on to walk home, oh yeah, where do I live again? I’m not Fmailiar with the area? Really?

    1. dena says:

      My child just moved here and did not know how to get home. We also come from a warm climate and did not realize we had to walk for more than 20 min to get home ever. New horrible situation for us. Excuse the hell out of me if my kid was scared to death. Geez new to the area and then she gets this. She is scared to death to go back to school. Do you really blame her? Any more comments for me Scott Giracia? My daughter was not dressed to walk home either. After school we were going to an event so she was in a skirt and dress shoes. Maybe next time she should have just removed her shoes to walk home? Really? Maybe you are the one that should get a grip. But being a school student she should have maybe had her survival gear and a gps with her. Hate to tell you but most students in this country really don’t have to deal with those conditions. So very sorry we were unprepared.

  37. Stephanie says:

    Dena, you obviously don’t have children or you would not take such offense to someone saying kids thought it was okay to “act like morons.” Parenting is not all butterflies and roses. It is tough and most parents are truthful and honest about how there kids act. What should we say, some of the kids acted “not nice.” Bottom line, I will be at the next school board meeting and I will speak up for myself, my husband, and my children. Do you even live in the district Dena? Are any of the rest of you going to stand behind your words and speak up? Your words mean nothing unless someone that can do something hears them. Do you think the school board is reading this? Doubtful….

    1. dena says:

      My daughter and I live in the district, and she goes to the hihg school.I am a parent of three, my son is working on his doctorate in Pittsburgh and I a transplant from another area where parenting is less volatile than this. I have a Masters degree and am educated and have traveled the world so I am not some wierd shut in either. You wont be seeing me at the next school board meeting because I am pulling her out while she is still in one piece and still has an inkling of the feeling of security. So you all can send your kids to an usafe school, congradulate the administrators for a job well done, hell pat yourselves on the back while you are at it. Hell kill each other off if you feel the need. I just wont be a party to it and neither will my kids. By the way parenting can be all butterflies and roses if you make it so. It’s called making the best and being an example for every scary situation. Telling people that they are acting like morons in no way betters a situation at all. Also, I wasnt asking you to stand up for your husband or children I have no beef with any of them Stephanie. I take offense to a word used is all. You are making even more of a deal of it than I did.

      1. Really says:

        Educated? World travelor? You should really sue the college that gave you the degree becuase your spelling and grammer are horrible!

      2. dena says:

        They are called typos. Deal with it. I don’t spell check when I am passionate about something. Sue me.

  38. Student of Penn Hills High School says:

    Thanks again Dan too, You really do not understand that there were some people who actually were not doing anything wrong, nor did they have any issues. And yet, in your bright mind, you’re still calling them ANIMALS. Maybe your definition of ANIMALS, because last time I checked, animals are not HUMAN BEINGS!

  39. heath4668 says:

    PARENTS OF PENN HILLS STUDENTS…. why o why are you finding it sooo much more important to express your opinion by leaving a comment here. Your time would be much better spent taking this time talking with your child about this unfortunate incident. If your child was so mishandled, find out from your child what he/she experienced today instead of ranting on here. Be grateful your child is able to return home safely and relay his/her experience of the mornings events because there are numerous times these things do not turn out quite so well. Spend the rest of the day turning this into something positive and a lesson learned!!!!

  40. Angry taxpayer says:

    Reason number 187 that I won’t send my children through this district. It is a scary place!!

  41. John says:

    Unbelievable, if any of you were there would you have been able to make a better decesion on the spot. Just like any emergency situation that pops up al the sudden, some bad and good decesions will be made. This is how you learn from mistakes. I know no one is perfect, although some of us seem to think so. I also agree that when it comes to your chiild, there will be anger and outlashes. But, lets try to act better then the students that started the fight causing most of the problem. I also love the way the bombs found keep going up, I believe 9 was the last count. By the end of the day it will be 20 Atomic bombs and 5 Tanks! As parents and Adults we need to grow up and act like adults. This means addressing any issues from this situation and actually going to a board meeting and talking about this. Not shouting and screaming.

  42. MAX says:

    Hey Brad… maybe you need to use your head a little more instead of your mouth… I dont htink the issue her was that this kids were to lazy to walk home and no MOST of their legs were not broke… lets think a little, all the police were at the HIghschool and im not disputing that they didnt do everything they could, buyt they let the kids start walking home, now all the police at at the school the kids are walking home there was already how many fights not to mention how do you know that whoever called this in actually planned it that way, have the distraction at the school so they could move around not noticed, those kids could be walking home and get shot by someone sitting in a car, walk into the house with someone in there, start fighing on the way home and innocent kids get hurt.. you might think this is ridiculous but its real, its life… and let me bring up another point, what about the special needs kids that go to the school, that are in a wheelchair or may be mentally challenged… just because these are highschool kids does not mean they all can just handle everything.. stop shooting off your mouth without thinking, what if it was your child and they were in a wheelchair and was told to walk home? what is your child had a disabilty and was put on the street??? or what is god forbid your kid was just as perfect as you were and was walking home becaue his legs are not broken and got shot and killed????? hmmm wonder how you would feel then? wonder how your posts would look then??? before you post think like a parent not jerk… Im not attacking the police they truely cant be everywhere which again makes all the kids walking home an easy target, and if you dont believe it oculd happen watch the news! There was an officer killed in penn hills sitting in his car waiting for backup… so dont say it cant or woulnt happen

  43. Sick-of-it says:

    why is it so scary?? Oh yeah, another fine porduct of de-segregation. This once was a proud and prestigious school district with good teachers and good students. Now, it’s not even safe to send your kid to school there anymore because of the ‘inner city’ clientel. Somebody has to say it the way it is. Don’t agree? F yourself, I lived through it for over 30 years and watched it happen.

    1. Sick-of-It too says:

      To sick-of-it you an i are in agreeance. and it’s the penn hills kids starting the problems, its the ones from Wilkinsburg,Homewood,The City etc. causing the problem. go back to where you camefrom.

      1. sick-ditto says:

        Amen to Sick of it and sick of it too. I couldn’t agree more with your posts.

  44. heath4668 says:

    DENA.. being a parent pf a Penn Hills student, as you are, and finding blame on just about everyone in this picture, why are you NOT spending this time talking with your daughter who is new this district, who did not dress to walk home, who does not know her way?? If I were you, I would be out there right now showing her YOUR emergency plan. YOU should be assuring your daughter that she is home safe and sound and that is what really matters here. Instead you are on here of all places posting your remarks to a terrible situation, thus showing your anger for your daughter to feel free to read. do you not think she had a bad enough day? i think you should take a step back and loook at the bigger picture here. YOUR CHILD IS SAFE!!!!! and it was not due to you. SHe is safe due to all the officials who stepped up to help. Try to see that, please. you are doing a huge injustice to your daughter with all your anger. Take this time to talk to her instead of on here.

    1. dena says:

      Heath, I did not lay blame on everyone. I layed blame on the administrators for not having a plan. For throwing kids on the street. That was the only thing I was really blaming here. Do you seriously think I did not talk to my daughter afterward? I have shown her the way home from school but they were on a different street entirely. She did not know how to get home from that location and was not able to get back to the area that she knew because of the threat. My child is safe due to me because as soon as she called me I found a meeting point and directed her to it. Had it been left to the school she would be wondering around on her own with no direction. As I said I talked in length with my daughter afterwards. I got on here when she went to sleep. I am taking my frustrations out on a public forum so that when I wakes up I will be more calm and able to help her deal. I am angry you are right, I should be. My daughter was unsafe and part of that is how it was handled. Nothing anyone can say will change my opinion on the fact that it was handled so poorly. I respect the fact that they took them out of the immediate danger but placing them in other sorts of danger is not a favorable alternative in my book.

  45. bob says:

    Yeah Penn Hill! Glad no one was hurt. Only gonna get better as more of Linton students filter in. Thankfully there is a Propell in the area. Having said that the Fralic Center is tight yo. Go Penn Hill!

    1. Sick-of-it says:

      go kill yourself yo

  46. No lie says:

    it won’t belong before Penn Hills resembles Homewood, like a creeping cancer.

  47. jenns says:

    Why are we blaming everyone but the real person who started this all. The person who called in the bomb threat in the first place. I hope they find him or her and prosecute to the fullest no matter what their age. He or she put a lot of people in danger today wheather it be because of the chaos at the school, fights, or kids walking home. Worse things could have happened. Instead of beating each other up over it we need to come together as a community and make sure something like this does not happen again. The way that kids act starts at home….

  48. PLAN A says:

    Making better decisions for others to make. Let’s see here: There was no PLAN or Protocol if this type of situations. It is obvious that the folks who run our district never heard of PLAN A or PLAN B IF in the event of something happening. There are fire drills for a reason. California has EARTHQUAKE drills for a reason. The events that have taken place at schools or colleges across this nation have put into place BOMB THREAT PROTOCOL. Do this if this happens. The students who created chaos are to blame for the fights, not all students are to blame. All it takes is one to mess it up for all others. The police and fire should have a joint venture with EVERY school in the district in the event of a bomb threat. That is creating a PROTOCOL, or Plan A, and if it gets foiled, have Plan B ready for action. Parents not knowing, students wondering the street and teachers under lock down is just UNACCEPTABLE! I must add, however, we ALL are fortunate that NOTHING happened, no bomb was found, no one was shot and no, NO student was injured do to the lack of planning and procedure! Because if there was, we’d all be smelling law suits a brewing!.

    1. dena says:


  49. melissa says:

    oooook. im a student there and i know what happened. i experience that school everyday. and people please. youre all adults and parents and teenagers. grow up. quit yelling at eachother and blaming the parents, the students, the police dept, and the administration. why dont we all blame crasy a s s mp-fo who cause all this and sent the threat in in the first place!

  50. CB says:

    I don’t live near Penn Hills but my one son does. Why is it that every time something like this happens in the world, everyone has all the answers. No one ever has the answers before the incident happens. I think it’s called advance planning. In this day and age, all the advance planning in the world won’t negate every event that could happen. Wht I’m trying to say is if everyone would teach/control their kids, most of these “events” wouldn’t happen, including anonymous bomb threats to public places.

    1. dena says:

      You are correct that we can’t plan for every event. Bomb threats, however, are an every day occurance and there is no excuse for a school to not have a plan in place. It seems that they had an initial plan but had no follow through. We have to worry about the coulda, shoulda and woulda, when our children are at stake. I agree responsibility and values start in the home.

  51. frog says:

    This is why high school kids really need to check the weather before they go to bed. If the idiot who didn’t want to go to school had known the night before that we weren’t going to get the predicted ice storm/snow day after all, he could have phoned in the bomb threat early enough for the warning to go out before the busses brought the kids to school.

  52. kristy says:

    cb: oh, but don’t you realize that the kids who did the fighting “surely” aren’t any of the kids of these posters. it’s always “someone else’s” kids. you’re correct – everyone has the answers and knows what the “other people” should’ve/could’ve done after the fact and are really good at playing armchair quarterback. they would’ve handled the situation “much” better. it’s easy to throw stones (and blame) at others.

    1. OK Kristy you don't think they are at the police station says:

      did you ever stop to think that none of the people on here had a child that was involved. cause people who raise animals can’t figure out the internet!! also i’m sure they are at the police station trying to get their angels out of jail!!!

  53. Shane says:

    OK people listen. I’m a student there. The main mess lies with the school district. A threat of that size no matter what should be a reason for us not to go to school, which we did not, but the problem was the sent 1200 rowdy teenagers to the Fralic Center. Our school district should know that spells problem. That place was not suitable for a situation like that with the way out school, epically not properly staffed. What they should have done was send us home right from the buses( have them turn them around and take us back to our bust stops) and call a one or two hour delay for the rest of the school district. It would have been keeping us safer from the dangers of being that close to the school, and from each other. Our school is not really that bad. Its only bad to people who seem to have grown up in the days when black and white did not mix, so they cant accept change. Not saying everyone from that generation are like that. People need to grow up as well. That little riot was uncalled for, but cramming us all into a building that you can only comfortably fit maybe 600? and us being rowdy stuck on buses for a good 15 minutes? and all the problems some kids have with each other? yea it spells disaster. In the end, school district should have acted better.

    1. dena says:

      See, Shane gets it. The intent was well said.

  54. cbsidiot says:

    why does this site post comments in random order?

  55. 9th grader says:

    TODAY WAS REALLY CRAZY!!!! MY question is that there was a bomb threat how come they just didnt take us back home. Why take us to the fralic center where at first they wouldnt let us in then let us in then kick us out. so we were outside which it started raining.Plus there was a really a lot of traffic on the way to the fralic center they took us the long way. WHY NOT INFORM THE PARENTS WHAT WAS GOING ON. they need to know if something is going on.the school really should have had some one on that. ALL I CAN SAY IS SMH.

    1. Teacher PH says:

      you all have cell phones. everyone was on their phone. if parents werent contacted right away then to me, its your own fault. the safety of you and your classmates were on the agenda first. and the staff. parents were noticed soon after. if a parent wasn’t notified there were plenty of cell phones to use. i am not saying that the parents shouldnt have been contacted sooner than they were, but as a teacher in the school and seeing the kids use their phone in class when they are NOT suppose to…now was the time to use it the way they are to be used. in an emergency situation.

  56. Ryan Getz says:

    People want to always play the blame game, “Penn Hills is such a bad area” or “Figures it would happen here.” But i can be almost sure that none of you knowledge of the November Bomb Threat at a Franklin Regional Middle School. But of course all the bad rap that Penn Hills gets it is immediately the reason for why this happened. Wake up people this happens everywhere. Penn Hills isn’t the only area with Threats,Fights,Drugs. And also get over the race thing. White,Black,Hispanic,Asians, anyone could of called this is. For all we know a student might not of even called this in, or maybe it was and that student was in the Fralic and watched his plan succeed.

  57. Dana says:

    Probably Erin Vechio’s son Phil. called in the bomb threat.

    1. Red says:

      Dena !!really he was at work !!!and you need to get a life!!!

      1. Red says:

        That is called defamation of character!!Dana …

    2. Louise says:

      Dana ,you should call your school board president and vice president !!!maybe you should check both of their criminal records!!!

  58. blindspot says:

    yes, the PH school district needs to get their act together asap in terms of a safety plan, a disaster plan, today’s actions make that a reality for the SD

    it’s truly sad that kids these days do not respect anything or anyone, and I do realize that is a overgeneralization, I am sure there are good kids w/ good intentions who actually do respect their school, teachers and fellow students, but there is no denying that a lot of these children have ZERO respect for their elders, their teachers, the school property or what happens in school for that matter

    what they care about is looking gansta, swearing, acting like complete tools, dressing like they are on vacation (pants on the ground), they could care less about their grades, about their futures, and they are the ones who cannot act civilly when gathered in a small space with quite a few other people in the midst of what appeared to be a disaster in the making

    If I acted like that when I was in h.s. I would have paid the price in terms of discipline from the school and worse yet, my parents

    I would have been grounded, lost priviledges, lost any hope os an allowance and would have spent time in the corner kneeling

    oh, I can’t wait for the line of parents filling lawsuits over this, getting something for nothing and accepting no personal responsibility in terms of their kids and most definitely not teaching their children about respect, responsibility and what it means to be a hard working adult

    1. RK says:

      Amen to that! Very well said…

  59. Blame6forchaos says:

    Bomb threats happen in schools all the time. The administration should have had a plan in place but I’m sure they did the best they could do. I would not categorize all kids as being bad and acting like animals, however; the fact is that it was a few bad apples that made the situation worse for everyone. I would be willing to bet the six kids arrested were not first time offenders and not new to criminal system. The parents of those kids should be ashamed and be accountable. Stop making excuses for the kids that acted up and make them held accountable. I was a student during a bomb threat and the entire school was evacuated. There was not a single fight and no one had to be arrested. I realize times have changed by parents of criminal children to accept the responsibilty and quit blaming everyone else.

    I’m sure this will be a learning experience for everyone. Thankfully no one was hurt and I guarantee next time there will be a better plan in place. Again, No one was injured and I understand why things were done the way they were. Be a parent and not someone who complains when your kid gets arrested. Those six kids and the chaos that they caused makes it look bad for everyone. They made Penn Hills School District look bad and that was not the police’s fault or the administration it was 100 % on them.

    1. Teacher PH says:

      well said.

      1. keke says:

        Yea I don’t know how you can say “I would be willing to bet the six kids arrested were not first time offenders and not new to criminal system” You don’t know if they are new to it or not just because someone fights doesnt mean they arent first time offenders. Im not saying i know But dont be to quick to judge.

    2. RK says:

      Once again, very well said….. Even if there was a valid plan in place the district nor the police were given any opportunity to execute it thanks to the jailhouse behavior which caused a small scale riot. Its just sad that allot of heat is being directed at the wrong people here!!

  60. ron p says:

    Ok the man in the long black coat was the principal! he was two cars behind mine and he got out went down to the police barricade. when he came back up he asked people to go to the eat n park until further notice. I was there to drop my daughter off at 6:50 AM. we turned around and I took her home. there was chaos and gridlock there already because the buses arrive at 6:55 AM. he did not know at the time what was going on because the police would not tell anybody but with that many cops and sirens there was no earthly reason to stay and risk being in the eye of a catastrophe so…….

  61. lynn ph resident says:

    I LOVE PH and the school district! Feel absolutely safe with my kids there. It was a FAKE bomb threat! What school doesn’t get one every now n then? PH just needs to come up with a better emergency plan. No child was harmed except 4 the select few who decided to fight. I say expell them immediately and move on

    1. PH Student says:

      yea i agree with you on the part that ph needs to come up with a better emergency plan bt i dont think you should be quick to say they should be expelled.students fight all the time in school and some of them dont get expelled right away.Jus because it jus so happen on a crazy day shouldnt change.

  62. kristy says:

    dena – after reading your MANY posts, i must note that you’re a piece of work. good luck finding that “perfect” educational institution where nothing bad ever happens. you better resort to home schooling, hon.

  63. Alumni says:

    Students need to realize that school is not a fight club.

  64. Former Student says:

    as a former student who went to penn hills high school i can tell you that no matter what authority is at the school, the same problems are going to occur. its the certain type of people that go to the school that causes problems. there are two types of students that go to that school, students that take things seriously and students that dont care and go there to fool around. the school has to pay money because we cant pass the pssa’s. i was showed the average scores according to race and sex. african american students did not compare in grades. this is because we allow students from wilkinsburgh, homewood and such are coming to our school illegally and hurting it. they go around repping where they are from and writing it on the walls. if your so proud of that then go back, we dont want you here because you dont deserve an education. mostly every fight i have witnessed has had kids in it like this. all i can say is the school is a joke and i give it less than 10 years before it shuts down completely.

  65. Melissa says:

    I am a student here at Penn Hills and what had happend yestrday was unbelievable, and it was poorly handled. Luckily yesterday I had had driven to school, but the traffic leading up to the High School was horrible. I had know idea what was going on, and nor did anyone else. I had texted my friends that had rode the bus and they informed me there was a bomb threat. Later, I decided to just go back home. My friends texted me more information and had said, “there is a man in the school with six pipe bombs and is armed, he is threatning to shoot anyone who enters the high school.” I found this shocking, but had just thought it was rumurs spreading. I watched the news all morning and nothing about the problem had come on until about 8:45. Parents were not informed of what had been happening untilthis time, nor did students. The fights that had broken out in the fralic were unnecissary, but when you have over 700 kids all in one space then what do you think is going to happen? I think if this situation were to be handled better than all of the chaos would not have had happend.

  66. RK says:

    I love all the comments about why the kids were not informed…. First off im not sure the police nor the administration was %100 sure what was going on at that point. So it seems that allot of the students comments say “what do you expect when you put 600 students in one room?” So it looks that football season, prom and any other activity that would bring a few hundred students in the same area should be canceled since this type of behavior has become expected and accepted, right? How pathetic! Its time to analyze the improvements needed by the administration but my god, where is the responsibility of the students to show a little respect and do what your told by administration and especially law enforcement. Remember, most of the kids involved were a year or 2 from being adults here! Pathetic!!!!

  67. Dylan says:

    i am a student at penn hills high school and police did tase a student but on accident the fight broke out because of everyone combined in one room the broken windows at the weight room have been broken since beginning of the school year there were 5 students in the building and assistend principle and some teachers police did tell us to all go home when our buses got there though there are a lot of rumors going around but most of them are false we were suppost to be takken to linton but they changed their mines and took us to the fralic which is stupid as we all say because if there were a real shooter or if there were pipe bombs if the school did get blown the pieces would have hit us or the shooter could have walked down there

  68. Adam says:

    Maybe if that dump of a school wasn’t so packed with ghetto low lives all that wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

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