FORT WORTH, Texas (KDKA) — The labor negotiations between the players union and the owners remained a hot topic this week.

There’s speculation that the Super Bowl could be the last NFL game for some time if there’s a lockout next season.

The owners opted out of their collective bargaining agreement early in 2008. The NFL simply wants a bigger piece of the revenue pie.

Right now, 54 percent of that money goes directly to the players.

The players, on the other hand, say this is a $7 billion a year business and without players there is no product.

Another hotly-debated bargaining chip right now is the commissioner’s plan to extend the regular season to 18 games.

“Stupid, ridiculous,” James Harrison said. “Mr. Rooney came out and said it himself. He [doesn’t] need the money. Obviously, everybody else is worried about the money and that’s what all this comes down to is what helps them make more money.”

“[An] 18-game schedule is crazy,” Casey Hampton said. “I mean, anybody who knows football or who has played football knows that that’s crazy.”

“I think the people making decisions and trying to make it [into] an 18-game schedule never played football – they don’t know what their body’s going to feel like after that,” he added.

“They’re so worried about player safety, but you want to add two more games,” Harrison said. “Worried about player safety, but when you lock us out, you’re going to take away health insurance.”

“I think 16 games works,” Brett Keisel said. “If it’s not broke, why fix it?”

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