SUV Crashes Into Robinson Twp. Restaurant

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An accident caused significant damage to a restaurant in Robinson Township when an SUV went plowing into the building late Wednesday night.

A Land Rover crashed into the Steak ‘n Shake on Manor Boulevard around 11 p.m.

Police say a Robinson Township teen, identified as Jordan Menni, was behind the wheel of the Land Rover with a 17-year-old female passenger.

They were parked in front of the restaurant.

“It was a 19-year-old male driving; he had a cast on his right foot,” said Chief Dale Vietmeier, of the Robinson Township Police Department. “I guess he thought he was hitting the brake pedal and instead he hit the accelerator. He had a cast on, and I guess he just had recent surgery.”

The impact took out a portion of the front side of the building, leaving glass, bricks and plaster behind.

Fortunately, the side of the restaurant where the crash happened was closed to customers, but several people were sitting in an adjacent area.

The only thing that kept the SUV from going to the other side was a railing. Officials say it could have been a lot worse, but no one was hurt.

Meanwhile, Chief Vietmeier says the teen shouldn’t have been behind the wheel with a cast on his foot.

“The bottom line is – I think he also told the officers that he tried using his left foot, which is not the proper thing to do as well,” said Chief Vietmeier.

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One Comment

  1. Mac Daddy says:

    Well … I guess people were really SHAKIN’ on this one!

  2. Linda says:

    I didn’t know Steak n Shake had a drive thru.

  3. hockeymom says:

    Hello parents?? Why was a 17 year old driving with a cast on his foot???

    1. Anonymous says:

      he was 19

  4. DoNot DriveWithACast says:

    Why was a 17 year old driving a land rover?

  5. axeman says:

    I agree! Total breakdown in any thing that resembles parenting skills!

    1. Rude says:

      Actually his parents are very good parents.

  6. Steak ‘n Shakes front Window says:

    Why was a 17 year old driving a Land Rover with a Cast on his foot around 11 pm?

    1. AccidentsHappen says:

      1. he was 19
      2. why does it matter what kind of car it was
      3. if the doctor cleared him to drive then how is it his fault?
      4. 11 pm? he’s in college and steak and shake is open 24 hours

      shouldn’t we just be glad that no one got hurt? accidents happen.

  7. Claudia says:


  8. Daniel says:

    He was driving the Land Rover because the Rolls was being serviced. And yes this is a joke…..

  9. Jake says:

    I know this guy he’s actually 19, but they want to make a better story by saying he’s 17. The accelerator jumped and he was right in front of the restaurant to begin with.

    1. Dave says:

      > accelerator jumped


      1. local says:

        you believe that one……….I have a bridge for sale

  10. Michelle says:

    I am friends with both of these people, the important thing is that nobody got seriously injured. I love these two people to death. They are great people, and accidents happen.

  11. mom says:

    please remove comment, my son put this comment here

  12. Amber Freemsn says:

    Wow good job being parents. Why would you let your son drive a car with a cast of his foot? I work there and I go up there with my 6 month old son to see his father. If me and my would have gotten hurt from that I would have been very upset. Learn to keep a better eye on your kid.

  13. your an idiot cast-boy says:

    morons. lets do something stupid and make the news! hooray!

  14. Steak Burgh'er says:

    Hey Jordan, nothing impresses the ladies like Steak N Shake!

  15. Slyfox says:

    It clearly says that the driver was 19 YEARS OLD. Can’t any of you read?

    1. Dave says:

      The article was updated after 2pm today. Prior to the update it said 17 yo, and it also said they didn’t know which foot the cast was on. It’s since been updated.

  16. Beth says:

    Definately a good question…Where WERE the parents????????????????

    1. FixPGH says:

      Well, he’s 19 so he may not even live with them. Unfortunately not everyone makes the best choices. If you have a broken driving foot, you shouldn’t drive. You can’t function the same when your body has been altered like that (having extra weight/thickness on your foot due to a cast).

      This really isn’t a matter of bad parenting, just stupid decisions. Even if his parents were #1 Parents, he, himself, as an individual can make dumb mistakes.

  17. Dr Feelgood says:

    The parents are Jag-offs and the Kids a bigger Jag-off maybe he can drive in a body cast next.

  18. Shake and Steak says:

    Darwin Award nominee

  19. KB says:

    The article says he’s 19.

  20. guy says:

    Who was the female passenger?

    1. ariel says:

      i was the female passenger

  21. noone says:

    boo hoo he wrecked his mommy’s land rover….

  22. Kris Beard says:

    This is totally bizarre because the same thing happened today in EVANSVILLE, INDIANA…only it was an elderly man….but it was the same thing. He hit the gas instead of the brake..and many were injured here.

  23. local says:

    I guess a lot of you idiots cannot read. It was a 19 yearold male driving. The passenger was a 17 year old. Big deal it was a Land Rover, daddy had the Mazarrati that night.

    1. Dave says:

      Before you call people idiots, you might want to see that the comments are BEFORE (notice time stamps) the edited version of this article. As I said above, the original article stated that the DRIVER was 17.

  24. Katie says:

    If he’s 19 he should be old enough to be making his own choices… Well, after this, let’s hope not.

  25. COCO says:

    Yeah….this kids gonna get a big ass fine and his insurance rates are gonna go sky high. GO STEELERS!!!!

    1. Fred mertz says:

      He won’t worry about Insurance and fines, Mommy and Daddy will pay them.

  26. Moriah says:

    cover me in bacon grease and throw me to the sweaty mexicans

  27. asdfghjkl. says:

    i went to school with him & his brother. his parents are the nicest people & jordan’s in college. it was an accident, drop it people.

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