City Public Schools To Have 2-Hour Delay Monday

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — The Pittsburgh Public Schools will have a two-hour delay on Monday.

School officials cite student safety as the reason.

The district had a delay the last time the Steelers were in the Super Bowl.

Ebony Pugh, spokeswoman for the district, told the Post-Gazette the district is concerned about students traveling with people who may have been up late for the game.

Meanwhile, state police say they’ll triple their normal patrols while local departments also plan to step up their enforcement efforts on Super Bowl Sunday.

PennDOT officials say 55 alcohol-related crashes were recorded in the region the last time the Steelers were in the Super Bowl.


One Comment

  1. RUSerious says:

    Are you serious!? Why is there a delay because of the stupid superbowl? This shows how much Pittsburghers really cherish their childrens education..

    1. TOOSERIOUS says:

      Shutup. You want the bus drivers to crash hung over and kill some kids? That’s great for their education.

      1. Yup says:

        Um maybe people that have to work the next day should take responsibility and not drink a lot for the game? That ever occur to you?

      2. normal says:

        Let the kids watch and enjoy the atmosphere even if they don’t understand it. I promise not a single child will have a major epiphany and discover cold fusion during the 2 hours missed.

        In other words, why so serious “RUSERIOUS”?

      3. Daniel says:

        Bus drivers should not be drinkers of alcoholic beverages….

    2. Pat says:

      This is Steeler Nation!!! I Can only hope my daughter has a delay Monday!! My daughter has straight A’S so two hours can hardly make a difference!!!!!!!!!! If you are that concerned maybe you should wake your children early to study!!

  2. Dave Schuilenburg says:

    Way to go go PPS-BOE in failing our kids yet again with yet another unneeded 2hr delay. Guess you didn’t hear the same State Of The Union speech we did, where President Obama said “no only should the winners of the Superbowl celebrate, but so should the winners of the science fair”! It’s not like our kids will be drinking alcohol! Then people why the Pgh Schools have some of the worst grades in the region!

    1. wow says:

      You think THAT’S the reason they have the worst grades? So you haven’t considered of the fact that all the private schooled/suburban kids who go to big fancy schools have 2 valuable resources that those unfortunate kids just wish they had: people, and money. Everyone’s moving out of the city and leaving the district underfunded. And since a lot of those kids are living in poor, underprivileged neighborhoods, all the rich suburbanites seem to think that abandoning the city will solve all the problems. Way to go. How generous and responsible of them.

      1. inda'burgh says:

        You mentioned two valuable resrouces.. I think the “people” is more important then the money. I’ve worked in PPS in the past and unfortunately that’s what is missing. Not only two parent households but education babies not to have babies. Throwing more money at the schools won’t change that!

      2. Kate says:

        I left the city for 2 valuable reasons … city government and city schools … I am very generous and very responsible … generous enough to pay the taxes to a townshiph that has responsible civil servants (instead of the nut jobs on Grant Street) and responsible by sending my children to better schools rather than expose them to the liberal-minded Pittsburgh Public Schools!

      3. Bev says:

        Hey..wait a minute..I sent all four of my children to private school. I made under 30,000.00 at the time. I gave up my cell phone and cable. We rarely ate out and I took two buses both ways to work. There are many parents who deem a good education worthwhile instead of expensive toys the parents want for themselves. The Pittsburgh Public school system receives between 6-8 thousand dollars per child for education. If they are not learning, what do you think the problem is? I had to pay for books, supplies and anything else my children needed. If I was a bus driver I would be highly offended as I am sure most of them are responsible. The blame here is the lousy school system..

  3. Hockey Mom says:

    This is ridiculous. Their excuse that they are “concerned about students traveling with people who may have been up late for the game” is another way of saying: We don’t want all of our teachers to call off sick so we’re going to give them 2 extra hours to sober up. What a joke. So thankful my kids don’t go to PPS.

  4. OMG says:

    First of all…this is for the safety of the children. Teachers MUST report at their REGULAR time. They will be participating in Professional Development sessions like we do on every 2-hour delay. During a 2-hour delay parents should take the time to practice reading with their child or review math skills and stop blaming teachers for everything. I know I would not want my children riding a school bus with the driver still on his/her Super Bowl buzz. We are not failing our students, those of you commenting and your children do not even attend the city schools need to get a hobby. For some of our kids cheering on the Steelers in the Super Bowl is their only excitement, they don’t get to go on fancy vacations or have the newest toys and games many of them are lucky to have socks. Until you spend a day in the PPS keep your mouths shut. Go Steelers!

    1. Meg says:

      So scheduling a two-hour delay so the bus driver’s can recover from their hangovers? That’s really teaching the kids about responsibility and the proper way to function in the real world!

    2. Ash says:

      I am a product of Pittsburgh Public Schools. We never had two hour delays not even for weather emergencies. This lecture about drivers needing time to sober up is BS. How about hiring responsible drivers that understand that they have to wake up early the next day and do a job? I’m in med school now, when I’m a doctor and you’re bleeding on the ER table I’m going to tell you that I have a two hour delay because my bus driver needed some time to sober up. It’s not about blame, it’s about teaching your kids to be responsible and understand that just because your team goes to the superbowl doesn’t give you a license to be an idiot who drinks too much and stays up too late when you know you have a job to do.

      1. OldLady says:

        Ash – THANK YOU! As a retired teacher and a parent – I am so glad to see someone under the age of 30 that gets the concept of responsibility. The single most important thing a school can teach is how to be successful in life. Step one – be responsible, Everything else comes second.

  5. steeler fan says:

    OMG you couldnt of said it better. There is nothing wrong with the 2 hour delay. As for you people making dumb comments get a life. My child has been in the pps for twelve years and he has gotteh a great education. He is a senior and he has been accepted to some top colleges so you are wrong when it comes to the education kids get at the pps.

    1. kristy says:

      steeler fan: you were probably a product of the pps. case in point – couldn’t HAVE – not couldn’t of.

      1. steeker fan says:

        Kristy so what is your point, Why dont you go get a life.You really dont make much sense, I guess you are the product of a dropout.

  6. debbie says:

    if the drivers know thye have to get up early and drive they dshouldn’t be drinking so much!!!

  7. Dan says:

    I am a High school Junior in the Pittsburgh Public schools, and believe me, the first 3 periods that we miss would simply be a waste on 4 or so hours of sleep. Plus, its not every year we make it to the Superbowl. So shut up, and stop complaining. This meager delay will not harm anyone’s education.

    1. Yup says:

      It’s just dumb that a Super Bowl effects things like this. You are limited snow days and will have to make up the days if you go over the allotted amount yet the Steelers go play football and all of a sudden it’s a big deal and you must have a few extra hours taken away. Dumb.

  8. TWO HR DELAY says:

    I cant wait to see the other districts who call a 2 hr delay on Monday. Then all of you people on here blabbing about the PPS wont have any room to talk! Get over it!

  9. tg says:

    This isn’t about the students or PPS. This is about responsibility. This delay is BS for any school. Anyone with a job on Monday morning should be responsible enough to behave in a manner that doesn’t interfere with getting to work, on time and ready. Way to teach a lesson in responsibility.

  10. Missing the Burgh says:

    Really, do all of you think a 2 hour delay for one day is going to affect a child’s education? Come on!! There are some kids who want to watch the game and will stay up later than normal. They will be tired the next day and if they went to school on time they wouldn’t be comprehending anything because their brain will not be rested. Extra sleep will make them feel better so they can think. It’s one day people! Get over it! Go Steelers!

  11. PJ says:

    Then when we win,everyone will get to complain again, when the kids take off to go to the parade, I think the kids will survive…GO STEELERS, win one for Myron…get over it people…

  12. Sleepyhead says:

    OMG for real!! You people are seriously going off like this over a stupid 2 hour delay. I for one pray they do this with all schools. Because I will appreciate the extra 2 hours of sleep in the morning. IF we win it’s going to be hard for anyone to unwind and fall asleep over the excitement. Get a grip people. You are worse than the media making a big deal over Ben going to a piano bar.. GOOD GRIEF!!

  13. Sophia says:

    The bus full of kids is not the only vehicle on the road in the mornings. There will be other exhausted folk who do not have the option of a two-hour delay who must report to work. I graduated from the Public Schools 3 years ago and if I had a kid who was on a bus that was in danger on those roads, I’d be pretty uneasy, too. Here’s to the PPS who care about the safety of the kids. Also, we live in Steeler Nation. The teachers, custodians, principals, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, crossing guards, and PPS police also live in Steeler Nation. We may be celebrating late.

    Enjoy the game! Go Stillers.

  14. busdriver says:

    i drive bus and dont drink at all!!! transportation doesnt call the delays, the districts does. Why say its the drivers drinking? I hate 2 hour delays, messes up my day and the day of parents that work.

    1. Sarah Deren says:

      No one SAID it was the drivers who were drinking. Idiots IMPLIED and made up their own minds that it was drunk bus drivers.

      Hang in there, and thanks for getting our kids to school safely, Super Bowl or not.

  15. Shamed Educator says:

    I Teach at PPS. This is shameful. I have apologized to my students and explained to them the flawed thinking that has led to this decision.

    1. Onme says:

      SHUT UP!

  16. kristy says:

    pittsburgh sucks. sports over education. that about sums up this backwoods city. people who feel WE won the superbowl. no, halfwit – THEY won and YOU watched. get a life and quit living vicariously through sports teams.

    1. Onme says:

      Any city is like this you half wit moron. You suck – we rock, you are JEALOUS!

  17. Lighten Up says:

    Lighten up people and enjoy the ride….I doubt 2 hours out of an entire school year is going to make a difference if these kids pass or fail! They’ll probably be watching the game as well and will welcome the extra time to rest. I guess some people have to complain no matter what the issue is.

    GO STEELERS! Bring home number 7!!!!

    1. Brandi says:

      They have two-hour delays almost twice a week due to the weather why have it when they don’t have to? Regardless they miss two hours of their education. Its not like every working citizen in Pittsburgh can call off or come in two hours late I agree its sending a horrible message to our kids.

      1. Onme says:

        Shut your face. I took the morning off so I could get more sleep, just like every other SMART Pittsburgher would. You are a jagoff.

  18. Just wait says:

    The PPS schools are the first to say that they have a 2 hour delay but wait till Monday. I will bet that numerous other schools will have a delay. The same thing happened 2 years ago when the Steelers won the Super Bowl.

  19. Kitty Gray says:

    if I’m not mistaken, as a kid, we had the day off after one of those Super Bowl wins? I was a product of St. Basil’s grade school and Carrick High and certainly enjoyed celebrating my Pittsburgh Pride -just as I do now living in the Twin Cities. Here we go Steelers, HERE WE GO!!!!

    1. Blitzburgh says:

      Preach on! I went to both schools too 🙂 Don’t remember having off (it’s been sooo long). I ejoyed it too….these people on here are insane!

  20. Sad says:

    If we think the bus drivers are going to be drunk/hung over then maybe we need to reexamine who we hire as drivers? It wouldn’t be so bad if they said “so that the kids can stay up and enjoy the game, etc…” but to say it’s because of (the bus drivers) not being safe that morning is a bit unsettling.

  21. OldLady says:

    The real issue here is not how much the students may or may not learn in the 2 hours they are not in school. There are actually 2 very important things to consider:

    1. What kind of message are these kids getting about responsibliity & doing what you need to do? Answer: Party hard & claim “it’s only a little delay, Chill out. (Not something I want my kids to learn.)

    2. What about parents who have to get to work? It’s one thing to tell your boss you will be late because your kid has a weather related delay. It’s a whole different thing to say they are delayed over the possibility of hung over drivers.

  22. thats funny says:

    if all you parents cared about your kids then you would not be sending them to a city school reach into your pocket a little bit and go private

    1. Ebonee says:

      The PPS is a good system. We reach into our pockets to pay taxes. We have some faith in our city. You’re preaching to the wrong crowd on the wrong webpage about that. If I want to send my kids to a cookie-cutter school that does not expose them to the realities of the city, I would, but we live in Pittsburgh, and they’re going to learn with real Pittsburghers.

  23. Sleepyhead says:

    I would be willing to bet that every person that is complaining on here doesn’t have someone to take their kids for 2 hours! Come on people I can not get over some of these comments. This story never once said it was due to hungover bus driver yet some went in that direction. Seriously… and for the person that said we take sports over education… that is a ridiculous statement too. Because during those first few hours people will be half asleep and probably talking about the game anyways. Give it a rest! Perhaps a 2 hour rest? My kid isn’t in a City school we are begging for a 2 hour delay.

    1. AtSleepHead says:

      Please tell is what it’s about if it’s not hungover bus drivers? I’m being serious. The article said: “district is concerned about students traveling with people who may have been up late for the game.” The game will be over by 10, so I doubt that that’s too late. The only other thing I can figure is that they’ll be partying too hard.

  24. FORMER PPS Grad says:

    We didnt ever have 2 hour delays (was always closed) but any way

    So they have a 2hour delay after the super bowl .. The super bowl is almost similar to HS football championship games (Why not give them a delay after those games to)

    Kids don’t need no dang on 2 hour delay – During the school years kids probably stay up late any ways

  25. Roxy Beer says:

    Most of the rude comments are coming from people defending the delay. Amazing.
    I agree that we should teach our kids to be responsible and this two hour delay is the opposite. So what if we did it two years ago, I didn’t agree with it then.

    I am sick of football defining Pittsburgh. If you tell me to move, well then maybe this is a good example of why so many people DO move so stop complaining that too many people move away from here.

    There are plenty of responsible adults who have no choice to be at work ON time Monday morning. The world should and will still be going on the day after the Superbowl. We should teach our children the same responsibility. If your children cannot recover from ONE night of staying up late watching the game, then they should go to bed and get proper rest.

    For the above comment “if all you parents cared about your kids then you would not be sending them to a city school reach into your pocket a little bit and go private” …….
    Not all city schools are bad. I have children in both but because I live in the city my child who does attend a private school is also delayed because her busing is. So if her school doesn’t delay she will miss 2 hours of school that will go on without her. I still have to be at work at 7am.

    Either way, I would like to see the adults comment responsibly. What a dream. I know that won’t happen.

  26. Ryan says:

    You people complaining are idiots. Kids stay up late for the game. If the Steelers win they are excited and have a hard time sleeping (maybe have a hard time sleeping if they lose). The KIDS need the extra rest to have a productive day. No parent is going to make their kid go to bed before the game is over, it’s special night. The school district should have said they were concerned the kids would be tired, instead they did put their foot in their mouth a little talking about people being up late driving kids to school. That’s the only fault I see in this article.

  27. kristy says:

    i think i gotta get the he!! out of pittsburgh and go somewhere where football isn’t a religion and where people actually have lives. no wonder people leave this town in droves. bunch of yinzers.

    1. Onme says:

      BYE BYE KRISTY! Get lost girl.

    2. tdr says:

      Fully agree. I’m right behind ya. Completely fed up with this backwards town.

  28. Blitzburgh says:

    I wonder how many adults would be complaining if they had a 2 hr delay or a day off work after the superbowl??? Hmmmmmm…….

  29. Kev says:

    This is just another example the poor quality of teachers, administrators, etc, not only in Pittsburgh but across the country. This is a perfect example of the teacher’s unions at work (or should I say play) again.

    People put football, entertainment, above all else, including education. Maybe if people in this country would spend as much time looking into politics and the issues as they do worrying about fantasy football, our country would be in much better shape.

    1. kristy says:

      i agree. no wonder america’s educational system’s in the toilet. two hours here, two hours there – no biggie, right? watching grown men throw a ball around is more important than getting an education, junior.

  30. really??? says:

    LOL!! How lucky is our school district that we have a scheduled teacher inservice day after the Super Bowl!! I remember the last time we went to the Super Bowl and won-lots of schools gave the kids a 2 hour delay. I, as a parent appreciate the extra time in the morning because this is a memorable time for our kids. Its not every day that your football team goes to the SUPER BOWL!! Let the kids have fun, celebrate and stay up late and not have to worry about getting up early in the morning. For those parents who are concerned about your kids would you like to deal with kids who are tired and hyped up from the game, especially if we win. Not only would those 2 hours be useless, but so would the rest of the day because they will be so tired. If you want to educate your child, wake them up at normal time and go over their homework and study with them! GO STEELERS!!

  31. Really people says:

    I feel there should be nothing to look forward to or enjoy. I really feel life must be all work and absolutely no time or excuses to enjoy anything or have fun. Everyone MUST be perfect and responsible at all times in there in life….there is no exception to this….not even for football!

    Goofy people….over 2 damn hrs. our kids are going to be more stupid.


  32. kristy says:

    um, i REALLY enjoy watching the academy awards, and the show always runs late. so i can be “more rested and more productive” the next day, can i please have a two-hour leeway in getting to work? really, where does this insanity end?

  33. kristy says:

    i have no idea what race that you are, but after viewing your post and the serious grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors, you might consider going back to school and actually learning this time around.

  34. Steeler Fan says:

    Some of you people are pathetic. I tired of reading how bad the PPS are. I have a kid who has been in the PPS since preschool and he has always gotten a good education, He is a senior in high school and has been accepted to some of the top colleges in PA. I think its nice that there is a 2 hour delay. So you people complaining why dont you give it a break.

    1. blizburgh says:

      It is because people are jealous that they have to work after the superbowl. Now that society has to be two people working…school is daycare now for people so OMG if my child has off or my child has a 2 hr delay. I can get the working parents…it sucks but school shouldn’t be a daycare.

  35. kristy says:

    oh, but it won’t end here, folks. if the steelers win (and, more than likely, even if they lose), the parents will pull their kids out of school for the welcome home parade. you know what’s “pathetic,” steeler fan? the fact that most parents would never consider pulling their kid out of school, and/or the pps would never permit a kid, to attend the veteran’s day parade that’s held every year. now, THAT’S “pathetic.”

  36. Jack Beiber says:


  37. Steeler Fan says:


  38. kristy says:

    all the more appalling, then, when one sees how sparse the crowd is for the veteran’s day parade. what a shame, but hey, this is pittsburgh.

  39. Lighten Up says:

    My kids went to the superbowl victory parade… what! We used to take the day of the Pirate opener off in the 70’s. We are no worse because we missed a day of school to go to a Pirate game. How many of you whiners keep your kids home a whole day because they have the sniffles? If a couple of hours out of an entire school year makes that much of a difference you should probably send your kids to another school…….GO STEELERS! Plus noone said the bus drivers were going to be drunk besides you whiners……Of course the City had to say it was due to safety……
    GO STEELERS!!! Maybe all you whiners should be Cleveland Fans instead!

  40. Dr Michael says:

    You gotta be kidding me

  41. Sarah Deren says:

    Who knew that a two-hour delay could cause such controversy? They’re not giving them the day off here, just a two-hour delay.

    Also, I must have missed the part in the news blurb where it was stated that it was “so the bus drivers could recover from their hangovers.” First of all, and I’m sure you suburbanites don’t realize this because you live so far from everywhere, many many children in the PPS don’t even take the bus, they either walk or their parents drop them off on the way to work. Secondly, I think this has less to do with bus drivers and more with all of the hungover, running late OTHER drivers on the road. Has the last Superbowl win been so long ago – I know 2 years is a long time when you’re too worried about what time your kid has soccer practice every day – that you’ve forgotten what our city looked like the next morning?

    I am glad they gave the kids the extra time to get to school safely. I would rather that they missed a measly 2 hours out of the 1500 hours that they normally attend school so they can all get there in one piece, no matter who might have caused it to happen otherwise.

    Lighten up, people!

  42. steeker fan says:

    For your information Martys wide the old superintendent also delayed school the last two times the steelers were in the superbowl. So you need to get the facts before you post something so stupid. You are pathetic.

  43. justin says:

    I go to school still I am just not going Monday win or lose

  44. Get over it! says:

    This type of thing happens in school districts every year following the Super Bowl. Green Bay will be having an early dismissal on Monday and depending on the outcome of the game, they may have one on Tuesday as well.

  45. Sara Sams says:

    Everyone is worried about a two hour delay. What ever !! I just hope if the STEELERS win the Super Bowl that we as City do not show our Ass and go crazy and cause Trouble in the streets of Pittsburgh.. Have Respect for our selves no matter who Wins. Go Steelers !!!!

  46. Richard says:

    What a joke! At least be honest about the reason for the delay, that you’re trying to prevent teacher/student absenteeism. I really couldn’t care less as I don’t have any kids in this school system and a two hour delay isn’t going to make a difference one way or the other. Perception counts and when you already have some of the laziest, poorest performing students in the state, well who cares?

  47. fed up with bad reps says:

    i dont understand what all your problems are with pps schools, one you can’t judge a school by the grades the kids get in them (its not the districts or teachers fault if kids just decide not to care and its unfair to the kids and teachers that actually try their hardest), and two its not the kids or teachers fault if they can’t get the funding and resources that they truly deserve (if people would just buck up and send their kids to public schools instead of moving to the heart of commercialism suburbia and making their kids think they are superior maybe they would start getting funding since your tax money would go towards it). I am a student at taylor allderdice and am fed up with the bad reps public schools get and i don’t think that a two hour delay has anything to do with the lack of an education for any individual, plus if you did move out of the city and/or do send your kids to private school then how does this concern you at all, stop the slander if it doesn’t concern you.

    1. steeker fan says:

      fed up with bad reps you hit the nail on the head, You couldnt of said it any better. Dont let these idiots get to you they just have noyhing better in life to do. PPS doing a good job with the kids who want to learn and people dont realize that. People dont realize that there is nothing the PPS can do if a kid dont want to learn and the the privated schools wont be able to doing anything either,

  48. because you're 100% wrong says:

    im a student in CAS and i know for a fact that there are lazier kids that are white, rich, and have a loving family in CAS or in any other program that just don’t care, if you honestly think its because 80% of the kids are black then you are either really intoxicated by something, have been living in a bubble claiming that there are superior races, or just honestly need help…

  49. Michael Berven Fannon says:

    I just went to the Green Bay CBS station and their schools are open tomorrow unless a snowstorm changes that. However, headline reads “Ashwaubenon schools have early release Tuesday if Packers win”. I am from Washington, DC area and was just viewing the coverage in both Green Bay and Pittsburgh. I am happy for either team to win as long as the game is exciting.
    When the Washington Redskins won the Super Bowl in 1992 the school I was at was closed the next day but that was scheduled before the Super Bowl for teacher workday. The day of the Redskins victory parade I did hear of some high schools planning to close. It ended up being a snow day anyway so it didn’t matter.

  50. Christine says:

    I moved to Pittsburgh this year and it seems that every morning I wake up and there’s a two hour delay. It’s a joke. When do these kids make up the time they miss?

  51. Steeler Fan says:

    PPS are a joke. You delay because of the safety of the kids after the superbowl but you dont delay for the safety of the kids with wind chills well below 0. I stuck on you for the superbowl delay but i guess i was wrong you delayed for the drunks out there and had nothing to do with the safety of the kids. So pitiful and you shoud be ashamed of yourselves.

  52. Tony says:

    What’s the difference? The Pittsburgh Area Public Schools have 2 hr delays every single day in the winter if it’s below 20 degrees. It’s apparently too cold, probably due to the global cooling we’ve been dealing with since 1978. The absurdity of having these non-stop 2 hour delays is becoming aggrivating. I have no children that go to school, yet I have to pay extremely high taxes so teachers can sleep in every single day between the months of November and March. They’re overpaid as it is, working 8 months a year.

  53. FOR TONY ONLY says:

    HEY TONY>>>>>>>>>F>>>>>>U>>>>pittsburgh teachers work 10 months a year and when there is a delay they still have to be on time.My wife has a masters degree frompitt university and owes 118,000 in debt and makes 31k a year,stop acting like you know something about work becuase you dont,you are a peice of garbage and so is your mom and dad for teaching you to think like that……f…u

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