Winter Weather Puts Damper On Super Bowl Week

ARLINGTON, Texas (KDKA) — Falling sheets of ice and snow from Cowboys Stadium have injured six people in Arlington, Texas.

One person was hit in the head and is listed in critical condition.

KDKA’s Ross Guidotti reports this happened around 1 p.m.

The people who were hurt were apparently those working in and around the grounds trying to get it ready for the Super Bowl.

Officials have closed all but one entrance to the stadium and an 80-ft. perimeter has been established around the facility.

Southwest flights left about midday and many of the morning filling the airport bars gand

“They’ve already had, I believe, a helicopter going around identifying areas where this could be an issue,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “The likelihood is they’ll have to get somebody up there to get the snow off as soon as possible. So they likely will be doing that in the next 24 hours.”

Gutters about 6-ft. wide surround the dome, but weren’t large enough to capture the falling ice.

The ice and snow are remnants of what’s being called the worst week of winter weather in decades.

“This is something that I’ve never seen in this area,” Duffy McKenzie said.

McKenzie’s firm is one of many tasked with removing the ice and snow on the grounds Cowboys Stadium.

Highway road graters and smaller machines moved all day back and forth trying to remove what winter dumped.

More assets are said to be on the way in a desperate attempt to save the Super Bowl from the remnants of winter’s wrath.

“We have had three tractor trailer loads of deicer delivered so far and I think a fourth is on the way,” McKenzie said.


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  1. LPB says:

    Damn Bush!!!

  2. Terri says:

    This comment is so damned rude and ignorant!!!!!

    I suppose you don’t have “Mexicans” in Pittsburgh???? Many “Mexicans,” as you call them, happen to be hard-working humnan beings. Not all Mexicans are here illegally, Ignoramus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That must be your name because you are very ignorant.

    There are Hispanics who live in the U.S. who are from South America, Central America, Cuba, Spain, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish-speaking countries. They like to be referred to as Hispanics or Latinos; not Mexicans because they are not from Mexico. And, even if they are from Mexico, it doesn’t mean they are here illegally.

    Hard-working people of all races,, nationalities, and creeds happen to work at Cowboy Stadium!!!

    People like you are ignorant !

    There are a lot of hard working Mexicans, Hispanics, and Latinos, in your city
    and state. Do you mock them too? Shame on you if you do!!! Someone needs to hit you with a huge broomstick over your head!!!!

    Furthermore, Ignoramus, “You” are also giving many people a very wrong impression about Steeler Nation. Not everyone thinks like you, do they?


    1. John Shedlock says:

      I agree with you , Where did that come from I was born from the ohio valley and I live in California Iam embarresed to think of letting it know public that Iam from there. When will people stop labiling others .Bet he never met a real Mexican…no wonder green Bay will take the crown….pittsburg is cursed

      1. Bev Schramm says:

        That’s what you think Buddy!!!!

      2. 2059 says:

        Learn to spell..JO…

  3. Huey1022 says:

    how do u know that idoit is from pittsburgh

  4. Marie KS says:

    they have “graters” clearing things… Really???? who ‘s your editor????

  5. 2059 says:

    Even mother nature hates the Cowboys and Jerry Jones..

  6. Fort Worth Guy says:

    As a local, the weather has been cold, but this article makes it sound like it has been a miserable hell. No, we don’t keep equipment for the one or two days a year that we get ice and slush, but frankly – it is a refreshing departure from the norm. Steeler fans appear to be having fun in downtown Fort Worth, and we are glad to have you.

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