Jerome Bettis Competes In Contest At Arlington, TX Bar

ARLINGTON, Texas (KDKA) — At a crowded bar in Arlington, Texas, Steelers fans witnessed Jerome Bettis pouring beer.

It was all part of a contest for Guinness Stout. He was going against a guy from Buffalo.

For Natalie Holt, of Dallas, “The Bus” stands a legend.

“He’s the epitome of the Pittsburgh Steelers,” she said. “Just big, you know, big guy – I love him!”

Bettis is a Hall of Fame nominee and this weekend, “The Bus” could get word he’s rolling to Canton.

“I would be disappointed – I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t,” he said. “But, I know it’s not the end of the world. And so if it does happen, it’d be a really, really proud day in my life.”


One Comment

  1. Duckdaddy says:

    Why is this article written like this? The people “witnessed the bus pounding beers”. Wow, he went to the bar and imbibed alcohol he must be crazy. This is another non story waste of time.

    1. Eric Kunz says:

      Hey, “Duckdaddy”..where does it say he was “pounding” beer? I see “pouring” beer. Did you even read the article?

  2. grace miller says:

    goodness can’t the news report something good about the steelers? why not take some time off steeler bashing. your city is better than all this bs

  3. BJS says:

    grace & ducky…..are you even reading the article? How is this Steeler bashing? Please try some reading comprehension before you post…..

  4. Ryan Emmons says:

    Anyone interested…. the Bus Lost the beer pouring contest to Dan, the guy from Buffalo. It was a fun, sponsor event. No Steeler bashing, All fun stuff

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