Steelers Fans A Cut Above The Rest

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – While the AFC Championship Game may be a distant memory for fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, it left some New York Jets fans with a new respect for the Steel City.

Many Jets fans invaded Pittsburgh for the game and Steelers Nation greeted them as you would expect.’s Green Lantern blogger, Jeff Capellini was in attendance and has a new respect for Pittsburgh’s love-affair with the Steelers.

Capellini details his trip to the ‘Burgh in a post from Jan. 23.

He said fans in other cities “don’t hold a candle to the ferocity of Pittsburgh fans.”

Steelers Nation knows no boundaries. In Pittsburgh, being a Steelers fan is about more than just rooting for the team. Steelers fans have a sense of pride about the city of Pittsburgh.

Capellini noticed it immediately and said, “Only 312,000 people live in Pittsburgh, but on game day all 312,000 are a united front against all enemies — foreign, domestic, you name it.”

He goes on to chronicle how uncomfortable he was entering Heinz Field wearing green and white, despite being with a group of Jets fans.

While he would have liked to have been writing a victory article and looking ahead to the Super Bowl, all he got was a lesson in humility that made the long trek back to New York even longer.

You can read the full article here.


One Comment

  1. Don't count me says:

    311999, Here is one Pittsburgher who thinks all the Professional sports and there fans are a joke. With the money they are spending Sunday, keeping all the outstanding fans in check, they could build a new school or at least get a good start.

    1. Party Pooper says:

      There’s always one in every crowd…

    2. Annie DeFazio Yurek says:

      You’re the joke….Do you know the difference between their, there, and they’re?
      This fan does!

    3. Noah says:

      You are correct. I am betting a poll of steelers fans can use “they’re” ; “there”; and “their” in their proper contexts. Sounds like you could use that school you are pushing for in your response.

      Go Steelers!

    4. Sarah says:

      It would seem that you are correct.. People like you could learn how to use the right… there, their, they’re… when you write future criticisms of people minding their own business and enjoying life!!!

    5. Bobbo says:

      Haha. Do you know how much money the sports bring in? Seriously…if not for the Steelers, Penguins, (and Pirates?) Pittsburgh could well be an Erie.

  2. pele says:

    We get it we have the greatest fans in the world, nobody comes close and never will. I our fan is second to none, the best, the greatest ENOUGH ALREADY!

    We get it it is SWEEPS MONTH and selling this story year after year makes al the local media BIG MONEY.
    The songs, the painting of houses and cars and dressing all the animals and babies means WHAT?

    Now comes the never ending song after song from people who could not hold a note let alone make a song any other day or time of year. Please stop this madness, what next a dedicated Steeler Chanel on satellite radio.

    Here is an idea get some food sit down and enjoy the game.

    Again enough already, we get it the fans in Pittsburgh are the greatest on earth, must we get the Pope to call upon God to proclaim this in writing.

    1. poop says:

      So why even read the article then.
      So you can write something like you did and feel special.

  3. egaret says:

    pele now that is a brillant idea a STEELER CHANNEL. loosen up a bit and buy yourself some steeler jerseys, you only live once and what other way could be better than to be included in the steeler nation

  4. Keith of the Burgh says:

    ONCE YOU GO BLACN – N – GOLD ya never go back , yinz guyz

  5. Keith of the BURGH says:

    opps BLACK – N -GOLD

  6. James A. Muth says:

    I am a proud member of the Steeler Nation, and before and after that I am a proud Pittsburgher. Amen

  7. Not color blind says:

    New Orleans Saints are Black & Gold-

    Steelers are Black & Yellow

  8. mel says:

    Everyone should sign up at to win a contest against GB. We have the best fans in the world and let’s show it by outnumbering them on this site! We moved to Nashville and are in enemy territory here. They do not like us and they don’t get it at all! Really miss being in the burg for all of the pre-game fever!

  9. Angel Hair Pasta Rules says:

    Pittsburgh may have great fans, but has the worst sports writers. I mean these guys really suck. It was nice to read a well-written article about sports, not the fish wrap churned out daily by the Pgh Post-Gazette, so thanks Jeff Capellini. You are welcome to Pittsburgh anytime.

  10. pele says:

    The point I am trying make is that there are many out there not caring one way or the other whether there are thousands of die hard Steeler fans in the Pittsburgh region, we know there are. But it is the fact that each local news and network is trying to outdo the other for ratings. This goes on 4 times a year for SWEEPS MONTH.

    The ever present line of: seen here first, were the only ones, seven heaven, going for seven, your official Steeler network etc.

    Isn’t it funny that only during these months you hear stories of dogs and cats found in freezer, how safe is your water, your air, your food, your home, your streets etc. The media loves to shove that microphone in everyone’s face to get that hard hitting story, the more you cry the better. The fact that they make things look so bad or play news out to the farthest end of earth is something that has turned so many away. Just like watching the weather, we know it is going to snow and yes PennDot and other road crews will be out there but lets make it sound worse than it will actually be. The more dramatic the story becomes the better ratings and the better ratings means more money in their pockets.

    Like I said sit back, get some good food and drink and enjoy the game and you can surely bet every news network in Pittsburgh will be having every reporter in key areas of Pittsburgh shoving a mic into someones face and asking the same old stupid question like, are you happy the Steelers won? Like that person dressed in Steelers garb is going to say no!

  11. pj says:

    Hey, NOT COLOR BLIND, you oviously aren’t frpm Pittsburgh, the STEELERS colors are BLACK and GOLD not black and yellow, I don’t know what the Saints call their colors…

  12. pj says:

    I just gooled it and they both are black and gold, but never yellow

  13. Jack Beiber says:


  14. Jack Beiber says:


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