Seating Problems Keep Fans Out Of Super Bowl

ARLINGTON, Texas (KDKA/AP) –  Controversy hit the Super Bowl hours before the game even started and it left some fans are very upset.

It appears that Cowboys Stadium was not fully prepared for the crowd attending Super Bowl XLV.

Temporary seats were still being installed in the top level of the stadium’s west end as fans filed into the building.

About 1,250 fans were displaced because their seats were deemed unsafe – 400 were sent home, and 850 were given somewhere else to sit.

The NFL said safety was the reason and promised a review.

The league also said the relocated fans were put in “similar or better seats.”

In a statement, the league said it expected “most of the fans affected will have been accommodated in their seats or relocated to similar or better seats.”

One fan that couldn’t get into the stadium sent us an image of this letter:

“Please be advised that due to unforeseen conditions, the installation of temporary seating for Super Bowl XLV was not fully completed and your assigned seat is unavailable for today’s game. The NFL and Cowboys Stadium sincerely regret this inconvenience.

As a valid ticket holder in the affected area, you will be provided the following.

1. A refund equal to three times the FACE VALUE of each ticket for which you have in your possession in the affected area. PLEASE HOLD ON TO YOUR TICKET. You will be asked to return the actual tickets to the NFL for such refund. Further instructions as it relates to the refund will be provided in the hospitality described below.

2. Entry to a hospitality area to watch the game.

The NFL and Cowboys Stadium sincerely regret this inconvenience.”

Click here to see the image of the letter.

The NFL already was shuffling things around to accommodate the folks who’d paid $600 for those seats.

Public Relations Official Brian McCarthy updated the situation on Twitter.

“400 fans in sections 425A and 430A were not able to be accommodated [with] seats. [They] will get triple face value of $900 [tickets.”

Ticket-holders in the affected sections were asked to wait in the Party Plaza while work was being finished.


One Comment

  1. Edward J. Gluvna says:

    Have received call from my son who is apparently being effected by this incident–He and an oldeer brother of mine purchased their tickets over three months ago through the NFL at $600 each. They were told that supposedly the “fire marshall of Arlington Fire Dept had declared these seats unsafe -THIS MORNING.”–even after supposedly being inspected by three other agencies.?? This “temporary” seating should have been completed months ago—the NFL knew all season where the Super Bowl would be.
    This is supposedly effecting nearly 3000+ fans. too.
    I think the NFL should not only refund the face value x3 but also travel expenses (ie) airfare, hotel etc.

  2. slydvl says:

    Yea Jerry!!!!

  3. bettygerbil says:

    here we go the riots will begin now

  4. Anne says:

    Nice one Goodell & jerry jones!!! I hope this debacle gets you fired Goodell!! You both look like the greedy morons you are!

  5. kristy says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! LMFAO!!!!! there’s a sucker born every minute. should’ve saved your money and watched in the comfort of your home.

  6. pwesley says:

    1800$ to not watch the stllrs lose

  7. bruceUSA says:

    Sound like grounds for a huge class action suit. I know if I took the time to go all the way down there and got turned away I’d be calling my lawyer. Huge disapointment for these ticket holders. I’m afraid refunds aren’t going to be enough Sorry!!!

  8. RT Connolly says:

    NFL fumbled the seating and you fumbled the video of the fumbled seating and Christina fumbled the National Anthem. Not a Pittsburgh day.

  9. johnny69 says:

    stupid enough to spend huge money on a game that you get for free, you get what you deserve, A$$clown rich people

  10. NFLFan390 says:

    It’s funny how calous and jealous people can be. A lot of people that got shut out of the game aren’t rich or famous. That’s why they could only afford the extra seats added. Old Krusty and A$$clown up here are prime examples. Rather than acknowledge that these people were ripped off, they make fun of them cause they would have to sell their home on wheels to afford half of a ticket.

    1. Ed says:

      Very well stated –thank you!
      My son and brother only went because they had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go. Yes it is much better seen from comforts of home–however if you have something you would like to do just once in your lifetime–wouldn’t you try to accomplish it if you had a chance.?? –and then even WORK extra hours at your job to pay for the ticket. . In addition do some people ever think that the manufacturers shown in the commercials shelled out 3 MILLION for a 30 SECOND spot ?? —how many of us buy their products. —look where our money is going.!

  11. Troy says:

    Why are they blaming this on the NFL. This stadium belongs to Jerry Jones. He micro manages everything so he is ultimately responsible. He probably through those seats in at the last minute to try and break the seating record for a superbowl

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