Some Fans Spend Sunday Morning Praying For Win

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Some Steelers fans sought divine intervention Sunday morning in the quest for a seventh Super Bowl championship.

And one church near Heinz Field has a special connection with the team.

There’s nothing like the super Steelers fight song to get fans fired up for the big game, but, in a church, before a congregation?

Calvary United Methodist Church is in the heart of Steelers Nation, almost a stones throw from Heinz Field. Like any place of worship, Steelers fans and even non-Steelers fans are welcome on Sundays.

“On Sundays, when there’s a Steelers game, we hand out free hot chocolate on the street,” said Dave Sevick, a member of the church.

“There was even one playoff game a few years ago that people from the other team stopped in,” said Rev. Larry Homitsky, the pastor. “We welcomed them, and I said, ‘Everybody’s prayers are answered here, until at least one o’clock. Then, after one o’clock, you are on your own.’”

Members were encouraged to wear their black and gold on Super Bowl Sunday.

Rev. Homitsky’s sermon praised quarterback Charlie Batch, for his community service.

“There were hundreds of kids in Homestead and in surrounding communities that had an experience over the past summers thanks to Charlie,” he said.

In the interest of good sportsmanship, some people in the congregation prayed for the Steelers and Packers.

But, as far as the outcome, one person said: “Spiritually, I favor the Steelers.”

“I will confess, I pray for the Steelers to win this one, big time; but I really care about Green Bay, too because they’re an awesome team,” said Rev. Beth Nelson, the associate pastor. “But I still want us to prevail, serene in Dallas; it just seems like our destiny, right now.”


One Comment

  1. kristy says:

    leave it to pittsburgh. pathetic.

  2. porn star says:

    Seriously you would waste a prayer on this! I hope you rot in hell

  3. Mommy says:

    Oh please!!! Egypt is on fire, the price of gas is almost $4, unemployment is up, and a million babies are aborted in our country every year. These people pray over a football game? I appreciate some lightheartedness every now & then but this seems a bit ridiculous. Get your priorities straight people!

    1. d anderson says:

      I can’t agree with you more. People that pray for a super bowl win are not the type of people who have had any problems or pain in their lives. They need to stop and take a look around and then think about what to pray for.

  4. Bob Wright says:

    sooo….how is that working for you ?

  5. BelikeBen says:

    Pray that you don’t get your face smashed in tonight, lady. Pittsburgh’s “brave” men will beat you silly because the home team choked!!

  6. Daniel says:

    Guess the prayers did not work huh?

  7. Steelersarelosers says:

    God is not interested in who wins football games. Pathetic!!! Typical, irrational, fanatical and RIDICULOUS. Glad the Steelers lost – shows that your “God of Good Luck” isn’t listening.


    Do you really think GOD would let a rapist win the super bowl?

    1. lgibson says:

      God can and will do whatever He wants and one thing is He’s the judge of our sins not you! Do you know for a fact that he did this, just as I don’t know he didn’t, you don’t know if he is guilty of this.

  9. incognito richie says:

    i guess God wanted a real team to win the super bowl this year. since the steelers won both of their super bowls on fluke plays..I doubt God almighty gives a care about a football game anyway..there is more pressing issues in life besides a game.Nothing like a bunch of idiots running around with their steeler jerseys on after their team lost the the Black Eyes Peas sang,.tonight is going to be a good night

  10. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    POOR WITTLE TEELERS!!!!!!! Get a life teelernation;more to life than a bunch of woofing idiots who have now been reduced to tears!! Life does not revolve around them!!

    1. FixPGH says:

      You sound like an idiot and you are very immature. Seriously, who types to sound like they are talking like a baby? Oh, a baby.

  11. The_exorcist says:

    While I am not a football fan, I think you are all seriously underestimating God if you think that he cannot listen to prayers about a game and about the world events that are going on around us. God wants us to pray to him about everything, even something as seemingly trivial as a game. The point is that people are turning to faith for their needs, and in our morally relativistic secular society, this is a breath of fresh air. You never know what is in God’s will or why, so don’t knock it.

  12. DC SLIDEWAYS says:

    WAY TO GO KDKA!!!! With all the events locally and worldwide you do a story about prayers for a football team!! Why don’t you worry about prayers for that poor 4yr.girl killed in that horrible crash and her family?? You think they are worried about the steelers?? Or the other news stories that become “second rate” in favor of this stupidity!! Not EVERYONE (as you often state) is part of this so called steeler nation.

  13. Mr. Green says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!

    Most of the typical Steelers Fans should have been praying for a job, or a new set of tires for the pickup truck, instead of a Super bowl win.

    Only in Pennsyl-tucky.

  14. Sandi Albertini says:

    God loves us all. Prayers are for everybody and everything. Those of you who don’t understand. I pray for you too. Cause guess what. God Loves You Too. Yes I am wearing my Steeler Shirt today because the Steelers are not quitters. They overcome all adversity. Next Year will be Sweeter because Ben will be Healed More Physically and Spiritually. And yes, we can Pray for the Steelers to win and also care about the more pressing troubles in the world. Again, I praise KDKA for reporting and seeking the truth. John 3:16 and Phillipians 4:13. Amen.

  15. lgibson says:

    If you pray its for God to give the steelers stamina and strength for the game ahead, not to win. Because win or lose the steelers is still a good team. It’s how you withstand all the pressure of losing too that makes a good sportmanship. The Steelers did not win the other superbowls on a fluke. They won fair and square. Sure, I would of liked to see Pittsburgh win but the fact is the game was close but got beat. So it’s just a game!!! Football will go on!

  16. Lucy says:

    I think the point of Calvary UMC as a welcoming place to diverse people and, due to the location, fans. All interviewed stressed that the doors are open to all. I visited there and have family on the Northside. The church works on projects for the underserved in Manchester and the homeless. It’s a small congregation that cares very much about the urgent issues of the world. And are doing something about it!

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