Does 5-Hour Energy Drink Live Up To Claims?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They’re called energy shots, little bottles that promise to keep you alert and awake. Sales are soaring for the products and the top-seller by far is “5-Hour Energy.”

But does it live up to its claims?

The makers of 5-Hour Energy spend $90 million a year on ads that target busy parents, working adults and young people on YouTube and Facebook.

The small shot bottles claim no sugar, a little caffeine and a special blend of vitamins.

“Five-Hour Energy has seen huge growth in the last year,” said Natalie Zmuda, of Advertising Age. “They control about 12 percent of the overall energy drink market, which is about $9 billion in sales.”

The company says people drink it more than seven million times a week. The energy shot claims you’ll “feel it in minutes” and it “lasts for hours.”

But Consumer Reports wanted to know whether 5-Hour Energy can kick your afternoon slump.

The company claims to have proof its product works as advertised.

“The company showed us a summary of a study it conducted that supports its claims of increasing attention and alertness,” said Jamie Hirsh, of Consumers Reports. “But the study hasn’t been published, and the company wouldn’t let us keep a copy.”

The product contains B vitamins and 1,870 milligrams of what it calls an “energy blend” – a long list of ingredients including caffeine.

“While caffeine is a known stimulant, we found little – if any – published scientific research showing that the other ingredients in the “energy blend” provide such a boost,” added Hirsh.

The company won’t disclose exactly how much caffeine you get from the drink.

“The amount of caffeine is similar to what is in one cup of premium coffee,” said Dr. Kathy O’Neil-Smith, of 5-Hour Energy. “The amount of B vitamins are essential for the energy metabolism and for boosting the furnace or the powerhouse of the cell to provide energy.”

While the couple in the ad shows off a six-pack of 5-Hour Energy, the label cautions “do not exceed two bottles daily, consumed several hours apart.” Also, it’s not cheap as it comes about $3 a shot.

“The bottom line is 5-Hour Energy will probably chase away grogginess,” said Hirsh. “But so will a cup of coffee and it costs a lot less.”

Millions of people are drinking it, but you do need to read the label very carefully because it’s not for everyone. The bottle specifically says not intended for pregnant women or women who are nursing or for children under the age of 12.

Visit Consumer Reports’ website at this link.

  • mary milchak

    I have tried this product twice, both times became very ill. I do not recomment it for anyone that is diabetic. Some of the ingredients also do not mix well with medications.



  • Mike

    I had two the one night and passed out.

  • dave

    I am a type 2 Diabetic and lead a physical lifestyle – I’m a contractor, I started using this product when I was doing computer work to keep me from being so tired and in my opinion it works! I haven’t had any problems health wise and I have used it for about 5 yrs. on and off.

  • Jon Lovitz

    I gave some to my 7-year-old and he was able to lift a car!

    • Stan

      My dog took some and he barked once.

  • Nancy Dalena Elsesser

    Didn’t work for me at all!! Taste gross take vitaminB+ complex at noon it will wake you up!!

  • Spaz

    If 7 Million people use it every week it must work and you could have used the air time for yet another Steelers story

  • Karen

    I took one ant it seemed to make me feel week, and even more tired.

    • Ronald and Mildred Baker

      You need to hear about 24K !!!

  • Miles Long

    I drink it, and its like a Viagra.

  • Fred tested this stuff and said they found that it had more caffeine than the label said and fewer of the vitamins listed.

  • Belleburgh

    Tried this once. It tasted awful and didn’t help at all. Just made me sick.

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